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Coin mech wiring Gottlieb System 3 (Mario)

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  • Coin mech wiring Gottlieb System 3 (Mario)


    I've got a Mario bros. Pinball and the "C230/5 Coin Controls" coin mech just died. I pulled it apart and can't see anything obvious wrong with it.

    I can only find 1 place that has one for sale, but it's not programmed for Aus coins so it will cost a fortune to get it up and running.

    Just wondering whether these pinballs have a basic "credit wire" like Coin1/2 on Jamma, where you can connect any old coin mech to? The current coin mech has a 15 pin connector...

    The other option is whether there is another coin mech with the same type of connector. I doubt it though.

    Thanks for any information.

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    hi the simple answer is no a c230 uses an electronic interface a good conversion would be a c220 same mech just less coin options could be the interface has failed sometimes the interface lead gets pinched in the coindoor too its no biggie to test or even reprogram it either and although its a long shot check your mpu batteries if they are flat and the machine resets to default it may of disabled your coinmech too


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      Thanks for the help. The cable looks ok, but I will check the MPU battery and if it still doesn't work, I'll try and find a C220. How easy is it to convert over? Just a few wires need to be changed around?

      The mech was working fine then about a month ago it wouldn't accept $2 coins, then went back to working, now it all of a sudden completely died.


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        sorry blonde moment forget c220 if you like send it to me i will reprograme it or repair cheaper than a new one


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