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Amusement Worx 2019 SA MASTERS 13-15 September

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  • Originally posted by pinballcreature View Post

    First: Paul Jones QLD


    • Originally posted by nich2pat View Post
      I will fix it straight away. He wins a lot of tournaments in QLD so I just assumed.......


      • Thx to everyone for the compliments, thx to everyone involved in making it happen including the players. I had a really good time, even though it was quite stressful making the calls and keeping things on track.

        The greatest pleasure for me comes from providing a great experience for the players, especially those who sacrificed the time and the coin to come from interstate (so soon after the BM).

        We hope to make next year even better, now that the tournament has such far reaching participation.



        • Originally posted by pinballcreature View Post
          I will fix it straight away. He wins a lot of tournaments in QLD so I just assumed.......
          NSW players need to play interstate because there are not many big comps in NSW.


          • Amity - who organised the scoring roster for the Best Game Card Tournament - asked me to post this:

            I’d like to thank all of those who volunteered with the scoring at the SA Masters over the weekend. The feedback that we’ve received about this has been extremely positive and we couldn’t have had the event run so smoothly without you guys. Everyone knew what was expected of them and some went above and beyond the call of duty. Some of the scorekeepers did scoring outside of the hour that they were scheduled to score during the Best Game Card event, others abandoned their last card to help ensure that the cards were almost all in the system when the qualifying time was over.

            It is highly likely that the event will continue to grow and as the event gets bigger, we will need more and more scorers each year. This year we had 20 people scoring over the weekend, three of whom came from interstate and answered the call when it went out to those outside the SA community. As well as scorekeeping, six of the volunteers also acted as officials for the event. Those who volunteered this year were:

            Gary Regan
            Amity Wells
            George Choimes
            Scottie Taylor
            Matt Owen
            Stephen Vari
            Rob Macauley
            Ronald Opitz
            Greg Siegle
            Lou Martire
            Tom Casey
            John Kleeman
            Darren Bonnett
            Ray Gillett
            Leith Stuart
            Jamie Linke
            Justin Withnell
            Shane Redfern
            Brett Smith

            Thanks again everyone,

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            • Thatís a list of very fine people, thank you!


              • 'Twas a fantastic event. A massive thanks to every one of you that helped bring it to life. A brilliant collection of pins for the three days.


                • The results for all 6 tournaments have now gone off to IFPA

                  Next up is the thank you's.


                  • Results for all 6 tournaments are up on IFPA


                    • Originally posted by RMacauley View Post
                      Results for all 6 tournaments are up on IFPA
                      The interstate contingent did well to take home some WPPR points:
                      70.92 - Paul Jones (NSW)
                      43.15 - Greg Gee (NSW)
                      40.99 - Brett Smith (WA)

                      Paul's is a fair effort considering he didn't compete in 1 of the 6 tourneys.
                      That said, Nicholas Noben (QLD) picked up 35.29 points from just 3 tourneys!

                      A few attendees notched up their 100th career tournaments:
                      105 Matthew Owen (SA)
                      104 Tom Casey (SA)
                      104 Michael Kerylidis (SA)
                      102 Simon Peely (VIC)
                      100 Darren Bonnett (SA)

                      Lou Martire (SA) is on 99, so will be able to "raise the bat" at his next tourney.

                      Noting Simon in the above list, he has racked up this number very quickly (for someone outside of QLD), as he only started playing in comps in March 2018. Simon now sits 10th on the Australian rankings, having picked up plenty of points in a few interstate forays this year to ACT, NSW and QLD ... none of his SA results made his top 20.

                      On the other end of the scale, 3 players made their IFPA tournament debuts over the weekend; Rick Freeman, Wayne Mackay and Eli Coventry.

                      For mine, pinball took a back seat. The highlights over the weekend were; winning at darts with Chris Craft at the Grace Emily Hotel Friday night; the late feed Saturday night with Stuart Thornton & Jamie Linke at the North Adelaide Burger Bar; and dinner Sunday night at the Earl of Leicester with Stu prior to dropping him to the airport.

                      Apart from those highlights, it was great to play in a Masters event again (last was 2 years ago).

                      To reiterate many of the comments so far ... thanks to all those that made the event possible and volunteered to help.
                      Andrew Heitmann
                      0438 302 872


                      • I suck at pinball, but surprisingly fluked a couple of wins with you at darts [MENTION=15897]VON[/MENTION] .

                        I really don't play pinball comp's much anymore as for some reason I always play my worst games....

                        Well maybe that's just my pinball skill normally lol.

                        Anyway, I will always support SA pinball in the big events, and this event was well run, well attended and well played by all


                        • It was great to see you both again, Von & Crafty. You were both there at the start of it all in SA.


                          • Before this thread gets any older, I would like say thanks and well done to everyone that organised the tournament, travelled from interstate, donated their pinball machines, officiated, volunteered, sponsored the event and local participants....... Bravo!

                            Congrats to Brett Smith WAAAA for taking out the 2019 SA Master, well deserved!

                            In regards to the 3 day event, I thought it ran smoothly, were plenty of smiles and call outs (Greg G 'YOU IDIOT' haha), enough room to move about which is key in my opinion, layout of the pinball machines was good (a little tight in a couple of spots) overall thumbs up!

                            To Pat and PJ It was a pleasure hosting you blokes and it was no trouble at all cooking breakfast etc. 70 WPPR points, well done PJ, super skills and awesome effort! Pat, you're an easy one mate, bacon and peanut butter. Well played and congrats on finishing second btw next time i'm at the bakery i'll try the chicken parmy pie!



                            • From the IFPA website:

                              Biggest Movers:
                              Brett Smith (+32,933 spots)

                              That's one hell of a rankings increase


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