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Wildball IX


International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) is the International organisation which oversees and endorses competitive pinball throughout the world. All players who compete in an IFPA endorsed event have their placing ranked on the World Pinball Players Ranking List (WPPR).

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    thanks skids
    i would like to attend as a guest if this is possible (tentative) for one or two rounds
    pending due to the current changes in work due to the passing of my boss/owner
    would like to catch up with the wildball crew.i hope


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      Count me in too ... it will be great to catch up & play some more pin


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        OMG, Omg, omg, Count the Taxi in please!!!!!

        out for 10th July session

        thanks team Wildball!!!!


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          I'm in but I can't make the first meet at Cardini's but should be good for the rest


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            Hi Wildballers,

            We are back on for Pinball this Saturday Night to kick start Wildball post COVID.

            I will PM the usual suspects. Due to COVID I will restrict the numbers to 25, so please let me know you will be attending.
            Most of the Wildball collective know my collection is a little older (80s SS). I hope to have something a little more modern on the night courtesy of Lindsay @Pinlinds.

            Re COVID Stuff.
            Clearly, if you are experiencing flu like symptoms, do not come to Wildball - to go to your GP and convince them to have a pinball machine in the waiting room!

            I will have hand sanitiser. Please use it. The Machines will be wiped down before and during the night.

            My reading of the Social Distancing Rules is we can have at least 100 visitors to our house .I doubt we will reach that number :-). Obviously if some COVID calamity happens between now and Saturday we will re-assess.

            Come and play my Fathom before I sell it and get the new one!!!!


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              I will be there.


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                I will be there.


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                  I'll be there too


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                    Thanks cardini for hosting the first of hopefully many more Wildballs for 2021!

                    It was great to catch up with a bunch of the wildball crew again after 18 months away. I really appreciate all the hosts opening up their homes and games rooms for all of us, and I know everyone else would agree too.

                    So the games were an eclectic mix of modern and older style machines. We had Iron Maiden Premium and Black Knight Sword of Rage LE for the Stern loving ones among us. Banzai Run which is always a bit of fun with the vertical playfield in the backbox, Fathom made a welcome appearance in the competition side of things (even though it was brutal to me in the competition) Eight Ball Deluxe and Black Hole rounded out the 6 machines used in the comp but there were a few others to play outside of that including a rarely seen Gottlieb wide-body Spiderman, a Gorgar (which may have... caught on fire...?) and Revenge From Mars, as well as a couple of EM's. Waiting to see the Centaur make it into the comp one day... or last all the way through the comp?

                    Our tournament winner last night was RGR back up from Melbourne and into winning form as usual. Bit of a statistic for Iron Maiden. Richards score was more than everyone else's scores put together. 1 billion on ball one will help there. Terry put up a massive score as well, which I attribute to my coaching earlier in the evening

                    I had some good games which I didnt really understand what I did but turned out well. Got a multiball going on Black Hole... not sure how that happened. 1 million point shot on Banzai Run on the vertical playfield was a highlight too.

                    Cant wait until the next meet. Cheers guys.


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                      Firstly, thank you one and all helping to re-start Wildball. It has been some time since we all met up, it was great to catch up with the Wildball Throng! Also good to see the machines held up over the evening. Although Centaur and later Gorgar couldn't contain their excitement !!!.

                      I have to thank a couple of people.

                      Lindsay Pinlinds, for bringing Iron Maiden,

                      Rawdon Rawdon for helping to breathe life into the machines all day Saturday.

                      Darren nasco62 for providing pinball rubbers to most of the games played.

                      Nate Audioenslaved for adjusting the tilt setting on Black Knight (SOR).

                      Some highlights on the night for me were witnessing Pat defeat Banzai Run during his comp game! Then to see RGR demolish Iron Maiden followed by a score of 8 Million on Fathom!!!
                      To the comp.

                      please see the results here

                      I will be forwarding these results to Justin to be included in the NSW Champs.

                      The Wildball Circus now moves on to Gabba's place in July. See you all then.


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                        RGR 1,429,635,200 on iron maiden now that's a score
                        live between the flip and the tilt


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                          was good to catch up with you weirdos
                          The Duke of Doonside


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                            I had a good night back with all the guys again, but there was issue???? It was bloody cold and we had nothing to get warm around Andrew???
                            Can Play while not spilling the beer.


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                              Originally posted by Defender View Post
                              I had a good night back with all the guys again, but there was issue???? It was bloody cold and we had nothing to get warm around Andrew???
                              Have a cup of concrete
                              In: FH, Munsters LE, ACDC, IJ, LW3, TZ


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