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Coil help please. LW3


Request help on Pinball repairs..

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  • Coil help please. LW3

    Hello all,

    So purchased a new coil, installed and tested. Was a no go. So now I swapped the coils over (slings) to make sure it was the coil. (Checked coils with a multimeter got a reading on the old but not the new.) turned in machine and went pop with that beautiful scent and a puff of smoke. All fuses are all still intact. Where can I start looking to sort this out? Thanks.

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    If you heard a pop and smoke then chances are you've blown the transistor.
    Did the new coil have a diode and wired the right way?


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      Yes and yes. Just double checked.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Any idea which one?

      - - - Updated - - -

      Q10 & Q12?


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        Transistors for the Slings and Pop bumpers on DE's are on the CPU board in the top right. If its popped it should be pretty easy to find the bad one if not use a multimeter on diode test. (I don't have the manual on hand)
        Chances are you'll need to change the pre driver as well.


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          Found both transistors. They were Q10 & Q12. Pre driver?


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