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playfield touchup paints question

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  • playfield touchup paints question

    i have a very small area on a playfield that needs to be touched up. its only a solid colour so should make it a bit easier.
    i read this guide and his results look really good and straightforward is this the way i should do it as im basically doing a small spot just like that.

    he used the tamiya acrylic paint and then the tamiya clear for the clearcoat. the brand seems to be well regarded from having a bit of a read on the net.

    so should i use those paints or some other cheapie water paint, if so what do i clear coat it with after so it blends in with the rest of the playfield.

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    I just use acrylic paint from the reject shop. $2 per bottle . Then I put a few coats of wax over it.


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      The Tamiya paints will cost you more - but they are certainly great paints
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        Could use acrylic paint of choice and overlay with a clear vinyl about 70 microns which has a gloss finish. Works a treat !


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          thanks for the advice guys,
          today i stopped into hobby habbit and bought a handful of different coloured tamiya paints (also bought the clear), then on the way home i stopped into sams warehouse and bought a 12 pack acrylic set (couldnt decide lol)

          going to have a play around with them this weekend and see how i go
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            Post some pics of the results. Always good to see how these go and I'm sure it inspires others to have a crack.


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              yeah will do, i'll get some before, during and after pics


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                Acrylic paints are the way to go. If you make a mistake they are easy to remove. Enamels - hard to remove.


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