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  • Restoration From the Crypt

    my new project is a big one!

    This machine SOOOO!! ****ed!

    But as I am a big fan of fixing ****ed things, I have committed myself to fix this one.

    Apart from the machine being incredibly filthy dirty & cabinet almost beyond repair.

    I will get this baby looking as new...

    But first I have request from a fellow TFTC owner.

    I need a high res photo of the front of your machine.
    I really need a close photo of the Crypt Guy? See the photo attached.

    I am going to fill & air brush the cabinet for now.
    ....But I am also re-creating it in vector for digital printing it work.

    So what I need from someone here is very high quality shots from the front of your machine.
    It needs to be taken square & no reflection from the flash.

    If you can help me out, I would really appreciate it.

    Email photo to -
    Photo upto 5mb

    Thanks for your help.
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      It used to have one of those stupid lock bars across the door.

      So it had some huge bolts through it on both sides.

      I have many photos that I will be putting up on this thread during the restoration.
      Wait till you see the play field.... I luv a challenge!

      but for now I need a good close pic of the (front) Crypt keeper art work for reproduction.
      Please help!
      I'll eat your brain & gain your knowledge (Grindhouse)


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        Give it time - let folks have a look at the thread - I'm sure there is someone that owns the game on the forum..

        Keep the progress pictures coming (in the meantime) - especially the "Before" pix of the playfield.
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          The progress photos are coming along I will put some up soon after I finish the internal & external cabinet painting.

          Then I will move to the play field which is almost completely done. just finishing off the scoop hole today.

          Hope someone helps me with a photo soon.
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            I still need that photo guys, c'mon Please.

            While I am waiting for your kind effort, I have a photo of my own you can look at.

            See if you can pick the before and after.
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            I'll eat your brain & gain your knowledge (Grindhouse)


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              didn't think that ball run mark would come out so easily, nice work!


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                photos sent
                BEEP BEEP Richie! They ALL float down here. When your down here with us, you'll float too!


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                  NICE work dude!


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                    Did you get the photos I sent Playwell??
                    BEEP BEEP Richie! They ALL float down here. When your down here with us, you'll float too!


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                      Thanks Mick, Yes I did.
                      I have been working on the vector art for the cabinet from photos that a few people kindly sent to helped me out. Thanks all...

                      Back From Holidays & have been working on the TFTC.

                      Huge job this one, but has come up nice.
                      Finished the internal electrics & mechanics today to a decent working order. Still a few minor things to take care of now.

                      The playfield is clean & all metal bits polished to mirror finish.
                      Replaced all bulbs and rusty/corroded nuts a washers.

                      It Plays extremely well now except for the odd sticky switch or two.
                      Will get new switches on my next order from the states.

                      After fixing a few sunken inlays & cleaning both sides of the playfield it came up really well. Plays smooth as new.
                      All Lights are bright a clear.

                      Broken wires, Sticky switches & bad soldering was this machines second biggest issues.

                      Next is to fix are the PCBs boards that have a few minor sus components that are not standard or at least should not be the way they are ATM. Easy fix.

                      After all the fiddly bits are finished I will complete the external vector drawing & print all new external decals at work.
                      The drawing just takes to damn long for me.
                      Maye cause I'm so painfully fussy. I even give myself the shits!

                      I will put a few pics of the machine soon.
                      But for now a progress jpg of the artwork I have been reproducing.
                      I have put all efforts to make it extremely close reproduction. Using photos from 5 different machines.

                      The main difference is that i have cleaned the original artwork up considerably. I have removed all overbleeding from the shitty screen printing from the factory.

                      He is not finished but have a look anyway.

                      Colours are matched to Pantone PMS charts.
                      *Note colours in photo are not accurate. Screen colours will also vary.
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                      I'll eat your brain & gain your knowledge (Grindhouse)


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                        looking good!
                        BEEP BEEP Richie! They ALL float down here. When your down here with us, you'll float too!


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                          the art is looking great mate!
                          nice work


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                            A bit late for this post, but if you need help on anything for TFTC i have a perfect machine here


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                              Awesome effort on teh artwork!!! did you just freehand artwork?

                              BTW, what are you printing on?
                              Pinball Meets...I love em


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