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Savages' Medieval Madness Restore - My Own

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  • Savages' Medieval Madness Restore - My Own

    Long time coming, But here goes,
    One thing I tried to do with this restore is use as much as I could, i.e. bolts \ nuts in the tumbler, plating parts instead of buying new, of course some things had to be bought.... Anyway moving on..

    This is the condition the MM was when I bought it, not to bad from a distance but had usual cabinet art had tears / scrapes which were touched up. Corner of the cabinet was separating, inside the cabinet had dust and overspray embedded into the wood. Underside the playfield though was pretty clean.

    Won’t go to too much details as posted earlier, the playfield needed a lot of work, probably cause I’m fussy but it needed it. Here’s two before photos, followed below by the after repair photos. This ended up being sold to another member, all repaired clear coated. Again won’t go into details but took a lot of time and didn’t leave until I was happy..

    I managed to score a IPB repro, (very lucky) Although the playfield was darn good, I wasn’t happy with it. It had some bleed through and also black outlines missing. Also thought the clear coat could be better. You could see the wood grain in the clear, so after some minor touch ups, it was cleared, sanded and cleared again. To be cut and buffed...

    This is an example of the problems in the playfield, won’t be a problem for long.

    After the touch ups and clear coating.
    Now the stripping the cabinet.

    Backbox, ready to strip down

    Pretty messy, check out the brackets for the legs, been. Two different types, something tells me the one on the left is wrong, can even see the previous screw holes from when the correct one was there. I wonder what happened here?
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    This will be an interesting thread and will be watching in ENVY !!!!!!!

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      Photo, just showing location if stickers and Schematics

      Another shot showing location, you can clearly see the different leg brackets, where the cabinet has been touched up and the correct brackets use to be... Also nice grind marks on the left and right wood rails..

      Another photo of the inside condition, the other side had a leaf switch put in place for the flipper switch, this will be replaced!...

      The back of the back box. I?m going to preserve the back. I?ll do this by lightly rubbing down the back and 2 pac clear coat. It will then get a light rub down for the Repro Caution decal to go over it..

      Next 5 photos show the head box, stripped down. Any repairs were done with automotive filler. It then had 2 pack primer filler sprayed. Left to dry for a week. Sanded down and painted with 1 part satin black and 1 part mat black. The outside would then be rubbed down later for side art to be applied.

      The head box was then sanded (lightly on the back) and new decals applied.

      Stripping down the decals/ This was a PITA, heat, scraper and sander was used to help get theses off.


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        All stripped of any decals.

        The start of the repairs, as usual the rails underneath took a beating, this is part way into fixing them. Also outside repairs were done at the same time

        2 pak primer filler applied, to give a nice hard finish

        The underneath of the cabinet was clear coated with Urethane, gives a nice golden glow to it.

        The rebuild begins.. but I won?t bore with progress shots but the final product.
        To list a few things that were done / added.
        Caste Mod LED mod
        Dragon LEDs Mod
        Trolls LED Mod
        Merlin hole, back of the castle and fron of castle protectors
        Clear Protectors for the plastics
        New Plastics including clear plastics
        New Start Button
        New Flipper Buttons
        New Flipper Board
        LEDs for the Playfied
        LEDs for the back box
        Ramps Gold Plated..
        New Moat
        New Troll Switches
        New Left Ramp
        Some new castle parts and brackets
        probably more stuff, now for the photos


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          [IMG]This shows on of the ramps Gold plated and the light riveted on using the Press-less rivet kit. Very impress with this kit and not to badly priced either.[/IMG]

          OK one photo showing the underside getting put together.

          This shows what I did for a fair few places. See the two yellow posts, these were cut down and used instead of the black posts and the red post above, usually has a white clip in post, to me looks a big ugly, so I cut down another post, used a pop bumper screw, used it upside down to hold post in.. I?d like to thank Finny for this idea, makes 100% improvement.

          One of the whole protectors getting fitted, this one you don?t actually see...!

          ahhh, found an example about the posts, first photo shows the normal post, 2nd photo shows post I cut down and added instead.

          Also did the same for the right ramp cover, and lots of other places.....
          Just noticed this shows the side decals, As nice as they were, they ended up getting scratched (Backboard wasn't on straight) So off the went..


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            The finished populated playfield, these can speak for themselves, for some reason some inserts have a blue hue to them from the camera.

            Putting the pieces together of the cabinet, Underneath, even re painted the speaker. Although it was a bit dusty when I took this photo, rest assure was vacuumed later.

            Here’s the flipper board, I actually thought I was getting a replacement genuine but instead got this. It’s made by Great Lakes Modular, uses magnets and adjustable. Uses led’s to make a two stage flipper, very impressed with it.

            This shows the light the LED's in the back box give off

            You’ll see also clear leg protectors were used as well. And as per norm, wood trim used on the back box to hide the edging..
            Only thing left is The illuminated back board, which I stuffed up, so getting a replacement, and a video once my quota is back..!
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              was going to have a whinge about how crap good news week was/is

              then i seen your MM restore.. brilliant stuff


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                Awesome job Scott, simply awesome.
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                  Originally posted by furballx View Post
                  Awesome job Scott, simply awesome.

                  For all your promotional requirements at guaranteed low prices ....
                  LANYARDS, WRISTBANDS plus MUCH, MUCH MORE !!!!!!


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                    Very nice work
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                      Wow, big time respect to you pinny guys - all that wiring and electronics would make me run in the opposite direction. I don't know how you make sense of it all. Good job.
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                        wow mate looks wicked!

                        Not going to worry about installing the treasurecove inner cab decals?
                        I hope when i die, my wife doesn't sell my pinball machines for what I told her I paid for them.


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                          THanks guys, Shootar. I did fit them, but unfortunately the got damaged when I didn;t attached the backboard corrrectly and scratched them deeply.

                          So off they went, no big loss, was undecided if I liked them or not...

                          Video is up.
                          click on it to open in you tube to get he high def versions, or go full screen and the options are there

                          Be kind, I was using my helmet camera and had to stand at a weird angle, so visability for me was limited....
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                            Great job Scott, fantastic looking game


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                              Very impressive job Scott.
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