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CFTBL does not start


Request help on Pinball repairs..

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  • CFTBL does not start

    Hi all,

    I powered up my Creature this morning, however, it failed to start.
    I have not played it for a while.

    When I power up, the screen flashes
    "Factory Settings" very quickly then
    "Reset High Scores" then
    "Time and Date Not Set" then
    The Creature screen and "Press Enter for Main Menu"

    If I press the Enter button (on the coin door) nothing happens.

    I checked the fuses and they appear OK.

    I have a red flashing light on the CPU board (the centre one of 3), the top light goes off once the centre light starts flashing.
    I have a red flashing light on the Power Drive Assembly.

    The pinball has always been on free play.

    I have changed the batteries about 3 months ago and it has been played since.

    Does anyone have a suggestion what I can try?
    or, Do I need to find a technician?

    Thanks, Kind Regards


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    Take a nice close picture and post of the area under the batteries.


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      I agree could be previous corrosion damage.


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        Test your batteries, check the contacts on the battery holder.


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          Hi Boofhead, Arcade King and Rich,

          Thanks for taking the time to respond.

          I think you are correct. When I removed the batteries 2 of them had leaked and the battery holder is not too good.

          I have added a photo as you suggested. It's easy to see that some damage has occurred under the left hand battery.

          How do I fix this?
          Is is a matter of cleaning the site and replacing the IC?


          Gordon.. Click image for larger version

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            Yes you are correct. That battery holder is cactus too. Remote holder, button cell or navram to replace.


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              Thanks Boof Head. Where can I buy the IC?


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                Jaycar has them.


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                  Thanks heaps, Ill let you who how I get on.



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                    You could send the whole board to Skybeaux and let him fix it and add button battery, update roms, check/ repair 5V line, replace GI header pins and so on.
                    ​​​​​​​he also has a test bench.


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                      If you can remove and replace components on boards then give it a crack and make sure you socket it. But if you can’t or haven’t refined your desoldering skills then this is not the board to be practicing on, Heed the advice above and send it off for repair


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                        This is not a simple desolder and replace job. The corrosion has made its way under the solder mask. It needs to be physically and chemically removed.

                        "Pinball... harmless recreation for a modest consideration"


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                          You will also need to make sure that the acid which has leaked and caused damage is all neutralised and cleaned or the board will continue to corrode. If you are not familiar with doing this, I would recommend sending it to someone to do for you.
                          Reproduction Circuit Boards


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                            OK, thanks for all your input. Much appreciated.

                            I replaced the corroded IC and installed a new battery pack.
                            The battery pack was pretty corroded, however, it still registered 4.8 volts, the IC was OK once cleaned.
                            I replaced it anyway.
                            I cleaned the area thouroughly.

                            Now, the pinball powers up like it's going to play.
                            The screen goes through it routine, it says it testing then it shows the Creature dot matrix, the champions list etc, but will not start.

                            It then asks me to 'Insert a Coin".
                            Unfortunately there is no coin mech (its always been on Freeplay).
                            I try the wire coin roll-over, nothing.

                            The 'Enter' switch still does nothing.

                            If I press the Start button, it tells me to 'stay cool' and the screen tells me to insert a coin.

                            It appears close to starting

                            Any thoughts?




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                              First check your connectors that you haven’t swapped any or missed by a pin especially if they’re not keyed. Check the small PCB inside the coin door thats where your diagnostic and coin start wires go to. Check any slam tilt switch is not closed. If all other options fail and if it hasn’t already been mentioned I think U20 can cause switch problems if faulty. It normally shows up as a ground short error. You can test your switch edges by removing all connectors and then jumper across pins to mimic switch edge testing with a diode. This can only be performed in switch edge test mode. If this fails it’s most likely an IC
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