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  • Emulating everyone else above, what a great way to finish of the Wildball season. Congrats Pat winning the title.

    To Michael and family, everyone that helped host us all once again, thank you. Always a wonderful collection of pinballs to be enjoyed.

    Bring on next season, cheers everyone
    In: Road Show, Bram Stokers Dracula, Star Trek Pro, Batman 66 Prem, Deadpool Pro, Munsters Pro, Getaway, Judge Dredd, Aerosmith Prem
    Out: Baywatch, Tales from the Crypt, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Grand Prix, Johnny Mnemonic, Star Gate, Lord of the Rings


    • Echoing the comments of my WB freinds, what a great way to finish off the year at the mini barn, and a big thanks to Mickleh and family for a great night. Thanks to Cardini, scorers and anyone else who helped out during the year, and a huge thanks to all hosts for making the event an enjoyable and vey social experience.

      Merry Xmas to all WB's should we not catch up prior to Santas arrival.


      • Hi Wildballers,

        Apologies for the delay in getting the final reports to you all.

        I am presently compiling and calibrating numbers into results. I will publish asap for all to see.


        • Hi All,

          Obviously from the accolades of praise already posted all agree Saturday night was a great finish to a wonderful year for the Wildball League - our 7th!

          I cannot thank Mick and Family enough for Saturday nights meet. An amazing night only matched by the wonderful hospitality on show by our hosts. To Warren the cook again you have outdone yourself.

          Another Wildball first with the arrival of Santa with festive seasons wishes to all.

          And so the curtain comes down on another year of Wildball. We visited ten collections during the 2019 year. The results are available throughout this thread.

          Micks collection happens to be the best place to conduct Finals - in fact not one but two final series'.

          Finals for the 3rd Series.
          Our winner is Aaron.
          Runner up - Jayson
          3rd Terry
          4th - Andrew,
          I will submit to IFPA asap.

          The crowning of a 2019 Grand Champion.
          The top 8 qualifiers from each of the three series (by aggregate) came together to decide the Grand Champion for 2019.

          Royal Rumble style - as one player is eliminated the next ranked player enters the fray.

          1st round - The bottom 4 kicked the finals off (Zac, Greg, Jayson and Aaron). The top ranked player Zac selecting 'Spiderman'. and was the first to leave.

          2nd round - Justin enters the tussle and selects' Medieval Madness'.
          Aaron was eliminated.

          3rd Round - Newly engaged Nate enters the ring and selects 'Iron Man'. And Iron Man dispenses with Justin.

          4th Round - Pat is our next player to enter the fold. He selects 'Iron Maiden'. Nate was overpowered by the Irons.

          5th Round Andrew is the next and final player to enter the squared circle. He goes old school and selects 'Sinbad'.
          Jayson is dispensed.

          That leaves three players. Top scorer Pat selects 'White Water' for the next game.
          Greg is narrowly defeated.

          That leaves Pat and Andrew to play off for the title of 2019 Wildball Grand Champion .

          Pat - the leading scorer selects 'Monster Bash' remake.
          in quick time he dispenses Andrew. to claim the Title -2019 Wildball Grand Champion.

          Congratulations to Pat on the win, clearly the most consistent player this year.

          There are a lot of people to thank.
          To the Hosts,
          [MENTION=11926]Pinlinds[/MENTION], @Nasco, [MENTION=10348]Pinoffski[/MENTION], [MENTION=14131]Greg Mcmahon[/MENTION], [MENTION=7493]skids[/MENTION], [MENTION=6655]Audioenslaved[/MENTION], [MENTION=15267]symonz[/MENTION], [MENTION=14271]Pinball_Freak[/MENTION] & [MENTION=15812]mickleh[/MENTION]
          Thank you for allowing us to come into your homes and play your amazing collections. Without you we would not have a league. the quality of the machines on display is second to none! An incredible array of games spoiling the playing group.

          Thanks to the playing group for their camaraderie and good spirits when playing in the tournament during our meets. the playing group grew again with more players coming on board which is great to see.

          I will be starting to shape the 2020 Wildball calendar in December (mindful that the other pinball events are yet to make their mark in the calendar - so the dates might be a little elastic).

          If you have any comments or questions please feel free to post here or PM me.


          • Along with our hosts, thank YOU Andrew for taking the reins and making this all possible for us (BTW, you also hosted this year so thanks for that as well)


            • 1. 2/2/19 - Host [MENTION=11926]Pinlinds[/MENTION] - What a way to kick off Wildball for the year! New host for 2019 and all round good guy Lindsay. A lot of Sydney (and Newcastle and Wollongong) players would have had the privilege of playing Austrojoy machines out on site. Lindsay works very hard to keep all of his sited machines running smoothly (even if that includes a 5 hour road trip to do so!) With a varied selection of games ranging from Fast Draw to Deadpool, and including the very newly released (at the time) Beatles Gold machine, it was a great start to Wildball for 2019. 29 players were able to make it for round 1 with [MENTION=8741]Dedrok[/MENTION] taking out first place with a very consistent run (top 10 place in all games!) I was excited to be playing the ACDC Premium that Lindsay had as I had only recently returned that exact machine to him after reaching Encore on it. I got 8 million

              2. 23/3/19 - Host [MENTION=9859]nasco62[/MENTION] - 32 players made their way to Nascos place for the 2nd round. One of the only, if not THE only round [MENTION=11931]Malone[/MENTION] was able to attend (and dominate) Another awesome collection of machines, but not just the games were the attraction at Darrens place. So much memorabilia scattered around the games room. I love seeing a collection like this one. From Charlies Angels and Roller Disco to a rarely seen machine like Wheel of Fortune. Its great to be able to play machines that you never see on site, as well as the cool ice hockey game that was there! Matt Venables took this round out without getting top score on one machine. His consistency was the key factor here.

              3. 6/4/19 - Host [MENTION=10348]Pinoffski[/MENTION] - Call me crazy but I decided to take the 7 hour round trip to Daves place in Wollongong for the third round of Wildball Dave had his core games in the back games room that were generously added to by local [MENTION=10522]specialharmony[/MENTION] - 31 players travelled south to play a mix of SS and DMD games such as Blackout (a highlight game for me) Lost World, Earthshaker, TOM, CV and Avatar (which I actually enjoyed, only because I played well on it) [MENTION=15763]Aceman[/MENTION] came out victorious at this event. Dave and Michaelle always go to such an effort and this year was no exception. Amazing cooked selection of food for everyone that is hard to beat.

              4. 11/5/19 - Host [MENTION=14131]Greg Mcmahon[/MENTION] - The first round of finals for the year and the fourth stop on the Wildball tour of 2019 landed at Greg and Michelles place. This collection would probably be the types of machines I would get for myself if I ever had the funds or opportunity... Not only do Greg and Michelle have great games in amazing condition, they also go to great lengths to make the night a memorable one for all involved. Lots of home-cooked food, and time and effort involved with putting this on. I for one really appreciate the effort, but guys just getting some pizza would be fine as well [MENTION=14480]Defender[/MENTION] took out the win on Walking Dead Pro and I managed to snag the win for the 6 games qualifying for season 2. I was in the same group as @nomes and witnessed an amazing Do or Die shot on Iron Man that enabled Naiomi to score over 100 million for that game! Nomes also had an amazing game on Deadpool to claim top score there too.

              5. 29/6/19 - Host [MENTION=7493]skids[/MENTION] - 31 players made there way Doonside for an eclectic range of machines - Card Whiz, EBD, Devils Dare, Mata Hari, Blackout and ACDC. Very suprised to see nobody score over 30 million on ACDC. Even after the competition side of things I think I had about 5 games on it and still couldnt break 30m. Pinoffski took the win at this round with a bunch of top 5 finishes and only 1 poor game. Really shows consistency is the key in this type of tournament.

              6. 13/7/19 - Host [MENTION=6655]Audioenslaved[/MENTION] - Probably the coldest round of the year would have been at Nates place. Spent half the time walking over to the bonfire to keep warm between games. Really like the collection Nate has (im glad he got rid of Wrestlemania though) I had an interesting round with 3 top scores and then 3 towards the bottom of the list. Naiomi smashed it this round an wound up in first place. 5 top 5 places from 6 games secures the number 1 spot. Thanks to Nate for cooking up a mean bbq for us all. First time I had played Houdini and found it an interesting game. Not a game you can fully understand straight away but seems like there are some cool shots and rules in there (if you can actually make the tight shots) Still dont like Rob Zombie though...

              7. 3/8/19 - Host [MENTION=421]cardini[/MENTION] - 2nd round finals at cardinis place saw a guest machine brought in by Lindsay (the new Black Knight LE) as well as Andrews Gorgar, Haunted House, Banzai Run, Spiderman (not Stern) and EBD. Andrew took out the 2nd round finals and also the highest qualifier for the night (Naiomi a close 2nd) My worst round of the year I did manage to get some good games in (but only after the qualifying scores were entered)

              8. 14/9/19 - Host [MENTION=15267]symonz[/MENTION] - Sorry I couldnt make it for this Simon. Would have loved to be able to play your collection (except Munsters )

              9. 12/10/19 - Host [MENTION=14271]Pinball_Freak[/MENTION] - Also couldnt make it to Gavins place unfortunately. One of the highlights of 2018 was seeing Gavins amazing collection. Big supporter of Spooky pinball and another pinball manufacturer who will remain nameless.

              10. 16/11/19 - Host [MENTION=15812]mickleh[/MENTION] (Penrith) - Probably my favourite collection of machines. From the front Stern room through to the EM area, to the back garage with the Williams and SS games... Wow. Great place to host a finals. PLenty of variety for all players. Add to this the amazing BBQ and coming home with the trophy for 2019 Wildball champ, couldnt ask for anything more.

              Thanks to everyone who hosts Wildball. It would obviously be nothing without you! Had a great time playing such a large assortment of machines, a lot of them which you never see on site. Hope to be able to see everyone again in 2020.



              • Geez Pat...bloody awesome run down...appreciate the effort...feels like I was there LOL
                Pinball Meets...I love em


                • Again, congratulations Pat on your win for Wildball 2019. The amount of detail you put into the your post really shows how much you appreciated the opportunity to be apart of Wildball, and we all enjoyed having you too. It shows that consistency really does pay off. We love you Pat. [emoji38][emoji38]

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                  Can Play while not spilling the beer.


                  • Right on Wazza.. an exemplar of great pinball talent, sportsmanship, allround top guy who can play Nasco's ice hockey machine and drink beer at the same time...ey Gav
                    Bravo Pat


                    • Nice write up Pat, and well done. Geez, I've really missed Wildball this year.


                      • Great summary of all the meets Pat.
                        Some great games and gameplay displayed in amongst them too. After watching your first ball on iron maiden in the last meet i now realise whats required to be in the top 250 . Wow. I definately have alot of work to do to get to that sort of level. Lol


                        • Thanks for the great write up Pat! Now I'm hanging for WB 2020 to start!!
                          In: Road Show, Bram Stokers Dracula, Star Trek Pro, Batman 66 Prem, Deadpool Pro, Munsters Pro, Getaway, Judge Dredd, Aerosmith Prem
                          Out: Baywatch, Tales from the Crypt, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Grand Prix, Johnny Mnemonic, Star Gate, Lord of the Rings


                          • Nice write up Pat,lot of thought and good memory of everyone's machines. Yes pizza is on the cards for next season.


                            • Fantastic review of the year gone by Pat. WB truly is a fantastic and very diverse range of events during the year, attended by a great bunch of pinheads.

                              Bring on 2020.


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