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  • FreeWPC

    I found this today and did a search on here but didn't find any results. Not sure if this is well known here or not as I don't follow the pinball stuff very closely. Looks like it could be a nice toolkit for homebrew pinny's. My apologies if this has been posted about before.

    FREEWPC is a toolkit for developing pinball machine software. It primarily targets the WPC machines from the 1990's. It is a self-contained operating system with all the basic algorithms and tools needed for writing a customized game ROM.

    FreeWPC is released under the GPL. Source code is freely available for inspection and modification. The latest ROM images here are based on system version 0.97 and were uploaded on November 2, 2009.
    Check out our free iOS game .

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    Looks very interesting to those that want to get into the nitty gritty of DIY pinball.
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      Another bookmark for another rainy day



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        thanks headkaze
        rc forums looking for cabinet pc atx power supply for 12/5 volt for mame cabinet and turn it on
        if your new to electronics and


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          Now that's really cool. I'm very interested in this link. Thanks


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            Hi all,

            As stated in another thread on this forum, I am one of the FreeWPC developers and I'm moving down to Melbourne for a year soon, so I'm hoping I'll bump into you lot at some of the shows you have down there.

            Just to fill you in about the current state of the project we have three main developers:
            Brian Dominy (creator of FreeWPC and working on the WCS build)
            Hydra (who's working on the FreeWPC Corvette build)
            Me (working on the FreeWPC TZ build).

            We've also got a few people playtesting for us and we are always on the lookout for more people to help.

            At the moment we have playable builds for WCS, TZ and Corvette and we are working on builds for BOP, AFM, T2 and FH. Theoretically any WPC game can be supported. If you want to add support for a machine the first step is filling out a 'Machine Definition' file, which lists all the features that table has. Once this is done, it means it makes it easier for us to start writing new rules and graphics.

            The FreeWPC TZ build is fairly complete now and is nearing a public release. I've been running FreeWPC code in my table for ~2 years now (and it did 200+ games at a recent UK show) without any hardware damage and Brian has been running it in his WCS since 2006, so we are fairly confident that it's safe for use. For a list of the rules that we've written for TZ, see here:

            You do not need any hardware or even a pinball table if you are interested in playing FreeWPC, if you want to run it in Visual Pinball you simply replace the game rom in the zip with one from FreeWPC. If you want to run it in a real table all you need is a blank EPROM to write the software to, it's exactly the same way you would upgrade the original factory software.

            FreeWPC is not a ROM hack and does not contain any proprietary code. It is a ground up implementation of a Pinball OS. This means that we are not able to fix bugs in the factory software. Also at present we do not have a finished OS for the WPC sound board (as it is a separate 'computer' to the CPU board), so you are currently limited to the factory sounds and music.

            If you are interested in coding for the project, you will need to know a little C but in all honesty I could barely write a helloworld.c before I joined the project. Brian's code is very well documented and he's provided a lot of high level API's to make it easy for even spods like me to get results. The development environment takes about an hour or so to setup and we have HOWTO's for setting it up on both Windows and Linux available on our Googlecode page. You do not have to setup a dev environment if you are only interested in playtesting, we can send you a precompiled ROM to test.

            If you are interested in contributing art, it would be very appreciated as we are mostly just coders at the moment. It is very challenging getting stuff to look good on 128x32 pixels but we have a few tools to make the job a bit easier. One thing to point out is that as it is a GPL project we can't include copyrighted images or rip graphics from the original factory ROMs.

            If anyone is interested in helping out, have a look at our website and drop me a line,





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              Couple of videos for your perusal, they are a little old now but show you the progress we have made:


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                Here's a copy of the presentation we did at the UK Pinball Party recently:


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