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2019 Timezone Cooly Classic


International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) is the International organisation which oversees and endorses competitive pinball throughout the world. All players who compete in an IFPA endorsed event have their placing ranked on the World Pinball Players Ranking List (WPPR).

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    [QLD] - 2019 Timezone Cooly Classic


    Welcome to the 3rd annual Cooly Classic, presented by Timezone Coolangatta. This year's event also sees the reuturn of the 3rd annual Australian Women's Championship.

    Jamin, Hollie and I are once again proud to host this event and look forward to seeing everyone on the Gold Coast in May.

    Timezone Coolangatta - 72-80 Marine Pde, Coolangatta, QLD, 4255.

    Friday 24th May:
    12pm-8.30pm - Herb style 'Warm Up' event
    9pm - Warm Up event finals
    All day - Australian Women's Championship Qualifying

    Saturday 25th May:
    10am - Cooly Classic Matchplay (5 rounds)
    7pm - 3 Strikes Comp
    All day - Australian Women's Championship Qualifying

    Sunday 26th May:
    10am - Cooly Classic & Australian Women's Finals
    2.30pm - 3-hour Flip Frenzy

    Details for each format can be found in the following post below:
    2019 Timezone Cooly Classic - Aussie Arcade

    Tournament entry fees:
    *Cooly Warm Up - $30 (can register and pay on the day or pre-register and pay before if you wish)
    *Cooly Classic - $50
    *Australian Women's Championship - $20
    *Cooly 3 Strikes - $20
    *Cooly Flip Frenzy - $25

    Players MUST pre-register and pay for any event listed, except for the Warm Up herb tournament. There will be no 'all-in' or early bird specials.

    Flip Frenzy event will be capped at 60 PAID players, however may be reviewed depending on available machines.

    Bank details:
    It would greatly help if players pre-register for any event via the tournament director emails, via Aussie Arcade PM, Facebook, or in person.

    Bank: ANZ
    BSB: 014-555
    Acc No.: 3084 97906
    Name: Hollie S Mills

    Please quote your name in the reference when making a transfer. We would also suggest to let us know that you have made payment as well so we can confirm when received.
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    Thanks for giving us advance notice Lambo.
    Look'n forward to it already!


      January just gone only saw two pinballs?

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        The Ocean Plaza Resort have already given us a great offer for the Cooly Classic in May.

        Rooms available are as follows:
        3 bedroom apartment (6 beds), 2 night stay
        3 bedroom apartment (6 beds), 3 night stay

        2 bedroom apartment (4 beds), 2 night stay
        2 bedroom apartment (4 beds), 3 night stay

        Whether you bring the family, or stay as a group, beds start as low as $50 per night, and the resort is in the same building as Timezone.

        Please PM me for deal info and/or contact information for the Ocean Plaza Resort.

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          Tournament formats:

          COOLY WARM UP
          Friday 24th May, 2019

          Qualifying 12pm - 8.30pm
          Finals from 9pm

          Tournament fee: $30 per person

          This will be a Herb Qualifying event.​

          - Players will play a total of 15 games from a bank of around 20-25 different machines, with all scores to count towards qualifying score.​
          - Players choose any of the games to play, and no machine may be played more than once.
          - Players must notify a scoring official and nominate their machine before starting a game, otherwise they will end up with a score of zero for that game.
          - All games are to be played as single player only.​
          - The linear points scoring system for each machine will be used (100,99,98...etc).
          - The Top 16 players will advance to a Head to Head Strikes final.​
          - Ties for any placings in the Top 16 (except 16th place) will be broken by the player with the highest individual game points score (ie. 100 points).​
          - Ties for 16th place will be broken by a single game playoff on a machine to be drawn at random.​

          - Finals will kick off at 9pm Friday 24th May.​
          - Top 16 players will be allocated 'lives' according to their qualifying position as follows:​
          1st-2nd - 5 lives​
          3rd-6th - 4 lives​
          7th-10th - 3 lives​
          11th-16th - 2 lives​
          - Matchplay software will allocate matchups, machines and play order.​
          - Players who lose their matches will gain a strike. Once they have lost all lives, they are eliminated from finals.​
          - The last remaining player will be declared the winner.


          Qualifying: Saturday 25th May from 10am
          Finals: Sunday 26th May from 10am

          Tournament fee: $50

          This a Group Matchplay Format

          * All qualifiers will be placed into groups of 4 chosen at random (4 player games)
          * Each group will be assigned 3 games at random and will be using the PAPA points system (4/2/1/0) for each game.

          * There will be a total of 5 qualifying rounds (15 games per player). After each round, new groupings will be selected, according to points earned in the tournament to date
          * Second & subsequent rounds will be based on Swiss format (Players will be paired against players with the same win-loss record. No attempts will be made to pair players against previously unfaced opponents (adjacent pairing is used)).

          * All games will be played as a 4-player game (unless machine is unable to allow it and/or notified otherwise by a Tournament Director).
          * Matchplay software will allocate the games and order for each match. Ties for any placings in the Top 16 will be determined by the number of 1st place finishes, then by 2nd place finishes, then by a single game playoff (if required).

          * Finals will be played via a 4-player group elimination bracket. Each round will be contested as a 3 game series, using the PAPA points system (4/2/1/0).
          * Matchplay will allocate machine choices for all matches throughout the finals.
          * Groups will be determined using the Slaughter method. In all instances, the Top 2 players in each group will advance to the next round. A single game playoff on a machine allocated by Matchplay will be used to break any ties.

          Quarter Finals:
          * 16 players in 4 groups of 4, using 'Slaughter' method.
          * Top 2 players in each group on points will advance to the Semi finals. A single game playoff will be used to break ties, on a machine to be allocated by the Matchplay software.

          Semi Finals:
          * 8 players in 2 groups of 4, again using 'Slaughter' method.
          * Top 2 players in each group on points will advance to the Grand Final. A single game playoff will be used to break ties, on a machine to be allocated by the Matchplay software.

          Grand Final:
          * The 4 remaining players will play a final 3-game series, with the same points allocation as above, to determine the tournament winner.

          There will be loads of cash & prizes up for grabs for the Cooly Classic, including trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, among others.


          Qualifying: Friday 24th May from 10am until end of Saturday 25th May.
          Finals: Sunday 26th May from 10am

          Tournament fee: $20

          This a Herb Qualifying event.

          Players will be able to pre-register or register anytime before 6pm Saturday evening
          Qualifying is open from 12pm Friday until the end of the 3-strikes tournament Saturday night. There will be no cap on the number of players in the event.

          * All players will play 8 games, with scoring on each machine to be ranked highest to lowest.
          * Any player wishing to play a qualifying game must notify an official or scorer prior to playing their game, and then have their score checked upon completion of that game.
          * Points will be awarded for each game 100/99/98... etc.
          * The top 8 points winners will advance to the finals.
          * Ties for any placing in the Top 8 will be broken by the highest individual point score on a qualifying game, with the exception of 8th place, which will be broken by a single game playoff on a machine chosen at random.

          * Finals will take place on Sunday 26th May after the last remaining female player has been eliminated from the Cooly Classic.
          * Highest available seed will play against the lowest available seed in all cases in a best-of-3 game head to head elimination match.
          * Highest seed in each match receives a choice of 2 machines to play in their match, with the lowest seed choosing 1. Highest seed gets to choose which machine to play first.
          * The last remaining player after 3 rounds of finals will be declared the 2019 Australian Women's Champion.


          COOLY 3-STRIKE
          Saturday 25th May, 7pm

          Tournament Entry Fee: $20

          Tournament format details:​
          - Players will be placed into groups of 3 or 4 at random each round using ​
          - The software will allocate order of play and machine choice for each match.​
          - Only the 3rd & 4th place players in each match will receive a strike.​
          - The last remaining player will be declared the winner.​


          Sunday 26th May, 2019​

          Tournament times: 2.30pm-5.30pm

          Tournament fee: $25​

          - First, each machine is randomly assigned two players. The remaining players are placed in one central queue​

          When a match is completed:​
          - In all cases, the winner returns to the tournament director or scorer to record result​.
          - the loser stays on the machine they just played, unless he/she has lost twice consecutively, in which case the winner stays on​
          - the other players goes to the rear of the queue​
          - the player staying on the machine moves to the player 2 position​
          - the player at the front of the queue moves up to compete against the player staying on the machine​

          - At the end of 3 hours no more games may start. Ties will be broken by the most wins.​

          - Extra balls and ball saves turned off where possible​

          - All rulings and malfunctions will be based on the rules for the IFPA World Pinball Championship​

          **PLEASE NOTE - In the event that this event ends up starting late, we may take off some time to allow for interstate players to make flights, etc on time.**

          It is yet to be determined if we will be using the Netherworld or Matchplay software for this event.
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              ENTRY LISTING AS AT 22/5/2019:

              Cooly Classic:
              1. Lambo (Paid + Fri)
              2. Zac Veron (Paid + Fri)
              3. Nicolas Noben (Paid + Fri)
              4. Thibaut Allender (Paid)
              5. David Stavleu (Paid + Fri)
              6. Michi Henning (Paid + Fri)
              7. Lisa Conroy
              8. Curtis Sahariv (Paid + Fri)
              9. Travis Johnson (Paid + Fri)
              10. Dan Olejniczak (Paid + Fri)
              11. Pat Nichols (Paid + Fri)
              12. Aaron Crichton
              13. Logan Jones (Paid + Fri)
              14. Paul Jones (Paid + Fri)
              15. Adam Vesly
              16. Hollie Mills (Paid + Fri)
              17. Luke French (Paid + Fri)
              18. Julian Stavleu (Paid + Fri)
              19. Andre Thomson (Paid + Fri)
              20. Stuart McLean (Paid + Fri)
              21. Michael Saunders (Paid)
              22. Belinda Clissold (Paid + Fri)
              23. Daniel Stachowicz (Paid + Fri)
              24. [MENTION=10428]Sgtmax[/MENTION]
              25. Warren Beetham (Paid + Fri)
              26. Roland Kaegi (Paid + Fri)
              27. Grant Quinn (Paid + Fri)
              28. Michael Costalos (Paid)
              29. Ted Woods (Paid + Fri)
              30. Betz Earl (Paid + Fri)
              31. Gavin Drogemuller (Paid)
              32. Russell Dagger
              33. Anthony Benger (Paid)
              34. Kerrie McAloney (Paid + Fri)
              35. Matthew Hetherington (Paid + Fri)
              36. Emily Cosson (Paid)
              37. John Cosson (Paid)
              38. Paul Carter (Paid + Fri)
              39. Travis Bishop (Paid + Fri)
              40. Jasen Mouritsen (Paid)
              41. Carlin Jackson (Paid + Fri)
              42. Tony Woods (Paid + Fri)
              43. William Gill (Paid + Fri)
              44. Simon Baird
              45. Peter Watt
              46. Sarah Bishop (Paid)
              47. Kim Dozier
              48. Charlie Sykes
              49. Raymond Yee
              50. Zack Foster (Paid + Fri)
              51. Mike Pascale (Paid + Fri)
              52. Ben Piercy
              53. Shane Redfern
              54. Rob Burnes
              55. Rhys McHale (Paid)
              56. Steve Bruce (Paid)
              57. Geoff Wills (Paid + Fri)
              58. Vicki Wills (Paid + Fri)
              59. Sean Wilkinson
              60. Scott Piper
              61. Paul Phillips
              62. Tim Walle
              63. Kelly Buxton
              64. Greg Gee (Paid + Fri)
              65. Craig Smith
              66. Gino Thimios (Paid)
              67. Kris Anderson
              68. Greg Field
              69. Anthony Agius (Paid)
              70. Wes Fleiner (Paid + Fri)
              71. Joe Wade (Paid)
              72. Michael Cannon (Paid)
              73. Andrew Ferguson (Paid + Fri)
              74. Tony Cowley (Paid)
              75. Nathan Brant

              Australian Women's Championship:
              1. Lisa Conroy
              2. Catherine Nichols (Paid)
              3. Hollie Mills (Paid)
              4. Kerrie McAloney (Paid)
              5. Belinda Clissold (Paid)
              6. Betz Earl (Paid)
              7. Vicki Wills (Paid)
              8. Emily Cosson (Paid)
              9. Kris Mouritsen (Paid)
              10. Sarah Bishop (Paid)
              11. Danielle Jones (Paid)
              12. Kerri Collins

              3 Strikes:
              1. Lambo (Paid)
              2. Zac Veron (Paid)
              3. Nicolas Noben (Paid)
              4. Thibaut Allender (Paid)
              5. David Stavleu (Paid)
              6. Michi Henning (Paid)
              7. Lisa Conroy
              8. Curtis Sahariv (Paid)
              9. Travis Johnson (Paid)
              10. Dan Olejniczak (Paid)
              11. Pat Nichols (Paid)
              12. Aaron Crichton
              13. Logan Jones (Paid)
              14. Paul Jones (Paid)
              15. Gino Thimios (Paid)
              16. Hollie Mills (Paid)
              17. Luke French (Paid)
              18. Julian Stavleu (Paid)
              19. Kerrie McAloney (Paid)
              20. Andre Thomson (Paid)
              21. Stuart McLean (Paid)
              22. Michael Saunders (Paid)
              23. Michael Costalos (Paid)
              24. Belinda Clissold (Paid)
              25. Daniel Stachowicz (Paid)
              26. Roland Kaegi (Paid)
              27. Warren Beetham (Paid)
              28. Grant Quinn (Paid)
              29. Ted Woods (Paid)
              30. Betz Earl (Paid)
              31. Nathan Brant
              32. Russell Dagger
              33. Matthew Hetherington (Paid)
              34. Emily Cosson (Paid)
              35. John Cosson (Paid)
              36. Paul Carter (Paid)
              37. Travis Bishop (Paid)
              38. Carlin Jackson (Paid)
              39. Tony Woods (Paid)
              40. William Gill (Paid)
              41. Simon Baird
              42. Peter Watt
              43. Kim Dozier
              44. Charlie Sykes
              45. Raymond Yee
              46. Zack Foster
              47. Sarah Bishop (Paid)
              48. Mike Pascale (Paid)
              49. Ben Piercy
              50. Shane Redfern
              51. Rob Burnes
              52. Rhys McHale (Paid)
              53. Sean Wilkinson
              54. Scott Piper
              55. Tim Walle
              56. Kelly Buxton
              57. Greg Gee
              58. Adam Vesly
              59. Kris Anderson
              60. Greg Field
              61. Wes Fleiner (Paid)
              62. Vicki Wills (Paid)
              63. Geoff Wills (Paid)
              64. Michael Cannon (Paid)
              65. Andrew Ferguson (Paid)

              Flip Frenzy: (Max. 60 entries at this stage)
              1. Lambo (Paid)
              2. Zac Veron (Paid)
              3. Nicolas Noben (Paid)
              4. Thibaut Allender (Paid)
              5. Jonathan Chabowski
              6. David Stavleu (Paid)
              7. Michi Henning (Paid)
              8. Lisa Conroy
              9. Curtis Sahariv (Paid)
              10. Travis Johnson (Paid)
              11. Dan Olejniczak (Paid)
              12. Pat Nichols (Paid)
              13. Aaron Crichton
              14. Logan Jones
              15. Paul Jones (Paid)
              16. Hollie Mills (Paid)
              17. Luke French (Paid)
              18. Julian Stavleu (Paid)
              19. Kerrie McAloney (Paid)
              20. Andre Thomson (Paid)
              21. Stuart McLean (Paid)
              22. Michael Saunders (Paid)
              23. Michael Costalos (Paid)
              24. Belinda Clissold (Paid)
              25. Daniel Stachowicz (Paid)
              26. Warren Beetham (Paid)
              27. Roland Kaegi (Paid)
              28. Ted Woods (Paid)
              29. Betz Earl (Paid)
              30. Kris Anderson
              31. Anthony Benger (Paid)
              32. Matthew Hetherington (Paid)
              33. Emily Cosson (Paid)
              34. John Cosson (Paid)
              35. Paul Carter (Paid)
              36. Carlin Jackson (Paid)
              37. Tony Woods (Paid)
              38. William Gill (Paid)
              39. Simon Baird
              40. Peter Watt
              41. Kim Dozier
              42. Charlie Sykes
              43. Raymond Yee
              44. Mike Pascale (Paid)
              45. Ben Piercy
              46. Shane Redfern
              47. Rob Burnes
              48. Emily Smith (Paid + Fri)
              49. Scott Piper
              50. Tim Walle
              51. Kelly Buxton
              52. Greg Gee (Paid)
              53. Andrew Ferguson (Paid)
              54. Wes Fleiner (Paid)
              55. Michael Cannon (Paid)
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                Nice updated schedule Lambo. Good to see the Frenzy sneaking in there.

                Please put me down for:

                Cooly Classic
                3 Strikes
                Flip Frenzy


                  In for all (besides the ladies event), and happy to help with scoring.
                  Last edited by Nicolas Noben; 1 February 2019, 09:58 AM. Reason: couldn't make up my mind about Friday




                      I'm confused how after a few suggestions last year were made regarding the timing of the women's comp that it has been made in what seems to be a more difficult time for them to compete in both. So how will both competitions work with both on at the same time, and what steps will be taken to ensure they both do work?

                      Anyway, count me in for the Classic and Frenzy. Will see accommodation costs for the rest.
                      Last edited by Saintsmaen; 1 February 2019, 12:29 PM. Reason: Hi Thaibutt!


                        NOT HAVING A WINGE
                        MAYBE I AM
                        I thought that I had already replied to say I am in?
                        Is there another bloody thread?
                        Have booked accommodation elsewhere as the quoted price worked out at $130 per sleep
                        Where did I reply last time?
                        This forum can be very confusing at times.
                        Either way I am in for all events and will wear a dress if I can play with the girls? lol


                          Please count in me for the lot.

                          May the pinballs tumble in your direction!


                            Clothes just like colours, do not indicate gender. Pretty accepting group though I reckon so if you want to wear a dress for comfort I reckon you should feel free to do so.


                              Updated info in the first post of this thread, including a link to all format information. 3 strikes and Women's comp info coming soon.


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