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Gottlieb Snow Queen running score motor problem.


Request help on Pinball repairs..

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  • Gottlieb Snow Queen running score motor problem.

    Hi Guys,

    I hope everyone is having a great Easter long weekend.

    I have a Snow Queen which is my pride and joy like all of them, but lately the score motor has started to continually run.
    It started doing it in small extra lengths which i was noticing, until it happens when I turn the machine on.
    I have cleaned all the switches in the score reels as the game resets back to Zeros when I hit the start button.
    I have cleaned 90% of switches bit to no avail.
    I need someone who is onto EM pinball repair since this is a Machine from 1970.
    I live live on the Gold Coast and don't know anyone who can help.
    If anyone can pass on any info on who could help it would be greatly appreciated.
    I don't have the manual or the schematics for this machine which doesn't help I know.
    This machine from what I have learned is the first Gottlieb which had a manual which I suppose makes it rare.

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      Thanks wiredoug

      Please give more info if your not taking the piss.


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        I gave you the exact bit of the *very rare* schematic you need. why exactly are you accusing me of "taking the piss"?


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          Are you saying the score motor is continually running upon start up after all the score reels reset to zero ?

          Does the ball kick out into the shooter lane?

          Have you checked the Hold relay?

          Does the player unit reset to player 1?


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            Originally posted by wiredoug View Post
            I gave you the exact bit of the *very rare* schematic you need. why exactly are you accusing me of "taking the piss"?
            I doubt he knew what he was looking at Doug.


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              Sorry to wiredoug if i upset you. Very much not my intention.

              I am not that experienced at schematics as I have not had too many problems with this machine.

              You guys are obviously more experienced in what you are looking at and can pinpoint things a lot more quicker than others.

              As asked by Rich, the motor runs as soon as it is turned on. if I press the start button the game resets to zero and kicks a ball. the Hold Relay drops when I hit the start button.

              I believe this is beyond my capabilities and feel I will only make things worse than better hence the reason for asking about anyone who know anyone who understands EM machines who I can get in or even deliver to on the Gold Coast or Brisbane.

              Thanks for your help


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                oh im not offended dont worry. I just didnt understand why you thought that way.

                indeed you need an EM tech .. i dont know one up there.. hopefully someone will.


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                  Arcade King ???. Maybe he can help?


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                    You'd have to bring it up, no one I know will work on a EM on site.


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                      Thanks Guys,

                      I will contact him tomorrow.

                      I can deliver.

                      I am looking forward to understanding this problem a bit more.


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