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    Hopefully I can sleep a bit better tonight than the last two or three. Need to avoid the "stage pit of shame" at all costs.

    At the airport now. See you tomorrow morning


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      I'm settled in, see you in the morning if anyone is bored The Mill has beer!


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        They're live on twitch if you want to support throughout the next 24hrs. Started 9 AM QLD time, finishes 9 AM tomorrow.


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          Does anyone know if there is the new munster there

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            Originally posted by john17a View Post
            Does anyone know if there is the new munster there

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            No Munsters


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              Originally posted by RMacauley View Post
              No Munsters
              Thank Christ it wasn't. Stoked Beatles was there though.


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                Death By Pinball is over for another year brothers and sisters.

                Thank you to everyone who came along and played in the spirit of the event.

                Massive congrats to Gino 'The Monster' Thimios for taking out the win. Gino lead for the entire day often stretching his lead out to 20 points or more. Jon Habovski made a stellar effort to drag the lead back in and with one round to play at around 0730 Gino and Jono were on equal points. Absolutely anything could have happened in that round and was amazing to watch both players.

                Also massive props the the guys from interstate and further regions of QLD who made the effort. Had 8 people playing their 3rd Death By Pinball in a row including Stuart Thornton who has made the trek from Melbroune each year!

                Thanks to everyone who dropped by the stream too to offer their support

                Some quick stats.

                41 starters
                38 finishers
                10 x 1 game rounds completed
                10 x 2 game rounds completed
                10 x 3 game rounds completed
                60 x group matchplay games completed
                24 peak viewers on the stream
                14 hours average stream viewing time
                1 major machine malfunction
                1 broken flipper rubber
                1 zero score on High Hand
                1 broken schooner glass
                1 world record broken (Rob Mac on Lethal Enforcers)
                1 sneaky hidden power nap
                1 destroyer of dreams in Hop Monsters
                41 tired yet smiling players
                363 sleeps until next year



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                  Just got home and I'd hazard a guess I'm pushing 24 hours again right now. Sleep patterns are WAY outta whack.

                  It was a long day. A sometimes strenuous but never stressful experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. Considering I'd already been awake 3 hours when Jimmy let me in a few minutes before 8 I never really felt like pulling the pin or hitting the Stage of Shame. Then to add to my craziness I sleep for 3 hours and go to Pincadia to catch up with John73 and my mate Jase for another 5 or 6 hour session. As they say "you don't have to be mad but it helps."

                  Too many highlights to mention but I'll single out a few.

                  Playing Beatles in the comp and Munsters at Pincadia. I won't see them again for a while and definitely not down here.

                  Actually sticking (almost) to my planned spacing out of beers. Me in a bar for 24 hours and only having 10 beers (give or take 1) is nothing short of a miracle. Made up for it Sunday though.

                  The Lethal Enforcers score. That wasn't planned but I decided to have a game or 2 before start time. I'd set the TG record of 2,074 back in November 2008 at Funspot beating the previous score of 706 set by the ref who watched my game. Hadn't played it since then. It all clicked back into place on my second game and I ended up with 2,300 even. I didn't play in the side comp on it (the power of a free beer) but another interesting stat is that the score Tyson? got to win it (2,1??) would've beaten my old score as well. We'll get a run recorded some time down the track.

                  Would I do it again?

                  Probably. I'm crazy enough


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