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Restoring a Bram Stokers Dracula

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  • Restoring a Bram Stokers Dracula

    This is one of my long-term projects that I am now finishing up before I start any more projects.

    I have been working on this game on and off for over 3 years.

    Basically, I am taking a Bram Stokers Dracula that came with a badly damaged playfield and no boards, and moving the parts to a playfield restored by Playfield Renovations in the USA, rebuilding PCBs myself and cleaning and rebuilding everything.

    The game as arrived

    The Restored Playfield

    Actual progress of the restoration

    As of today, I would say I am 65% of the way done with the playfield. Most of the bottom side of the playfield is populated with the exception of a few posts I need to install from the topside.

    The cabinet is maybe 40% done. Since quality, screen printed cabinet artwork for this title is not available, I've just cleaned everything up real well, put some fresh paint on the inside of the cab and new siderails to replace the badly dented ones. I am preparing to install the cabinet wiring harness in the next few days as time permits. I need to make some modifications to the wiring in the power box to properly convert the game back to a 'US' game - some wiring was modified on the game when it was operated overseas, the thermistor and varistor need changed out, etc.

    I hope I still like the way Dracula plays when I've finished My goal is to have the game completed before the end of September. I've 2 babies under 2 years of age and I only get a few hours a week I can work on the machine.

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    Nice one. That playfield sure scrubbed up nicely! Soo shiny!

    Best luck to you for getting it back together and enjoying it!



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      I really like the detail you go to with your restores. The results are great and must make it all worth while for you at the end. For me, I try to be thorough with my restores but once the game is in pieces, I don't have the space available to leave a project half finished so time/space is always my enemy.
      This Drac has very nice red in it. Mine is the typical faded cream colour unfortunately. I tried some wide tipped red sharpies and they actually came out very good on the small sections but it's difficult to hide the "brush" marks from the marker in the big sections.
      I love the look of the blue star posts. I think they're red from factory but I might go blue with mine after seeing this.
      Man cannot live with just one pinball.


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        Love to do a BSD one day. This one looks sweeeet! Nice work.


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          Wow, great job. All the photos are great, really gives a view of the work and effort put in!


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            John - see my efforts on my BSD here


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              Looks good! I remember the RGP thread when you discussed how to fix the playfield. Came together real nice!


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                looks great john. i want one of those revolving playfield frames...


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                  I bet someone could do pretty well making rotisseries in AU, they sell pretty well over here, but due to size would be a PITA to ship!


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                    BSD is finally done.

                    Rather than retype it all, I'll copy and paste

                    I just completed a restoration on a Bram Stokers Dracula today

                    I kept notes

                    The history of Bram Stokers Dracula machine S/N 52701053521
                    Manufacture date 04/12/1993
                    While the machine has a US serial # label and a US coin door, it came from a container. Go figure!

                    I won the machine from Kirk Weaver, eBay seller 'kaweaver' as a project, missing boards and parts back on June 28, 2004.
                    I paid $407.39 plus $28.52 sales tax for the machine, for a total of $435.91
                    It was eBay item #6104766123

                    Pics of the game as it was recieved are here:

                    I won the sound board from Kirk as well, item # 6105051151 for $69.00 plus tax
                    I won the fliptronics board from Kirk also, item #6105051160 for $80.48 plus tax (10.46 total for both)
                    The driver board, CPU board and DMD board all came from eBay as well, but I can't find the auction numbers.

                    The playfield, translite, mist assy, speaker panel with flasher board, dracula coffin assy and manuals came from Mike McAndrew on 7/12/2004 for $171.65 plus some ROMS

                    The coin door came from Bryan Kellly
                    Lloyd Olson provided a set of NOS WMS 'blood red' flipper bats.

                    Playfield Renovations restored the playfield in 2004. The playfield was dropped off at Pinball Expo 2004, and was returned in early December of 2004. Total cost was $380.00 including shipping.
                    The playfield is chronicled here:

                    To get an idea of the condition of the original playfield, see here:

                    Teardown pics are chronicled here:

                    Pics of each assy as they were removed, torn down, and rebuilt with new coil sleeves and various parts, are here:

                    The initial restoration began in January of 2005.
                    The restoration was restarted from fresh on Sunday July 27, 2008. For the last 10 months or so, it's just sat with a couple of evenings worth of work left to go on the game.

                    The restoration was completed on 10/15/2009 - 5 years, 3 months and 17 days after the game was won.

                    New parts going into the machine included
                    -NOS plastic set (Marco Specialties)
                    -NOS main ramp (eBay, sourced from Argentina!)
                    -NOS Coffin ramp (PBR)
                    -New complete target set, including drop target (PBR)
                    -Repro proto slingshot toppers (Illinois Pin ball)
                    -New flipper, start and launch ball buttons (PBR)
                    -New flipper coils, and all flipper parts. (PBR, Pinball Life)
                    -All new rubber, bulbs, coil sleeves etc (Pinball Life
                    -New 24 opto board (IPB)
                    -New DMD (Pinball Life)
                    -New leg bolt plates, legs and levelers (Pinball Life)
                    -Pincab cabinet protectors (Direct from Pincab)
                    -New playfield glass, translite glass and translite trim
                    Lots of other goodies picked up here and there, every board rebuilt, every part cleaned, tumbled, polished etc.

                    Finished pics:


                    Right side of the cab isn't as faded as it looks, it's just the lighting. The left side is the better of the 2 sides, no doubt.

                    Sadly, I sold the machine this week. It's getting delivered tomorrow to another collector. I got my asking price, but I lost money on the deal - but I didn't restore it expecting to sell it. Just got in a bad situation. Also sold my DH and JY this week.

                    I didn't realize how much I loved BSD.. til I sold it.

                    I'll have to have another one someday. What a great game.


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                      very nice restore thanks for sharing


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