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Southern Hemisphere Pinball Championships - Sponsored by Hallertau Beer!


International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) is the International organisation which oversees and endorses competitive pinball throughout the world. All players who compete in an IFPA endorsed event have their placing ranked on the World Pinball Players Ranking List (WPPR).

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  • Southern Hemisphere Pinball Championships - Sponsored by Hallertau Beer!

    20/08 Update: I'm pleased to announce that Hallertau, one of NZ's leading brewers, is coming on board as the principle sponsor of the Southern Hemisphere Pinball Championships.

    More details of the sponsorship will be announced next week.

    Thanks to Hallertau for their generous sponsorship!

    Press Release

    IFPA Australia and IFPA New Zealand announce the launch of what we hope will become the biggest pinball tournament series ever seen "down under" ...

    The Southern Hemisphere Pinball Championships

    The top pinball players from Australia and New Zealand will gather to battle for pinball supremacy. Players from around the globe are also invited to attend.

    This event will alternate annually between Auckland, New Zealand, and Sydney, Australia, and be run in the month of October.

    The inaugural event will be held at the RD Arcade, located south of Auckland, and run over 2 1/2 days, starting on Friday the 19th of October, 2018 (Labour Weekend in NZ)

    There will be 3 large tournaments (edit: now 4!) run over the weekend, culminating in the main Southern Hemisphere Pinball Championship.

    These events will rival some of the larger competitive pinball competitions on the planet, and are an awesome opportunity for local players to experience competitive pinball at the highest level.

    All queries can be directed to:
    NZ: David Peck
    AUSTRALIA: Dan Robar

    - - - Updated - - -

    This is something I have been thinking about for a while.

    Its been my (and Dans) desire to hold a "major" pinball event down under for some years.

    Dan has always held hopes of us holding the IFPA World Championship, and there has been some discussions about having it at my place in Pukekohe.

    However, Josh (and I agree with him) feels that most top players won't make the expensive trip to play in the comp. I concur ... you'd get a few, but the vast majority would not come.

    Sooooooooo .... We decided to make our own MAJOR EVENT!

    As stated above, the event will alternate between Pukekohe and Sydney (to be held in a yet un-named venue, but planning is well underway)

    What I wanted to do is to give you all a big heads up that this will be on ... and there will be some major WHOPPERS up for grabs over the weekend.

    Cost for the event is $60 NZD - or if you feel generous, $60 AUD - to cover costs, trophies etc. Thats a cheap weekend of top class pinball!

    SECOND OPTION: Had a couple of kiwis who just wanted to come for Sunday 3 Strike and Belles and Chimes. So no problems, $25 entry covers Sunday only.

    Aussies - my paypal is “Friends and family” payment appreciated.
    Kiwis - my bank account is on the email you should have received.


    CAPPED AT 100 PLAYERS MAX! Get in quick or you may miss out.

    Competitions will be held on my collection of approx 110 machines - from 1970 - 2018 models.

    As those who have attended Pincade know, my arcade is around 3 minutes outside Pukekohe, where there are a number of motels and accommodation options.

    As the event is being held over NZ Labour weekend (Long weekend with Monday as the holiday day) I would suggest committing ASAP and booking rooms ... maybe book rooms together as you do with Pincade.

    Flights: You can fly in Thursday night or Friday AM. I would suggest the first comp will kick off Friday afternoon around 4-5pm. The event should be finished by 9pm Sunday night (to be safe) so theres the possibility of getting the last plane back to Aussie Sunday. Or go Monday and have some beers instead!

    FYI My house is around 30 - 40 mins from the airport (40 to be safe)

    I run a pretty tight ship (no f**king off down the chippy when I'm running the comp!!) so things should go to schedule.

    If you all can confirm attendance up here (or via email ..) I will keep a list of attendees.



    FRIDAY 19TH: Doors open 5pm. Flip Frenzy starts 6pm sharp, to be run by Dan Robar. Should be finished 10pm. Doors close 11pm.

    SATURDAY 20TH: Doors open 9am. Main Comp starts at 9:30 sharp ... 6 rounds of Pinburgh style qualifying (banks of 3 pins, New, Mid, Old) with 3,2,1,0 scoring per round.
    Top 32 playoffs will commence at the end of the 6th round, and continue to 10-11pm when competitive play will end for the night
    Playoff format: Top qualifiers will have a bye .... Other players will battle in 4 player groups on a bank of 3 pins chosen by the top seed. Top 2 players progress.

    SUNDAY 21ST:
    Doors open 9am. Playoffs continue from 9:30am sharp. At the conclusion of the Main Comp, a 3 strike comp will commence (no earlier than 1pm). Danni will run a Belles and Chimes Woman’s Comp from approximately 7pm onwards (not before 7pm)
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    Entrants List: (marked as PAID when entry fee is received)

    1: Paul McKnight - paid
    2: Alex Knewstubb - paid
    3: David Peck - paid
    4: Danielle Peck - paid
    5: Fiona Peck - paid
    6: Carter Holloway - paid
    7: Adam Corner - paid
    8: Lynda Corner - paid
    9: Hamish Guthrie - paid
    10: Esther Ahronheim
    11: Roland Kaegi - paid
    13: Dan Robar - paid
    14: Brett Goodwin - paid
    15: Naiomi Goodwin - paid
    16: Tim Fulton - paid
    17: Aiden Kersley - paid
    18: Grant Stephens
    20: Mike Davidson - paid
    21: Ross Meijer - paid
    22: Ted Woods - paid
    23: William Gill - paid
    24: BJ Wilson - paid
    25: Julia Damrow - paid
    26: Kim Dozier - paid
    27: Lisa Conroy - paid
    28: Mike Fowles - paid
    29: Charlie Sykes - paid
    30: Warwick Armstrong - paid
    31: George Davidson - paid
    32: James Chisholm - paid
    33: Jaron Gaylard - paid
    34: Steve Vassiliadis - paid
    35: David Gifford-Moore - paid
    36: Karre Butler - paid
    37: Garrick Laing - paid
    38: Simon Haxton - paid
    39: Michael Costalos
    40: Samantha Hope - paid
    41: Matt Harris - paid
    42: Dallas Russ - paid
    43: David Rhoades - paid
    44: Karen Edwards - paid
    45: Bruce Cathie - paid
    46: Brent Buchanan - paid
    47: Alana King - paid
    48: Drew Castle - paid
    49: Kristin Castle - paid
    50. Vince Lumbers - paid
    51: Tim Walle - paid
    52: Kelly Buxton - paid
    53: Hugh Dickson - paid
    54: John Devine - paid
    55. Tim Chapman - paid
    56: Jason Hoseason - paid
    57: Greg Gee - paid
    59: Lewis Tennant - paid
    60: Josh Wyatt - paid
    61: Ricky Stephens - paid
    62: Shannon Mason - paid
    63: Oliver Smart - paid
    64: Ian Benjamin - paid
    65: Andrew Barrow - paid
    66: Chrysanthe Psychogios - paid
    67: Peter Menzel - paid
    68: Mark Jacobson - paid
    69: Daryl Purdie - paid
    70: Stephen Lukey - paid
    71: John Maughn - paid
    72: Lauren Rosser - paid
    74: Scott Harvey - paid
    75: Brett Peters - paid
    76: Ryan Stillwell - paid
    77: Duncan Booth - paid
    78: Raymond Yee - paid
    79: Adam Vesly
    80: Kalt Ley

    Sunday only: (3 strike and Belles and Chimes). $25 Entry.
    1: David Holender - paid
    2: Meghan Holender - paid
    3: Nicks Figures - paid
    4: Justine Dillon - paid
    5: Lincoln Holloway - free
    6: Ashley Hendry
    7: Alodia Burke
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      I was just looking for another excuse to come visit New Zealand, since my 5 hour Auckland layover on the way back from Cooly didn't really satisfy me. (But it did qualify me for ALL the extra US security screenings since i had the audacity to leave the airport to dine with friends during that 5 hours. Whee!)
      Count me in!

      There, now it's Global!


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        Whhooooooo! We’re going international!



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          Put me down as a yes for now. Any excuse to come over is a good one. I may have to pull out later on but I'd rather do that than not get on the list at all. I'll know for sure after Brisbane.


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            Sounds great. Please put me down as well


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                Thanks everyone for the PMs, emails and posts.

                29 committed attendees already, which is sweet. Everyone has been sent payment info, just waiting for those to come through so they can be marked as paid.

                What we are looking for is confirmed entries ... paid up commitments to attend.

                I’m going to be putting 100s of hours into preparing 25 banks of pins for 100 players, so ideally I want to know 100 people are actually coming.

                This is a change for us Kiwis, as generally nobody ever commits to anything ahead of time, and people just show up (or not) on the day.

                This event is more how events are run everywhere else on the planet lol

                Pinburgh sold out in 15 seconds ... we won’t beat that but it’d be cool to have all 100 entries spoken for in the next week or two.

                I’ve updated the first post with my PayPal for the Aussies - “Friends and Family” payment appreciated.

                Kiwis - my bank account is on the email you should have received on Friday.



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                  ACCOMODATION OPTIONS

                  Just found out that there is a large Hockey tournament in Pukekohe on the same weekend.

                  So you’d want to get some accommodation sorted if you want to be close by.

                  Other options-

                  1/ I have arranged 3x double bedroom rooms at a bed and breakfast around 10-15 minutes from my house.
                  Would suit couples, no drinking, non smoking. Special deal of $100 per room per night. 3 rooms available. Email me for details.

                  2/ Touchwood Hotel in Pukekohe has 4x rooms left (rest are going to hockey teams)
                  3x rooms with king bed $139 per night - shower, kitchenette with microwave.
                  1x room with king bed, full kitchen and sexy spa bath lol. $159 a night.
                  Email them ASAP if you want them or they will be gone.
         or +64 9 2387205

                  3/ another option is campervans. I am open to having them parked here, but they must have their own showers/toilets as my septic tanks can’t handle 20 people having showers every day.
                  The one with a shower is only $75 bucks a day.
                  Be aware that these are pretty budget but they’ll work for 3-4 days.
                  And you’d need to rent a car anyway, so it kills 2 birds with one stone.
                  Pickup is right at the airport - shuttles run to the Jucy depot.

                  Some more Camper options:




         (there are other 'berths' on this website, too!)

                  Be aware: I have been told that the security deposit for a camper is like $1-2000 so be aware that you’d need to have that headroom available on your credit card. Just confirm that when you make a booking as that was just something I was told second hand.

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                    Count me in as a YES as well.

                    Sounds fantastic!

                    Michael Costalos


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                      A yes for Emily and I please.

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                          That sounds like a good plan We will have to fly out monday morning so that would be a bit tricky.


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                            RIGHT! Belles and Chimes event added, Sunday after the 3 strike Comp finishes. 7pm provisional start time (Comp will not start before 7pm)



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                              The Home Grown Food Truck is secured for Saturday and Sunday!

                              Catering - sorted!



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