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Project 'Barracora' (to be renamed....)

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  • Project 'Barracora' (to be renamed....)

    Didn't know whether to put this in the SS restoration or not, as I'm not planning on restoring this rather making a new themed pinball.

    This is the Barracora that I picked up off Tony (the pinball shed) earlier in the year. (I didn't get a photo of it as soon as I got it home, so this is one earlier in the week, after I removed the coin door)

    Grabbed it as a project pin, minus backglass which I believe was accidently smashed on arrival at the Pinball shed. Tony ensured that it was connected up and set for Aussie power, everything else was 'as-is'.

    After getting it up to Toowoomba (thanks beas1973), I removed the mainboard and driver board to check on the workbench. Identified a dud CMOS so replaced that. Board worked for around 10 mins before giving me a RAM error. Then thanks to the kindness of Johns-Arcade I managed to get the board up and running again.

    Some further testing in the machine identified one of the PIA's was bad along with some other logic gates. Ended up replacing and socketing the special solenoid logic gates. Now the machine was all working again! I'm not sure if I want to replace all the molex header pins and connectors, these are in pretty bad shape.

    As you can see from the photos that I'm running out of room very quickly in my place at the moment. I need to get the cab outside under the pergola so I can begin to sand back and fix. It also appears as if this machine had been broken into at some stage as the front under the coin door is now metal and the base of the cab some sort of masonite. I need to patch up both of these modfications. It is also missing the riser between the cab and the backbox. Does anyone have the dimensions of this 'riser'?

    I'm now in the process of stripping the playfield and redesigning the playfield. I'm not sure what I will do yet, however I do plan on keeping the same style/layout as the original barracora. The 3 and 5 bay drop targets ensure that I need to have a theme which is 3 then 5 letters.

    Here is the playfield out ready for stripping in the "shonky schmakey" playfield rotisserie. The playfield actually looks quite good in this pic, in person it is in quite bad shape. Playfield wear and splitting of the wood, I'm hoping that the sanding down and prepration of the playfield will ensure it's longevity.

    My current gut feel is for another Star Wars themed pin, maybe with the theme "The Force". I even found a perfect Darth Vader topper at Target last week which I've put on top of the backbox for some inspiration.

    I have enlisted the help of my partner who is a graphic designer to aid in the playfield/cab redesign, however she is not a Star Wars fan. In a surprising twist of fate she is keen on a classic scantily clad women type theme, some kind of playboy theme ("Big Boobs" anyone )

    There is still an awful lot of work to be done, but I am looking forward to it at the moment. What I am chasing is any ideas for a theme that can fit the 3 letters then 5 letters, or an 8 letter theme. Barracora didn't have any speech, and the limited sounds do sound kind of spacey/sci fi. Any ideas?

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    Originally posted by schmake View Post
    What I am chasing is any ideas for a theme that can fit the 3 letters then 5 letters, or an 8 letter theme. Barracora didn't have any speech, and the limited sounds do sound kind of spacey/sci fi. Any ideas?

    That is going to be my pinball project when i get the right donor (getaway?) time & motivation

    and skills.
    I hope when i die, my wife doesn't sell my pinball machines for what I told her I paid for them.


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      If you want cartoony graphics I say The Jetsons. Thunderbirds could be cool also.

      Or for your original idea then Zena Warrior Princess.

      Btw hate to see a Barracora die, its one looker of BG that you prob would never find.


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        look forward to the updates mate keep them coming


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          Donnie Darko theme with the targets as "MAD WORLD"

          BAB YLON5 - alot of awesome artwork to work with, great sci fi theme
          We're the renegades of funk


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            sound is the key to what you're doing. see if one of the electronics gurus can come up with an add on sound board for you. maybe even an ipac/jpac and pc..


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              This should be good.. Futurama I Say
              If only Stern did a Futurama I get it!

              Mad Max theme would be killer too.. as too Boobage


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                Originally posted by Savage View Post
                This should be good.. Futurama I Say
                If only Stern did a Futurama I get it!

                Mad Max theme would be killer too.. as too Boobage
                yeah but it would prob be a re-themed FG


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                  Thanks for all the ideas guys, I do like the sound of Futurama as I am a huge fan, plus 'cartoony' art will be much easier to implement. Another idea that has come out on drunken nights to fit the drop targets has been 'Red Dwarf'.

                  Excellent idea stuba, I hadn't even thought of extra sound add-ons. This is something that I will definitely be investigating/implementing no matter what theme I end up choosing

                  Time to begin stripping the topside of the playfield tonight


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                    sounds good, looking forward to more updates.
                    I am also in the middle of redesigning the playfield and cab of a '89 Playboy, but still keeping the playboy theme.
                    Why feel restricted to a 3 and 5 letter title? Pick something thats gonna be fun to design and a theme you can stand playing for the rest of your life. The drop targets can simply be targets.
                    good luck


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                      A quick update. It's been a dirty few days with the preparation of the cabinet. I've stripped the cabinet and began to sand back. Had some 'fun' removing the side rails, they took me a lot longer than I expected.

                      The cabinet had seen better days, and the back was water damaged. The front had seen an attempted break in at some stage and was replaced with some sheet metal. The masonite in the bottom of the cab has also been stripped out. I have picked up some cheap MDF to replace the bottom, back and front under the coin door.

                      Will need a bit of bog to fill in the holes, gaps and spaces that will appear in the patching up of this cab. Haven't started on the backbox as yet. The back of it has the same water damage problem, so will need to replace it. I can't see it being as big a job as the body.

                      Keeping with the tradition of always finding some money in a cab I found an argentine coin!

                      I have also stripped the topside of the playfield, now begins the fun task of removing everything underneath. Taking plenty of photo's as I know it will be a jigsaw puzzle putting it all back together

                      Hopefully this weekend I will get the time to strip under the playfield, then get to removing the inserts. From what little research I have done, its suggested to heat up the area using a hairdryer or heatgun then tap the inserts out. Anyone have any tips on how to get them out easily?

                      Still deciding on a theme, what I do know is that I'm glad I have a graphic designer as a partner.


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                        your on a highway to hell with that re-theme, hey actually.............


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                          Your on the right track with the insert removal
                          "Beer, it does a belly good!"

                          Wanted: Pacman Cab Next Project: Skinny MAME Cab for Samfoot, thread soon, no really. I might even do one on my Pole Position cab!


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                            looking forward to seeing the updates


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                              Been away the past 3 weeks for work, so finally got a day to do some more work on this before flying up to Townsville/Cairns.

                              Have been having some fun here, woodwork is definitely not my strong point. Has been a nice learning experience however. Have replaced the bottom and back of the cabinet with 12mm MDF. Would have preferred some thicker MDF for the back, but I had heaps of 12 mm here, so that's what it is.

                              Had a piece of pine here that was a perfect fit for the area under the coin door which was replaced by a sheet of metal. Perhaps after an argentine coin heist

                              Needed to do some fancy (well for me anyway) construction and cutting of holes and making a new back of cabinet area on which the backbox rests. The old one was in a real bad way (near rotten) so decided to remove it at the start. Needed to screw in a piece of pine first, then screwed/liquid nailed some more MDF on top to ensure strength and also ensure that the side rails will still sit nicely. I've managed to line it up all nicely as can be seen in the shot, so a bit of bog and sand and will look schmick from the front. As for the shonky jigsaw work where the wiring looms etc will go, I don't really care

                              Today have finished a splash of undercoat on side and bottom, as well as inside the cabinet. Have decided to paint the entire cabinet.

                              An awful lot of bog work at the front of the cabinet. Will be nice and dry by the time I get back next weekend to look at finishing it up.

                              I'm approximately half way through removing everything under the playfield. Have been taking an awful lot of photo's, and then some more. I know that it will still not be enough when it comes time to put it all together.

                              Just focusing on getting the cabinet and finished at the moment, was not liking the cold/wet weather here

                              I am thinking of making a Futurama machine. Theoretically it should be a lot easier with the artwork, plus my partner is a Futurama fan. I will definitely have to add some extra custom sound and have been watching the other threads here for some ideas. As for side art, I think I found the perfect artwork for a futurama machine


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