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What pins have been coming thru the Dedshed

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  • While waiting for parts to do Medusa, more lamp sockets, etc. I ended up doing some of my own stuff. Too much sitting around not working.

    Got Torpedo Alley working properly and cleaned, flipper kitted plus leds.
    Just need to replace a 7 digit alpha numeric display.

    Attacked Wild Fyre next.
    Rebuilt the rectifier board, changed heap of connectors, checked all voltages, threw in an Alltek mpu, changed heap of coils, rebuilt slings and bumpers, stripped playfield and cleaned, replaced rubber, polished metal, installed led GI, installed new bumper caps, flattened plastics between a few sheets of glass out in the sun on that hot assed new year eve then re installed, re built flippers with new bats.
    And it was done. Almost.

    Now have a room full set up to play again.
    Oh yeah, Flash Gordon turned up, so set it up too.

    Plus started setting up Gottlieb Spider-Man.

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