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Playfield Rotisserie


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    Playfield Rotisserie

    Put this together over a couple mornings. Got everything from Bunnings aside from some boat seat swivels from ebay.

    The only issue were the L shape black brackets. They aren't quite deep enough to cover a lot of playfield, and they didn't line up with the holes in the swivel plates so they needed drilling out a bit.

    But it works and I'm happy.

    And it can be improved with a couple changes over time.

    Now to get this White Water PF swap underway!

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    Couple close ups showing the clamps. Used some little wood blocks to protect the playfield and give more surface area

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      Always interesting to see the different solutions people come up with. Can you lock the boat swivels?
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        Damn I threww out my old mitre saw stand!! Never thought that I could use it for anything let alone this!! Great pics and I just need an old mitre saw stand LOL
        Pinball Meets...I love em


          I actually followed this Youtube video - the swivels don't lock, but they need a good firm pressure and a bit of force to move, so they don't just spin freely, it's a good solution.



            random question but what did you do with the original playfields? I have a WH20 that I'm about to teardown and restore. My pf's have a bit of wear so I' on the hunt for better ones if possible.
            If you still have yours and are looking to sell them, let me know.


              Still got mine but I'm worried the project has been on the rotisserie too long. It seems to have a bit of warp in it. I can get you some pics. Maybe message me.

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