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International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) is the International organisation which oversees and endorses competitive pinball throughout the world. All players who compete in an IFPA endorsed event have their placing ranked on the World Pinball Players Ranking List (WPPR).

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  • [QLD] - Brisbane Pinball Club

    Happy new year to all and welcome to 2020!

    Due to popular demand, the Brisbane Pinball Club @ Netherworld will be continuing as FORTNIGHTLY meets in 2020, starting Tuesday January 21st.
    Entry fee for each meet will remain at $15 per player.
    There is one small change to qualifying, which has now been changed to start from 3pm onwards. Finals format is slightly different in 2020, where Matchplay will be used to determine finals matches.

    *Qualifying opens from 3pm each meet.
    *10 games will be selected at random. Each player plays 1 game on each machine in 'Herb style' qualifying. Top 16 players on points will advance to finals.
    *Ties for 16th place will result in a single game playoff, on a machine to be chosen by a random draw. Ties all other placings after qualifying will be broken according to the highest individual game point score.

    **Please note that no qualifying games may commence after 9pm.**

    *Top 16 players (or top 50% if less than 32 players) will be seeded according to their final qualifying placing. Each finals match will be contested as a Best of 3 game, single elimination match.
    *Matchplay will determine the matches to be played according to the brackets on the software.
    *Highest seed of the match can choose the machine OR play order for the first game, with the opponent choosing the other. Play order alternates each game.
    *There will be a 3rd place playoff after the semi final, which will take place at the same time as the Final match. The winner will be the last remaining player in the competition.

    Ties for results in the finals will be broken according to player's qualifying position. Higher qualifier will assume the higher place finish.


    The Brisbane Pinball Club is designed to have to a friendly, social atmosphere at each event, in which we abide by IFPA rules and regulations. We have seen a great number of new players join the pinball community in previous years and we would like to keep it that way. We also understand that in a pub/club type environment, things can get a bit crowded & loud. However, if any players are seen to display excessive disruptive behaviour, including verbal abuse, swearing or machine abuse (rage tilting, slamming lockdown bars, etc.), you will be risking disqualification and/or removal from the tournament. The tournament director's decision is final. The venue also has the right to take discretion wherever they see fit.

    2020 BPC DATES:
    Tuesday 21st January, 2020
    Tuesday 4th February, 2020
    Tuesday 18th February, 2020
    Tuesday 3rd March, 2020
    Tuesday 17th March, 2020
    Tuesday 31st March, 2020
    Tuesday 14th April, 2020
    Tuesday 28th April, 2020
    Tuesday 12th May, 2020
    Tuesday 26th May, 2020
    Tuesday 9th June, 2020
    Tuesday 23rd June, 2020
    Tuesday 7th July, 2020
    Tuesday 21st July, 2020
    Monday 3rd August, 2020 (BPAC edition)
    Tuesday 18th August, 2020
    Tuesday 1st September, 2020
    Tuesday 15th September, 2020
    Tuesday 29th September, 2020
    Tuesday 13th October, 2020
    Tuesday 27th October, 2020
    Tuesday 10th November, 2020
    Tuesday 24th November, 2020
    Tuesday, 8th December, 2020

    Please note that we will continue to use the Matchplay queueing system in 2020. If you require assistance on how to register for Matchplay, please send me a PM.

    We will be using a slightly different format for the BPAC edition of BPC on Monday 3rd August. Further information for this one-off event will be posted later in the year.
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    The first Brisbane Pinball Club meet for 2018 is on this Tuesday night! We will be running fortnightly events all year!

    We are trialling a Top 16 finals for this meet (based on a minimum of 32 entrants). Hopefully this will give a wider range of players a greater chance at making finals and possibly go even further.

    Qualifying is on from 4pm, last arrivals by about 7pm. Entry fee is $15.

    Machine choice for Tuesday is as follows:
    (1 choice per person only, first 8 games will be used, owners can't choose their own machine)
    * Grand Lizard
    * Demolition Man
    * Ghost Busters
    * Creature From The Black Lagoon
    * Stingray
    * Star Wars
    * Magic Castle
    * Dungeons and Dragons
    * Medieval Madness (Remake)
    * The Walking Dead
    * Twilight Zone
    * Spiderman VE
    Batman & Addams Family are currently experiencing issues, and will not be included in the game list this fortnight.

    Already chosen so far (6 to go):
    * Grand Lizard
    * Creature From The Black Lagoon

    Any questions, please feel free to call, email or PM anytime. See you on Tuesday night!


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      I choose magic castle.


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        Grand Lizard please.
        May the pinballs tumble in your direction!


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          Aaaannd the results are in:

          * Creature From The Black Lagoon
          * Grand Lizard
          * Magic Castle
          * Dungeons & Dragons
          * The Walking Dead
          * Stingray
          * Medieval Madness
          * Demolition Man

          These are your 8 machines for tomorrow night's play! Thank you all for playing and see you then!

          P.S. - the back up machine is Star Wars.
          There will also be a side comp on again tomorrow night too (machine TBC).


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            Well done [MENTION=17496]Michi[/MENTION] for winning the first Club comp of the year!

            That's a good thing we didn't have to use the backup as both flipper buttons were sticky by the end of the night...

            Also what about machines picked up by players not even showing up at the event? Especially when it's Creature and you qualify last on it :-D


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              Originally posted by capsule View Post
              Also what about machines picked up by players not even showing up at the event? Especially when it's Creature and you qualify last on it :-D
              A public flogging would be in order, I would think. At the very least!

              May the pinballs tumble in your direction!


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                Brisbane Pinball Club results for 16/1/2018:

                1 Michi Henning
                2 James Angliss
                3 Russell Dagger
                4 Nicolas Noben
                5 Warren Beetham
                6 Jason Lambert
                7 Chris Jennings
                8 Thibaut Allender
                9 Chris Wade
                10 Simon Baird
                11 David Holroyd AUS
                12 Jonathan Chabowski
                13 Tony Woods
                14 Owen Williams
                15 Tyson Hargreaves
                16 Michael Saunders
                17 Vincent Kemp
                18 Renae Bates
                19 Dirk Booy
                20 David Clarke
                21 Mike Pascale
                22 Nick Rusis
                23 David Stavleu
                24 Steven Riding
                25 Scott Piper
                26 Gareth S Hall
                27 Mitch Wilkins
                28 Stuart Brunne
                29 Dayv Irving
                30 Adam Vesly
                31 Alexandra Blundell
                32 Rhys McHale
                33 Michelle Riding
                34 Ross Pattison
                35 Kane Leighton
                36 Dan Olejniczak
                37 Dan Etiel
                38 Dylan Bendix
                39 Meredith McLean
                40 Lauren Tilley
                41 Evanthea Pengelly

                Free draw winner for next meet: #33 - Michelle Riding

                Results are already up on the IFPA website:

                Top 3 winners for the Spider-Man side comp:

                1. Chris Wade (125,957,730)
                2. Thibaut Allender (118,136,060)
                3. Jonathan Chabowski (103,748,960)

                Thank you all for attending the first meet for 2018. The Top 16 finals sure made for some interesting results, with our first winner in Michi coming from 9th seed to win.

                The next Brisbane Pinball Club meet will be on Tuesday 30th January, again from 4pm.


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                  Hello all!

                  Tomorrow night, we do it all again at Netherworld for our 2nd Brisbane Pinball Club meet for 2018. Last fortnight's winner was Michi Henning - will he be able to make it 2 from 2, or will someone else step up and take top spot?

                  Qualifying begins anytime from 4pm, with last games to finish at approx. 8.30pm. $15 entry per player, 8 games plus finals for Top 16 (min. 32 players to play). Netherworld will also be having their burger & chips special for $15 for all BPC players tomorrow night.

                  It's now time to choose the machines we will play for tomorrow night, but this time there will be a little twist:

                  1) Players who got a choice of machine last fortnight cannot choose the same machine this month.
                  2) Players can only choose 1 machine.
                  3) Netherworld staff, machine suppliers (ie. David, Hugh & Grant), and tournament organisers/assistants (myself, Chris) are ineligible to make a choice.

                  Last month's picks:
                  CFTBL - Marcus Wicke
                  Demo Man - Michelle Riding
                  D&D - Steven Riding
                  Grand Lizard - Nick Rusis
                  Magic Castle - Chris Jennings
                  Medieval Madness - Thibaut Allender
                  Stingray - David James
                  The Walking Dead - Nicolas Noben

                  This week's game list includes:
                  * Swords of Fury
                  * Demolition Man
                  * Ghost Busters
                  * Creature From The Black Lagoon
                  * Stingray
                  * Star Wars
                  * Magic Castle
                  * Dungeons and Dragons
                  * Medieval Madness (Remake)
                  * The Walking Dead
                  * Twilight Zone
                  * Spiderman VE
                  * Batman '66
                  * The Addams Family

                  Happy choosing and see you all tomorrow night!



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                    Lets go michi 2 from 2 buddy
                    live between the flip and the tilt


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                        Originally posted by shiner View Post
                        Already been picked Chris. You may have another go if you wish.


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                          I'll try grand lizard then.


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                            Originally posted by shiner View Post
                            I'll try grand lizard then.
                            Grand Lizard is not in store anymore, try again.


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                              Haha, how about stingray?


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