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Williams System 11 Multiball Issue

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  • Williams System 11 Multiball Issue

    Hi everyone,

    Hope you are all staying safe and sane in these crazy times.

    I’ve been fixing up a Williams FIRE! and I’m a bit stumped by an odd multiball issue.

    Basically when you achieve multiball and it spits out the three balls you can flip around wildly or trap up and shoot no problem. However, once you have lost a ball the multiball mode will time out if you don’t continue hitting switches quickly. If you trap up and shoot methodically with two balls in play it doesn’t take long for the mode to time out leaving you with two balls outside of the multiball sequence. 🤯

    I have also noticed that if there is a stuck ball the game is pretty quick to spit another one out so I’m wondering if it’s a switch timing issue or something like that? In saying that multiball finishes ALOT quicker than that.

    I’ve had a bit of a play with the trough switches and they don’t register as closed when there are no balls loaded. All three seem to be working correctly as well......

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Cheers, Z🍺
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    Your first scenario seems to suggest an issue with the second trough switch activating when it shouldn't. Does the switch register if you bang on the playfield? If not, I'd suspect a switch connector may be loose or making poor contact on the backbox.
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      ocyen Thanks mate, I’ll investigate both suggestions and see what happens. 🙌


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        Finally got to it ocyen. I checked both scenario’s and the switch doesn’t register when you bang on the playfield. The connector on the MPU itself has a loop of wire (as opposed to a dead end wire (see pic)) through it and seems quite firm. I was a bit unsure how to carefully remove it so I made sure it was firmly in there. I’m wondering if a transistor might be the issue?
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          Strike that last remark, it looks like I possibly have a switch matrix “row” issue....


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            UPDATE: I’ve narrowed it down to the left lane change switch. It was an issue from the very beginning because there originally wasn’t one installed at all! I installed this one and had to rebuild it so I’m wondering if I have done something incorrect🤔The switch definitely works (I can enter my initials for a high score) but it seems to be shorting the switch row when activated.

            Doesn’t anyone have a wiring schematic/diagram/photo for the System 11 lane change switches? That would be greatly appreciated!


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