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harlem globetrotter issues

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  • harlem globetrotter issues

    ok so far not too bad.

    got the beast home today, and put it together without too many problems. the wiring was a bit of a bitch, but i got it right ( not bad for my first pin) and the case tended to crumble under it's weight at some points.

    now bare in mind these pins i've got have not been touched since 1992 ( 14 years) and are full of cockroach sh1t. first up, i had some issues with tilt function, but solved that from a exposed wire (thanks to woka and prof for the suggestions but it wasn't the switches ). then the flippers weren't working, a couple of test leads later, and they work good. ( even though there's no rubber cos the rubbers are all rooted to the max

    been running diagnostic tests.. sound is fine, backboard displays are all fine ( aside from a bit of burning from years ago) and i've borrowed some of the lights off the backboard to get every light on the playfield working... which is now all working.
    it seems with a unit this old, as one goes on, another goes out... alot of fiddling but anyway.

    couple of problems left to go....

    first is that when the ball gets to the bottom, the game doesn't realise this and doesn't kick it up to the start position ( in front of the plunger of course) . apon starting a game, it kicks the ball up there no worries, and solenoid self test is fine) but of course once the ball reaches the bottom nothing happens. the switch behind it i tested, and it's fine ( they're all leaf switches on this old girl).

    other problem is that the upper left flipper isn't working. i'm not sure when this flipper is supposed to function, but i'm assuming it should work whenever the left flipper button if pressed. this is the upper flipper, just above the normal left flipper.
    i've found a green wire that's been cut from somewhere near this flipper, but unsure where exactly it goes.

    on solenoid test it fails number 2 - knocker (what ever the hell that is)
    and number 11 - coin door lockout ( the coin mech's been removed and covered with a sheet of metal so i suspect that that's to be expected) .

    i have one button for credits , and one button for start.

    any help would be appreciated.

    so far not too bad for day 1 with a pin, i'm no longer a pin virgin !

    also fixed the metal rod thingo that the ball pushes down to contact the switch that tells the mpu that the ball's gone down the bottom..
    damn this thing is dusty! and stinking out my lounge room....
    much cabinet art to fix up eventually, but as you guys said.... get it working first.

    The HillDweller

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    update : i've got the left upper flipper working..

    about that ball at the bottom switch problem, i've tested it and the switch is fine and the diode's fine.


    a problem with the harness?

    also the first of the 4 knockdown plastics (2x 3x 5x bonus thingos etc, right hand side, upper area ) broke tonight can they be purchased new ?
    The HillDweller


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      This may or may not fix your problem, but the first thing I would be doing is cleaning all the connectors (both on the pcbs and the pins on the plugs). The thing as you said is very dirty and hasn't been touched for a long time. A lot of small problems can be caused as a result of dirty connectors on these early Bally SSs. Get yourself some contact cleaner and some fine sand paper and clean away. While your at it, check the solder joints on the connector pins.


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        Check ya email Kramer


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          Have you taken any before photos yet? Wack em up if you have, would be interesting to see what your working with

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            i'll check my email...
            garuda i'll look into that as well. dont know how i could clean the female end of those connectors. they're tiny.

            and foot, i had another thread which has some before shots in it, but none of the inside of the playfield box.


            closeup of cracking on backglass:

            behind backglass: minor burns on counters.

            battery board. notice battery's been removed. looks to be very minor acid damage.

            another board:

            boards behind headboard:

            another angle:

            other inside side of headboard: notice cockroach sh1t ?

            outside angle of headboard:

            and now a zoomed out view of the playfield. i'm using a flash by the way. there's no glass on it either.
            oh and its pretty fkn dusty after sitting for 14 years unplayed..
            rubbers are totally borked!


            middle :

            upper section:

            upper section again :

            as seen there
            The HillDweller


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              yeehaw!! i got the switch matrix schematic tonight and found out where the problem was ( wire in the headboard was in the wrong hole!)
              now it registers the ball in the outhole and kicks it back up!

              yay this is good news as now the globetrotter is working 100%. and as you guys said... get it working 100% before bothering with anything else. this means it's time to clean the biatch!

              will update later if anyone cares.

              joy joy joy!

              of course earlier tonight i cleaned all the contacts with contact clean and lube. must have bumped something as now the displays dont light up :| lol.
              The HillDweller


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                Contact cleaner is EVIL

                Lube is EVIL

                repeat these each time you go near a pinball

                please read clay's guide regarding why these are bad

                pinballs are dry running machines that do not need any lube except in stepper motors but only in the tiniest amounts (you machine has no parts that need lube)

                contact cleaner is more evil as it is flammable - and all a pin is is lots of electricity waiting to spark

                clean contact switches using white cardboard - yes - the problem is that the gold plated contacts have built up dust etc and this needs to be gently wiped from them - do not use cleaner and do not file
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                  i know this ric

                  just used the contact cleaner for the harness plugs etc. they are notorios problems on these old machines...

                  anyhow, all that was working fine until....

                  there's a leaf switch that is wired off each flipper ( there's 3)
                  and the problem is only one is wired in. the other two were bypassed ( by me lol) in order to make the flippers work....

                  this subsequently makes the flipper coils get like super hot and smoke...

                  my understanding of them is that when the flipper activates, it makes these switches go open, and take the power away from the coil..

                  but why?

                  now i have the problem that it keeps blowing the soleniod driver circuit's fuse about as soon as the machine turns on. sure it's fun to watch fuses blow, but it does get expensive. anyone got a solution ? and how do you check coils to see if they're the problem.

                  there's probably 5 other wires that have been hacked up over time.. mainly the coin mechs but that's not a big issue at the moment.

                  so as i was playing it a couple weeks ago, i was having fun. now all i get is pretty lights, and 6 flashes from the mpu ( it did have 7). i expect this is because that fuse keeps blowing so the game is not ready'ing itself.


                  gotta love these bloody pins

                  it was most fun though playing against my housemate, the seasoned globetrotters player, and whipping his arse, before it stopped working.
                  The HillDweller


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