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Havin a Bash at Monster Bash...

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  • Havin a Bash at Monster Bash...

    I'd thought I show you how I do one of my machines as I haven't seen many bash jobs done before.
    So here is one Monster past it's use by date ready for a rebore. A very good project machine as all the bits were in place.

    As you can see not very healthy but we'll fix that.

    Started pulling the major pieces off. Notice the surface rust on the glass rails.

    Typical damage here.

    Same... Notice the corner separation which is also a common fault which will also be corrected latter. Lock down bar bolt holes will be removed as well.

    Aussie delivery. Not bad condition here considering.

    The rooted playfield. This has suffered many years of butchering and neglect so we'll fix that to. Drac track, Main scoop hole, ball launch track, Black lagoon area, Bumpers... dam... every thing is stuffed.

    Lets start here... Strip it all off.

    All decals removed with the heat gun at around 600?.

    All the electronics seem fine. Everything will be removed cleaned, tested and repaired if necessary. The box will be striped, filled and sanded fresh for the painting stage.

    Chips, dings and scratches... When I'm finished it will be brand new.

    All striped ready for art restoration. Major damage was the Drac track, wood around the hole, ejector hole in the lagoon and the black lane to the rear. The rest was chips, scratches, mylar removal damage and where the ball drops from the wire rails.


    Re sanded and filled... The usual process here.

    Masked up the clean underside.

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    After semi gloss black applied inside and out.

    I've seen machines with the bare wood internals look but on this occasion I prefer the internals to be painted fully. Although not factory in my opinion it just looks cleaner.

    Head shell all done pending graphs.

    Applied dry...

    Trimmed and black masked.

    I don't recommend any one to do it this way, but I applied these dry. I've done quite a few with out any problems but any one who hasn't should try the wet method first, in my opinion only.

    Black masked this area by masking up both sides and brushing the black acrylic on. Leaves a nice sharp black line between the wood and the art. I'm just a fussy prick...

    Yeah, looks clean and straight.

    Bolt heads painted, head hinges powder coated and new nylon feet banged on the head and cab. Sourced these from Greg @ RTBB amongst other bits.

    New ground cables, re-plated hardware etc... assembled. The PCB mounting plate and head vent grill was cleaned with Scotch Bright and 2 packed clear. Now where starting to get somewhere...

    Removed the raised T-nuts and other mounting hardware in preparation for sanding.

    All stripped and ready to go.

    After sanding with 120 grit.

    The field after being cleaned, rubbed back with 1500 grit, Air brushing, Main eject hole repaired, Creature hole repaired, ball launch track painted and repaired... all the usual procedures... Notice my paint mixing pellet on the lower left corner. I like to mix an match the colours here and then touch up. I also airbrushed the creature swamp a deeper UV green as the stock fluro color usually fades. Matches beautifully with the new Lexen repo swamp cover. The unpainted green area is covered so I didn't bother there. All large areas are done with the air brush for a pro job. Ready for clearing now.

    One coat clear, two days to dry then rubbed back with 1500 grit... x 8 times...
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      After rub back with 1500.

      You can see how thick the combined coats are here after the rub back.

      Last rub back... #8

      A quick cut and polish.

      T-nuts and hardware etc... added.

      Reassembly begins with reconditioned components.

      Cleaned and new bulbs installed.

      On the home straight...

      Cleaned up swamp rat.

      Lets start upstairs now...

      Ramp flaps, Franky target flap and ball launch flap was replaced with Stainless versions.

      Stainless rubbed back with scotch bright until grain was even and flat.

      All targets, plastics and rubbers replaced.

      All pop bumpers replaced. S/S hole protector and plastics protection added.

      Yep, it's yellow... I like it. My 2 cents worth... Ha Ha...


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        All micros replaced.

        Plastics protector just poking out where its important.

        Weldment above has seen better days. Below is the tough third party Stainless steel version. Just hop it doesn't fall to bits like the old one did! A massive improvement though.

        Instead of the short clear posts originally used on the lane guides, I cut down and used stock yellow ones.

        Just below the ramp, I did the same here as well.

        Scotch bright used on the guides here too.

        The third party swamp cover. The area where the old green is concealed by plastic and posts.

        This area cops a lot of shit thats why I reckon the stainless ejector and hole guard are essential bits to be added.

        All fresh and clean...

        The wire was re-chromed and you may notice the clear plastic above the orange pop bumper is modded as well. Instead of those double ended nylon mounting devices which are used to separate two or more bits of plastic were replaced through out the machine with a playfield pop bumper mounting screw turned upside down with a lock nut and standard purple post and added the rubber to. Cosmetic only. Looks pro though for those who give two rats.

        The eject hole was airbrushed a wood colour. No ply layers here. The black ring was added too.

        I hand polished the adjustable posts which look nice and clean now.

        New flippers and bumper switches added. Phantom flip optos cleaned up and aligned.

        New arm and posts.

        Detailed view.
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          Pool que lane.

          Looking good. Notice the yellow post mod under red flasher and in front of left character under plastic.

          Glass rails chromed.

          Drac track airbrushed a wood colour.

          Another detail view. Original skirt art in perfect condition after clean up, bonus!

          More detail...

          More detail...

          Post mod close up.

          Franky scrubbed up real well and I only touched up the black areas with acrylic gloss and then with matt clear on the shiny bits.

          Original Coffin, Stickers and Drac dolly with feet, scrubbed up well too.

          More detail... Notice post mod under red Drac micro cover.

          Clean like it should be.

          More detail... New door and legs from Wayne at TPF. The legs, rails and bolts were re-chromed.

          More detail... A few more in the background to receive the same treatment.

          Re-zinc on the lock-down assembly. New decals too.


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            Looks great

            I played this game at Shock_And_Awe's place the other day and enjoyed it.

            You replaced the globes with new ones ? You didnt go for LED's ??


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              Cleaned up, tested and reinstalled.

              The o'll Tranny scrubbed up well.

              Red heat shrink on the removable ground strap. Cab air vent grill Scotch brighted and 2 pac cleared. Head lock down wing nuts chromed.

              New leg brackets with extended bolt threads sourced from TPF.

              Getting there...

              New glass rail channels and stop rail at top.

              Some re-plated bits...

              After a lot of R&D, I came up with the idea of protecting the corners & front bottom with these Stainless steel covers. If any one is interested I'll mass produce kits for cheep. Let me know. Must be used with some sort of pin cab protector behind the leg. They look cool and covers up the joint and chips.

              The lower rail mod which would be part of the kit.

              Under view of front protector.

              Another view of the two protectors.

              Rear leg.

              More cab detail...

              Black masked the art edges the same way as the main cab.

              More cab detail...


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                More cab detail...

                I found out the hard way. You cannot zip tie the excess cable to make it look pretty because when you fold the head down it pulls up through the hole yanking on the Tranny... Dah!!!

                New cable clips and screws to help give it a buff look.

                More cab detail...

                Brand new glass and buttons from David at bumper. I used washers on the side rail because when the stock coach bolt is puled tight the chrome will crack or flake so a S/S washer was used to disperse the pressure... found out the hard way and had one of the rails re-chromed after I fuked it. All is good now!

                The money shot! I had the hand rail chromed which looks cool with all the other shiny shit. The new edge protector kit was polished to match the other chrome bits and the front art was 2 packed clear. Overall, the front end is very robust! Should last for years...

                Chrome everywhere! Also black masked the start button which is now under 2 pack clear.

                New plastic trims and bulbs added here as well. This scrubbed up very well. Tranz 10 out of 10.

                Under the hood, nice and clean.

                Final assembly...

                Data decals to go here....

                Tranz lock to be installed. No glass in this shot.

                The money shot! It plays fast & sharp and feels unbelievable. I think it's well worth the effort! and I hate to know how many hours went into it and all the calls from the Fun Buster asking when will you be home... May do another or a Circus Vol next.



                Originally posted by AdamC View Post
                Looks great

                I played this game at Shock_And_Awe's place the other day and enjoyed it.

                You replaced the globes with new ones ? You didn't go for LED's ??
                I'll have a chat with Greg about that as he supplied me with a set for my TOM which looked awesome.
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                  Shit thats great Well done .What do you do with the finish product are they keepers or do you pass them on


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                    Great job on the resto.
                    I'd be interested in those stainless steel covers!


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                      Thanks for posting these great detailed photos ,you've done a fantastic job .
                      Now that my new pin is ready for collection what's a good day for you ?
                      I'll bring the $$ and the Ute .


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                        awesome thread. thanks for taking the time to do that. what an amazing shop out. is this one for the cafe?
                        what brand clear coat do you use?


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                          That is just amazing.


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                            amazing job


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                              The attention to detail is great, awesome job!
                              "Beer, it does a belly good!"

                              Wanted: Pacman Cab Next Project: Skinny MAME Cab for Samfoot, thread soon, no really. I might even do one on my Pole Position cab!


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