VPGL 15 - Post Pass - Rules

Hi Pinballers,

Welcome to arcade gaming competition with VPGL 15. This tournament is the 3rd of the new decade and part of the overall VPGL 2020 and all gamers worldwide are welcome to play. You can join in at any time and play.

The player with the most points...

MGLXLIV - Arcade Runner - RULES

Hi Gamers,

Welcome to arcade gaming with MGLXLIV - Arcade Runner. This is the second tournament of the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF ESPORTS for 2020. All gamers worldwide are welcome to game. You can also join in at any time.

Please watch the trailer below for the official...

Gottlieb Sea Belles August 1956

gottlieb sea belles 1956

so, how many years does it make her?

bill picking up a project in the next few days, a very dirty, neglected old 50s woody.

so good these are still out there, though very rare now.

lets start with the new playfield plastics...

Announcement: Western Australia set to have its very own Pinball Festival

Hi folks!

We’d like to share some exciting news with you all…

Western Australia is set to have its very own Pinball Festival 😊

With Western Australia starting to ease restrictions from tomorrow, we thought what better time to announce plans for a pinball festival...

Monster Bash...Classic Edition

Finally after a couple of months ploughing through our house extensions, I'm back in my favourite room of the house!

Next in line is my custom Monsterbash I've been planning for a long time. Paying hommage to the 1950s Universal monsters going with a black and white theme and lots of custom...

How game board components work

This will be a series of posts on how specific components work on a game board. Its purpose is to help you understand how the circuitry works. Feel free to add to the series if there's a topic you want to cover.

First up: Reset!

You'll typically see the signal defined as RESET...


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Medusa soundboard

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  • Medusa soundboard

    Iv lost sound on my good old medusa. He started talking on and off now gone completely. Capacitor? Thank you.

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    Check the connectors first as the easiest fix, if no dice send them off to Ken, he does a great job.


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      Originally posted by angs1957 View Post
      Check the connectors first as the easiest fix, if no dice send them off to Ken, he does a great job.
      Yep, clean and reseat connector and try again. 80%+ of all SS problems are sorted by repining corroded connectors.
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        Give the volume control inside the coin door, and the two speech and sound volume trimmer pots on the Squawk & Talk board a little tweak while sounds should be playing to see if they're the issue.
        These volume controls are a common source of intermittent problems due to dust contamination buildup on the swiper arm.


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          Thanks guys. Sorry for the late reply. Iv actually lost quite a few things that should be happening. Might be time for a reco?

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            Does the LED on the sound board flicker on power up then flash four times to say it's passed power on self tests?


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              Ok no light. It actually made a noise today but no talking etc.

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