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  • Star Trek: The Next Generation Restore

    Well hes my current project and will be the most time and money I've spent on a restore so far.
    As you can see from the pics just about every nut bolt and screw on the top of the playfield is rusty, this includes the metal diverter at the back left and both cannon chassis.
    The playfield is in excellent condition except for a wear spot above the left flipper. The cabinet itself is in great shape with all decals looking good except for Picards face being ripped off on the left had side of the headbox.
    As usual I started taking pics after I started stripping shit off but you get a idea how dirty it is.

    This is what I've ordered and got now.
    New nuts, bolts and screws from marco, also got new red posts and plastic lane guides.
    New Cannon chassis(and cannon plastics) and diverter from RTBB, I also got the custom decal set and backboard decal set from Greg and also getting the headbox decals.
    Sent the wireform ramps away to get rechomed.

    Thanks to Tony for putting me on to a fellah who had a playfield in great nick plus a heap of other spares( plastic ramps, borg ship cannon gearboxes etc) so I'll be doing a playfield swap. It was pretty lucky he had the Alpha ramp as mine was smashed.
    Savage has convinced me to to let him 2 pac clear coat the playfield ( see post below) which was done today, looks amazing.

    I've basically stripped most of the playfield but have left the stainless ramp guides on and most of the under playfield wiring is in place until im ready to do the swap. I started to clean the original playfield but will wait until its stripped and will clean it up to sell.
    I've taken shit loads of pics but I've just uploaded a select few.
    First 4 are of the cabinest and condition of the playfield when I started stripping. 5th is the borg ship chassis after being sandblasted and resprayed. 6th is the playfield pretty much stripped except for a few bits.
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    Mylar removal of 2nd playfield

    I spent a few hours cleaning the playfield I will be using for the swap and decided to give removing the mylar a go.
    I must say it was easier than what I expected.
    cheap arse dick smith 15 buck heat gun on the lowest setting
    a pair of pliers
    finger nail.

    I first used my nail to get a bit of mylar up I could hold on to with the pliers, turned the heat gun on and gently lifted the mylar up. I found it best to have the heat on the side you are pulling the mylar up NOT the playfield side under it.
    Was a piece of piss, whole thing took 10-15 mins.
    I didnt have any Shellite to remove the glue (was unprepared) lukily Savage had Prepsol which we used to clean the whole playfield before clear coating the next day.
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      Clear coat day at Savages

      First I'd like to thank Scott for talking me into getting this done and just have to say man you have the best Twilight zone I've seen.
      First pic is of Burra inspecting the playfield ..**** knows why
      2nd Scott wiping it down after we used prepsol to remove any mylar glue and generally give it a good clean before painting.
      I didnt take a pic but before it was 2 pac'd Scott flipped over the playfield and gave the bottom a light sand so she looked smick.
      3rd pic is of some ****ed up alien guy!
      4th is of Scott doing the is that shit safe to breath in?
      last 2 is the end result..well it needs to be left for a week then a final coat applied but you get the idea.
      There was a problem with silicone where the clear wasn't sticking to the playfield properly in some parts but Scott fixed this in the next coats, I will let him explain it in further detail because I was too busy perving on his mrs and not paying attention to what he was saying
      Big thanks to Scott for doing this for me
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        The clear coat playfield looks awesome.


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          Nice work Trav (and helpers!) That's going to be one very nice STTNG once finished.




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            **** the pinball, whos is that POOL!!!!????


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              Nice one Trav lol..

              Basically he had silicon on his playfield although we did use wax and grease remover, a lot must have been in the wood..
              No matter after about 3 coats I then used anti-silicon special ingredient and flowed coated last couple of coats.

              This is the end result, is hard to get a good picture outside to show reflection..


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                mmmm special ingredient! looks AWESOME!!!!!!


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                  Sure is purdy.
                  Is that a 2k clear?


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                    looks bloody sweet that coat!! Boys were busy by the looks of it. Look forward to teh rest of the restore
                    Pinball Meets...I love em


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                      nice work trav. it might be early to call but it looks like you are crossing to the dark side - selling your cabs and restoring and shopping pins. even your photos are improving. cheers! and looking forward to seeing the finished product. hope you can remember where all the bits go


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                        Originally posted by spacies View Post
                        **** the pinball, whos is that POOL!!!!????
                        lol... That would be mine, cave and waterfall with beach outs.. Dog loves it..

                        Originally posted by Arcade King View Post
                        mmmm special ingredient! looks AWESOME!!!!!!
                        I think we added a touce of beer, well Richard did when you weren't looking

                        Originally posted by spacies View Post
                        Sure is purdy.
                        Is that a 2k clear?
                        It sure is, and Aussie Hardner to boot..


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                          Work of Art!
                          Always interested in buying Sega EM (1966-1976) arcade games, parts & paperwork


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                            Nice works guys , if it turned out like Scott's other work you'll be happy Trav.

                            Good going getting the mylar off as well. I have developed a hate for the shit myself.

                            I will have to try out the clear coating thing myself one day soon after I finish a tonne of touch ups

                            Whens the first session happening?
                            "Beer, it does a belly good!"

                            Wanted: Pacman Cab Next Project: Skinny MAME Cab for Samfoot, thread soon, no really. I might even do one on my Pole Position cab!


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