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work in progress, will i ever finish?

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    Well it's been a while since my last update, had a chance to get some stuff done recently. As you can see from the pictures it is almost done ( except for cabinet works).

    My hope is to play it fully functional over Xmas.

    Recently fabricated,
    right wire form return lane
    middle ramp entry switch bracket assemble
    3 x small saucer mounting brackets
    some ramp protectors
    flasher pcb back plate and safety cover.
    modified the left wire form return for better fit on left ramp mount post.
    mounted all flasher sockets, made some 3W cree flash units.... damn this things are bright.
    mounted the alien poppers.

    Whats left to do,
    make alien brackets to mount them to poppers
    finish wiring top playfield switches and flashers
    make cover for mothership solenoid.
    wire in small saucer led mods, made my own chaser unit for this.
    cabinet and apron decals
    organise a translite
    speakers and new lense for a "Bally" speaker panel to replace the "Willliams" one I gold leafed that is currently installed.

    Hope to have an update soon.

    Click image for larger version

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      Well the list is now shorter than ever.

      Finished the alien brackets, the aliens are now installed
      flashers all done on custom proto pcb's
      switch matrix and lamp matrix finished wiring.
      solenoid and flasher wiring all finished.
      launch button installed and wired.

      All functions tested.
      after a couple of minor adjustments to switch bank it is all working.

      Played a heap of games last night, all functions worked!!

      The project is certainly not over as I have to do some cosmetic things like decals, translate etc.... but by far the bulk of it is done and dusted, and it is playable which was the immediate goal before xmas.

      great game, love the theme and heaps of fun to play.

      Thanks for taking the time to read the thread.
      Will post some further pictures when I get it completed.


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        Top work, must be pretty satisfying to fire it up and have a game on something you have created yourself for the first time!

        Keen for some pictures


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          Outstanding effort mate. Well done!
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            we have some extremely talented people on aussie arcade..not sure how i missed this when it was first posted.

            looks fantastic!

            awesome avatar also btw
            looking to buy gottlieb electro mechanical pinball machines from any era


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              Well done, what an incredible effort. I think I only say this once a year-ish but,

              I doth my hat to you good sir


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                very interesting stuff, will you make a manual for it?


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                  Thank you for your comments, a how-to manual would be quite a large volume indeed and well beyond any time I would have available I am sorry to say.


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                    I have a set of cabinet decals on order to make it look the part but I was looking for an excuse to learn some airbrushing.
                    Apart from a few practice exercises this is my first go at airbrushing, not unhappy with results, it would just take way too long to do the whoe cabinet which was my initial plan.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      Amazing stuff.
                      AFM is my dream pin, I think it will stay that way until I win the lotto.
                      I love the idea of changing over cabs from one game to another. I i were ever to dare tackle such a project it would have to be AFM or medieval madness.

                      Great work

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                        It has been quite a while since last posting in this thread but I finally have an answer to the question posed in the title.... yes and it is done.

                        I have added a home brew led chaser to each of the flying saucers, they change patterns quite a lot throughout the game.. looks great.
                        The home brew flashers are amazingly bright and are very dazzling during strobe multi ball and jackpot payouts.
                        Here are the final photos of what the finished product looks like, well almost, the legs need to go on after I get some cab protectors, the translite glass needs some stickers removed and I need to make the cover for the mothership solenoid, but thats it.

                        Thanks for the interest in this "little" project, now to finish the world cup 94 to medieval madness conversion.

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                          Looks great mate. Can't wait to see it in the flesh


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                            Wow !
                            Love your work Paul.
                            Congratulation on completing a mammoth task.
                            I was going to ask if you'd do it again, but it seems you have already made plans for another conversion.
                            I know on projects like this, that satisfaction is priceless, but...
                            How did it go economically wise?
                            An AFM is an expensive pin, was a conversion a cheaper alternative?

                            Again, well done.
                            What an amazing achievement !


                            Where did you get your 4mm stainless steel wire for the ramps from?


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                              Excellent work Paul,

                              These are the threads I love, showing what is possible.

                              Thanks for sharing,
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                                What an incredible amazing effort. You must be so pleased to have finished after the length of time, the number of steps, the magnitude of the task. Thanks for showing us.


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