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Strange secret message on Austin Powers


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  • Strange secret message on Austin Powers

    Used AP to test DMD from another machine.( it worked fine)

    Once AP back in one original piece and I booted AP up I started getting what I thought was gobbly gook and thought I’d stuffed something up.

    it was coming up with “high score #15 brutt 101,234,879”and then “ secret message 1106” and an image of mini me hushing me.

    Thought I’d broken it .

    Pushed play, and away it went as good as ever, displaying normally. End of game - normal display.

    I then scrolled through the displays and got normal 5 high scores etc.....

    So I turned it off, disconnected and reconnected DMD and back came the strange stuff again, including a different secret message number.
    Pushed the flipper button a few times and normal displays returned.

    Does anyone know what’s doing here ?

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    Same thing happened to me with HS2 but I got quite a few secret quotes all to do with the ribbon cable so they are embedded in the ROM just not released in the gameplay.


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      I.J had a hidden Easter egg, a dancing & singing frog from a Bugs Bunny cartoon. it had absolutely nothing to do with the movie.
      Black Rose has cows sword fighting & Demolition Man has exploding cows So maybe you've somehow tapped into the Easter eggs on Austin Powers.


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