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Bally Bazaar 1966

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  • Bally Bazaar 1966

    Here we go Stu
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    Nice pin, when does the restoration start?

    Nah just kidding, looks very sweet great work
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      Simply amazing work! How about a bit of history on the machine?


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        Truly firstclass effort, what a great looking machine. This motivates me to achieve a higher standard.


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          Hah Millsy, nice work even after the tight squeeze getting it home. Thumbs up.Jeff


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            Originally posted by Arcade King View Post
            Simply amazing work! How about a bit of history on the machine?
            Machine history or Restore history?


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              well now you mention it... both


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                Mate I didn't even bother clicking the thumbnails! (It's shiny enough to see it anyway)

                Nice - damn nice!
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                  Great job, looks like a lot of time and effort went into it
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                    Originally posted by Arcade King View Post
                    well now you mention it... both
                    Just a quick history of the Bazaar.
                    Bazaar was the last machine to use zipper flippers. I love playing this machine as it is very fast for a 60' EM - Probably because 50v coils were used.
                    Bought machine about a year ago off ebay & drove to Newcastle to pickup from Slevbro. Repaired all mechanical faults, Repaired and repainted cab and backbox (Used a paint roller) Repainted Coin door and replaced all light sockets, bulbs & pop bumpers, Apron was redone with waterslide decals,the original apron cards were redone using photoshop, managed to get a excellant playfield later in the year (Thanks Stu)
                    This was my first resto, the second being a Jumping Jack which I have recently sold.
                    I am presently restoring a 63 Gottlieb Sweet Hearts.

                    More picts
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                      Excellent effort
                      Love it!


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                        Absolutely first class job there millsy. Looks like new. Sits nicely next to Jumping Jack. Thanks for posting those pictures too.

                        I look forward to seeing the photos when you do your magic on Sweet Hearts next.




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                          That came up very nicely.
                          Well Done

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                            Love the art on these older EMs, and a sweet resto


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                              Cheers Kev!

                              You do great work and you should be very proud of it. I plan on playing it this year if I can make it down to Tony's meet. Hope to see what you do with that sweet hearts as well. Its really great to see the EM resto section starting to fill up with some of the great work that local collectors put into these old beauties


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