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work in progress, will i ever finish?

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    Hi Nick,

    Economy wise I believe I am in front, without tallying all the receipts (which means my assumption is totally flawed) I am in both machines for under $10K.. for both.
    Not bad for an AFM and MM. Now this obviously does not take into account any labour component which there is massive amounts of.. and I mean massive.
    Most of what I could build I did, I was very lucky to be able to get a couple of extra complete WPC95 board sets for about $200 which helps.
    The second hand AFM playfield was donated which helped, also the MM repro I got for $750...
    Most of the parts I bought like hardware ( a lot of screws, t-nuts etc required), lamp bases etc were bought in bulk and when $AU was at parity or better. In the early days the MM parts were quite a lot cheaper than they are today too.

    It is all about a great deal of luck, waiting for the right parts at the right price and not being in a hurry to just spend.

    In that rough $10K pricing also covered numerous tools like tig welder, arbor press, slip roller and pan brakes and the making of a pretty useful playfield rotisserie.

    Of course by the time I was thinking about completing my MM I needed a donor machine and the NBA-FB's had increased in price dramatically so I looked for an alternate ( not any other WPC-95 machine as they were all pretty pricey), along came a cheap project but compete WCS-94.
    The spare board sets were used in this and the cabinet was pretty easy to convert to WPC-95 to take the WPC-95 "williams" speaker panel etc.

    I got the 4mm stainless from I got 12M of the stuff cut into 1M lengths inc. freight for about $50, then the fun begins forming it up.
    All of the laser cut lane guides for each machine worked out very economical also and was a great deal of fun forming them up too.

    All in all I would say it was a very rewarding experience, I certainly learned a lot from it, new skills and a fair bit of "what not to do".

    At the end of the day this is a hobby for me, I wouldn't recommend this for anyone until you really look at what is involved, if you can do most of it yourself or with the help of friends then it is definitely rewarding, just don't rush or be in a hurry, it will punish you financially.

    I did start these machines well before any remake was in the works, not sure I would have started them if the remakes were already underway.


    Originally posted by nmercury View Post
    How did it go economically wise?
    An AFM is an expensive pin, was a conversion a cheaper alternative?


    Where did you get your 4mm stainless steel wire for the ramps from?


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      Awesome project, well done!


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        Well it's now 2019 and I decided to do a cleanup of all my AA attachments etc, Since space at the moment isn't a massive issue I decided to see if there was any interest in keeping the images for this thread. I also noticed I hadn't posted any images of the finished MM conversion either, damn I am slack.

        So I uploaded some finished images of how they are now, several years down the track and many hundreds of games played later. They are holding up extremely well, a couple of castle bases needed to be replaced the other day and apart from a few switch adjustments they have been extremely reliable.

        Maybe, just maybe this might inspire someone else to do something like this, if so I am more than happy to keep the images alive. Looking back a few more "as it happened" pictures would have been nice but seriously when bogged down with getting things happening, dragging out a digital camera was not a high priority, now that smart phones do this job there should be no excuses right... we'll see.

        I have another "conversion" happening now (getaway HS2 from parts sourced near and abroad), and maybe soon another Addams might be reborn the same way, time will tell, and that is what will be required, a lot more time.

        Wow, hard to believe that was sooooooo long ago, way better to have done this than watch TV or get out in the sunshine

        thanks again for taking an interest.

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          Ooohh a converted mm with appropriate decals.... I should get around to doing mine some day! Always good to have a library of info and pictures mate, the more info the better.

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