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gottlieb lawman 2 player em 1971

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  • gottlieb lawman 2 player em 1971

    why do we do this? why does this never stop?

    little background, even though i had 2 full rebuilds and full restores from the ground up on 2x 1960's gottliebs put the feelers out for a project and got a bite.

    Benpinposted that he had a gottlieb lawman from 1971 that was available..and over about 4 weeks worth of pm and sms we settled on a deal (while i was away on a tiny island in the middle of the indian ocean) and put this officially in the queue tonight after being delivered by [MENTION=3126]prowler[/MENTION] (as always).

    so this game is a major project but sometimes old (grail) games just scream out to be saved and this one did that..

    this is what got my attention and got me hooked, a really nice original playfield.

    backglass is hammered, no worries will buy backglass resto to send a new one with a current will sell this one cheap for somebodies wall in their gamesroom

    you can see what i'm up against but cab will be stripped and fully rebuilt and resprayed..all the front will be replaced with new

    plastics are okay and the main one has a bit missing and a crack but pinball rescue have them in their never ending production line of repro plastics

    this sticker gives some of the history up and will be left on the game (sorry image wouldn't rotate) it was originally owned by hankin in newcastle (did they import new or second hand?) and made it to victoria where it has been for at least 20 years.

    has hard to find original parts such as the original lockdown bar (many times replaced by the wider version from later), the metal flipper buttons which weren't used on a heap of gottlieb games from this period..though is missing the chimes

    so what happens now? she is officially in the queue..i have bought another project off tony turner from the [MENTION=625]Pinball Shed[/MENTION] from this stash

    will have to wait and see what it is have to say if you're looking for a project wait until the rest start to become available, there are many games that simply are never available in australia and very clean titles..

    will start to gather parts like a squirrel and have started to add some parts for this on my next pinball resource order.
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    looking to buy gottlieb electro mechanical pinball machines from any era

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    Jealous must do another one soon myself

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    Putting out the feelers for my next early Gotlieb project


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      Tony, your an amazing man. Your passion for these old pinballs is truly heartwarming. I admire anyone that spents quality time on restoring these older games, you become easily attached when you get them running and working 100%

      I have spent most of the week working on a Fashion Show, Happy Clown and College Queen. What a great feeling trying to play these games with the small flippers and giant gap, it takes a very good player to master these old girls.

      I hope to get a heap of them sorted out and sold off to new owners in the coming weeks and months.

      This much love needs to be shared around.


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        Great to hear there's someone with more projects than me. It's good to see the Hankin label and I think you're right to keep it, there's a bit of Aussie history right there.
        Keep up the excellent work Tony.
        Cheers Trev


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          Its definitely screaming Tony
          Prowler Pinball Restorations


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            mmmmmmmmmmmm, 10 drop target bank.........special!
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            Remember--The early bird catches the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese!


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              That playfield does look in good nick , love the line of horse shoe drop targets . Tony you will no doubt bring her back to life i remember this game down the local milk bar i was in grade 2 or 3 ..


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                The pin that got me hooked on pinball as a kid. Not the first pin I ever played but the first one I played on a semi regular basis and could remember a bit about years later. Played it in a small take away/ mini mart (for want of a better term) opposite my first school in Canungra Queensland from about 1976 through until we moved in mid 1979. They eventually got a second pin that I don't remember anything about but Lawman never left during my early school years.

                I could remember the stagecoach on the backglass and trying to keep the gate open on the right outlane. I was talking to my Dad one night about it and he remembered the row of drops down the left. Mentioned this to a collector I knew at the time and he picked it straight away. The next time I was there he had his Lawman set up and I got to play it for the first time in 20 years.

                Anyway that's enough of my rambling


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                  This will be an interesting build to follow


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                    in between waiting for 2 more games to arrive this week and the next pinball resource order i'm kinda in thought i'd start taking apart the playfield..flipped it over and my eyes nearly fell out of my head

                    what is really amazing is there is no evidence on the top of the playfield, no paint loss or cracking
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                    looking to buy gottlieb electro mechanical pinball machines from any era


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                      wow that looks cooked. It's amazing how much punishment these old games can take before Thay gave up.....but not without a fight though.
                      PINBALL gotta love it

                      "There's no such thing as too much bling"


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                          lee confirmed this morning that repro plastics for sheriff and lawman and now in production

                          looking to buy gottlieb electro mechanical pinball machines from any era


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                            Gemini2544's 4th Pinball meet Saturday 21/03/2020


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                              while the weather is still not conducive for painting starting pulling down the playfield today..i'm sure everybody that restores games often looks at the heap of junk infront of them
                              and wonder why did i buy this? well that ran through my head so many times..also not having the chimes inside the game, when i was told they were doesn't put a smile on my face
                              as they are tough to find

                              thankfully the playfield looks as though it has mylar applied since day 1 but doubt it has been cleaned since.

                              pulled up part of the fake wooden mylar and there is a contrast where it originally was so will have to remove just the top layer of mylar just above the rollovers

                              steve from backglass repro emailed yesterday to say he has just finished my repro glass, so she is coming along slowly.
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                              looking to buy gottlieb electro mechanical pinball machines from any era


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