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Total Playfield restoration

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  • Total Playfield restoration

    This has already been posted on another forum in great detail, so i wont elaborate too much.
    Here are some before and after pics of a disaster of a Stern Wild Fyre playfield. The paint was just falling off and to save it, large blocks of colour needed to be redone. The while process will be on my website
    But here is the apron before;

    and after;

    Playfield was a mess as you can see

    It gets totally rubbed back

    Blocks of colour then replaced

    Same with this area - done in stages of each colour, Ive already stuck down the laminations and primed

    These bits are tricky - i try to avoid having to replace wording but sometimes you have no choice

    Here are both areas after restore

    Process is done right round the whole playfield and then its finally clear coated. The large section at the lower pf has been replaced as has the blue - most detail has been reworked and wording has been replaced - much by hand.

    Heres the final product. 4 coats clear coat and then a sand back, then clear coat again give a mirror like finish. What was a write off is almost factory new again

    Few more pics here with furniture and without

    This once looked like this!

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    Fricken awesome!


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      amazing stuff, thanks for sharing


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        UN-real. Your colour matching is bang on. That's fantastic work. What brand/type of paints do you use?


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          Very nice!

          What do you to mask the areas not being painted and for stencils?
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            All done with Pantone soft enamels and airbrush - colour matching with Pantone colour chart - gives a good indication of the colour but may not be exact.

            Clear coat is specifically designed to be compatible with these inks - yes ive seen it all turn to melted cheese before!

            Masking is done with low tac vinyl. I cut by hand and make templates on the computer - these are then computer cut - this is how the apron is done etc,

            see here..

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              great work! just remember to update your profile with your location
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                Great stuff, Gavin. I see you have made yourself "at home" already.. Can't wait to see the cabinet repaint !!
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                  Wow..! I can only dream of such skill.


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                    Nice work.


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                      you are an artist!....

                      great work!

                      will be keen to watch & learn!


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                        Nice work!
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