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International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) is the International organisation which oversees and endorses competitive pinball throughout the world. All players who compete in an IFPA endorsed event have their placing ranked on the World Pinball Players Ranking List (WPPR).

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  • We are at Netherworld tonight. Qualifying opens from 4pm, with all games to be completed by 9pm.

    $15 entry, 10 games qualifying, qualify at your own leisure. We will be using the Matchplay queuing system.

    All players are welcome, new players encourages to join. Bring a friend promo is still in place - PM me for all the details.


    • Top 8 from tonight's meet:

      1st - Gino Thimios
      2nd - Tyson Hargreaves
      3rd - Jason Lambert
      4th - John Scolaro
      5th - Nicolas Noben
      6th - Doivid Clarke
      7th - Chris Jennings
      8th - Daniel Stachowicz

      Don't forget there is still Benny's Fair Strikes on Friday Night and 5-strike Non-Sternament on Saturday this week. Contact John Cosson for all the info.


      • We're back tonight! Netherworld, 4pm-9pm qualifying, $15 entry.
        All players are welcome, new players encouraged to join. Bring a friend promo is still in place - PM me for all the details.

        Awards won from last fortnight:
        * Top qualifier (Netherworld voucher) - Gino Thimios
        * Random draw (Netherworld voucher) - Tony Kourakis
        * Random draw (T-Shirt) - Derek Broadfoot
        * Random draw (Free Entry) - Lucy Wilson


        • thanks for the really fun night


          • Top 4 from last fortnight's BPC event:

            1st - Gino Thimios
            2nd - Jimmy Nails
            3rd - Tony Woods
            4th - Lambo

            Top qualifier (Netherworld voucher) - Michael Saunders
            Random draw (Voucher) - Nick Panitz
            Random draw (T-shirt) - Leanne Saunders
            Random draw (Free BPC entry) - Daniel Bragg

            I will also be bringing along any BPC placegetter trophies for those still outstanding... Travis, Dirk, Matthew

            I will also have with me the exclusive BPC "100 Point Club" badges with thanks to Netherworld. These are available to anyone who has scored a Top score on any qualifying game during a BPC meet at Netherworld. These can also be collected from me during the night tonight if you haven't done so already. There's also more up for grabs tonight if you achieve the fest for the first time tonight.

            See you there!


            • Tonight is the final BPC tournament for 2019 at Netherworld. Everything is the same as normal....
              $15 entry, qualifying is open from 4pm-9pm, Top 16 finals.

              Next fortnight will be the annual BPC Christmas Party, also at Netherworld. Tuesday December 17th. Year end awards, some pinball and some great fun. All are welcome to attend, full details will be released soon.

              See you tonight!


              • Dates for 2020 BPC meets are below. Will update these on the first page early in the New Year.

                Tuesday 21st January, 2020
                Tuesday 4th February, 2020
                Tuesday 18th February, 2020
                Tuesday 3rd March, 2020
                Tuesday 17th March, 2020
                Tuesday 31st March, 2020
                Tuesday 14th April, 2020
                Tuesday 28th April, 2020
                Tuesday 12th May, 2020
                Tuesday 26th May, 2020
                Tuesday 9th June, 2020
                Tuesday 23rd June, 2020
                Tuesday 7th July, 2020
                Tuesday 21st July, 2020
                Monday 3rd August, 2020 (BPAC edition)
                Tuesday 18th August, 2020
                Tuesday 1st September, 2020
                Tuesday 15th September, 2020
                Tuesday 29th September, 2020
                Tuesday 13th October, 2020
                Tuesday 27th October, 2020
                Tuesday 10th November, 2020
                Tuesday 24th November, 2020
                Tuesday, 8th December, 2020

                Spent a fair bit of time trying to look at possible tweaks to the finals format in 2020.
                The only change will be that finals will be being run on Matchplay. This will change the way matches are put together throughout the rounds. Format still remains the same.
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                • Just one more sleep until the final BPC meet of the year. It's a BPC Christmas party at Netherworld to finish off the year.
                  We will kick off at 7pm with a social Stall Ball 3-strike event, along with some end of year awards. Just $10 entry and everyone is welcome to join.

                  All players wishing to play register by 7pm. Players will be sorted into groups of 4 and the object of the game is to 'stall' the ball in a scoop or kickout hole. Once you 'stall' the ball, you hop off the machine, while the next player takes over. You are eliminated from your match if you lose or tilt the ball in play.

                  The first 2 players to lose the ball in play will assume a strike. You are eliminated from the event once you have received 3 strikes.

                  All extra little bits of info, such as how to determine the machines, order of play, what constitutes a stall, etc. will be revealed tomorrow night.

                  BPC AWARDS:
                  Who will win the annual BPC End Of Year awards? What will be available to win?
                  Some of the categories include Club MVP, Most Improved Player, Best Female Player, Best Dressed in Christmas Theme and more!

                  Come along tomorrow night to check it out!

                  Oh yeah, don't forget to dress up!!


                  • BPC 2019 has now come to a close following an awesome Christmas Party and year-end awards night at Netherworld last night.

                    It was a great sight to see so many of our wonderful BPC players in attendance to enjoy and reflect back on a huge 2019.

                    Congratulations to the following award winners from last night:

                    * Perfect Attendance (24 meets): Michael Saunders & Daniel Stachowicz
                    * Rookie of the Year: John Scolaro
                    * Most Consistent Player: Grant Quinn
                    * Most Improved Player: Rhys McHale
                    * Female Player of the Year: Belinda Clissold
                    * Encouragement Award: Kerrie McAloney & Kris R Anderson
                    * Club MVP: Gino Thimios

                    Novelty/fun awards:

                    * Most entertaining / In the 'Nic' of time award: Nicolas Noben
                    * Pinball 'Wizard' award: Scott Piper
                    * Best Beard award: (selected by fan vote): Scott Barber
                    * Best Dressed in Xmas theme: David Stavleu
                    * Cutest Couple award: Tyson Hargreaves & Lucy Wilson

                    Stall Ball results:

                    Round 1:
                    1st - Tyson Hargreaves
                    2nd - Aaron Lambert
                    3rd - Rob Burnes
                    4th - Gino Thimios & David Stavleu

                    Round 2:
                    1st - Grant Quinn
                    2nd - Jimmy Nails
                    3rd - David Clarke & Jason Lambert

                    There were also a number of thank yous that need to be mentioned once again:

                    * Scorers - Jared Morgan, Aaron Lambert, Scott Piper, Thibaut Allender, Nicolas Noben, Jimmy Nails, Joe Wade (and I'm sure others that I've forgotten too). You guys have helped the BPC events run so smoothly every fortnight, and couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.
                    * Thibaut - Thank you for collating and providing all the data from each BPC meet. This helped greatly when it came to deciding on the awards.
                    * Netherworld Tech staff - Hugh Dickson & David James. The machines at Netherworld cop an absolute beating every week, and these 2 do a magnificent job in getting them ready each fortnight for us. Legends!!
                    * Benjamin and all of the Netherworld crew - What a wonderful venue to run these events in each fortnight. One of the best crews on the entire planet, and nothing is ever too much trouble. We cannot thank you guys enough for what you do for us.
                    * Nicolas Noben - thank you for all of your assistance through the year. The feedback, the scoring, the chats, and everything else in between. Your passion and competitive nature for the sport is second-to-none and helped us get to where we are today. Thank you.
                    * Joe Wade - the BPC right-hand man. Thank you for always being there, and being such a great welcoming and friendly face every meet. Thank you for providing such great guidance for the new players, and for taking such a huge load off my shoulders. I cannot put into words the level of appreciation I, and I'm sure the BPC as a whole, have for everything you do for the club.
                    * Jimmy Nails - THE face of pinball in Brisbane. What a year it has been mate. I am proud of where we have got this sport to, and eagerly await to see how much further we can go. Thank you for all that you do for us, the donation of the prizes all through the year, for basically giving up half the venue for us each fortnight, for donating the many prizes, for being the most supportive operator going around. Nothing is ever too much trouble, EVER. What a bloody legend!
                    * The players!!!!! An average of 45 players per meet - what an awesome year. Thank you each and every single one of you for your support once again. It is great to see so many people coming along each week and sharing the same passion for the great game of pinball. Bring on 2020!!

                    Thank you everyone for a fantastic 2019 of pinball. It has been a blast. I know I haven't always the best person to get along with at times and I don't always get it right, but I am truly thankful to be a part of such a great community. We sometimes take it too seriously, we are passionate, we are competitive, but overall we ENJOY what we do, and that is what matters the most.

                    Merry Christmas to everyone in the BPC and in all of the pinball community. Please stay safe and enjoy the break and have a Happy New Year. Can't wait to see what 2020 has in store.

                    Thank you to Jared Morgan for the providing the pics from last night.
















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                    • All info for 2020 has been updated in the first post of this thread. Look forward to seeing everyone back again for the first meet on Tuesday 21st January!


                      • The Brisbane Pinball Club fortnightly tournaments are back for 2020, starting tonight at Netherworld.

                        Originally advertised as a 3pm kick off time, however the venue won't be open until 4pm today. $15 entry, bring a friend promo still available for this year too.

                        10 games of qualifying, Top 16 finals with a slightly different format.

                        See you tonight!


                        • It's on today folks!

                          From 3pm onwards, best game qualifying (10 games) followed by top 16 finals in a slaughtering head to head format, now on matchplay. Last qualifying game to be started by 9pm.

                          $15 entry and guaranteed 30 quality drains.

                          Good luck!


                          • It's BPC day today!

                            All the usual info. $15 entry. Bring a friend promo still valid.

                            Don't forget qualifying is now open from 3pm in case you want to get your games done nice and early.

                            See you there!


                            • Tonight's BPC results:

                              1st - Zack Foster
                              2nd - Jason Lambert
                              3rd - Jared Morgan
                              4th - Gino Thimios
                              5th - Jonathan Chabowski
                              6th - Dirk Booy
                              7th - Rob Burnes
                              8th - Mike Pascale

                              Top qualifier - Nicolas Noben
                              Random draw (voucher) - Gino Thimios
                              Random draw (free entry) - Belinda Clissold

                              Next BPC is on again in 2 weeks - Tuesday 17th March.
                              Thank you again to all 45 who turned up for this week's meet.


                              • With today's announcement from the IFPA that events as from today onwards will not attract WPPR points for the foreseeable future, I will be regretfully cancelling tonight's BPC meet at Netherworld.

                                The venue will still be open however, so please continue to support Netherworld where possible, and all of our wonderful venues that support our amazing community, all while upholding and maintaining the most stringent of general hygienic practices.

                                Please stay safe out there and an be sure to keep an eye out on updates as they come to hand in this ever changing world.


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