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Wildball IX


International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) is the International organisation which oversees and endorses competitive pinball throughout the world. All players who compete in an IFPA endorsed event have their placing ranked on the World Pinball Players Ranking List (WPPR).

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  • Wildball IX

    Obviously, thanks to COVID19 Wildball VIII was abandoned for 2020.

    I have just returned from a meeting with Wildballs Critical Response Committee.

    The Wildball Board found it necessary to establish the Critical Response Committee to determine how to react during events such as the Pandemic. With Social Distancing playing an important part in combating COVID 19, Meeting to play a tactual game like Pinball was always going to be 'out of bounds' .

    In its April Meeting, the Committee has considered a number of options to kick start our Meetings, and in short they have written to the Board recommending the Meetings commence forthwith.


    Announcing .......

    Wildball IX

    This year will be a reduced series of Meets. Bringing to life the best Pinball League in Australia, featuring lovingly restored and maintained machines from 5 decades from the Electro Mechanical and Solid State years, through the DMD age and into the current era.

    Now that we can return to social activities the Wildball Trophy will be on offer. The format of the comp will be published soon.

    The Meets,

    1. 22nd May 2020 - Cancelled
    2. 5th June 2021 - Cardini's
    3. 10th July 2021 - Gabbo
    4. 14th August 2021 - Nasco62
    4. September 2021- Skids
    5. October 2021 -TBA

    Dates May Vary. And we may try to add more Meets.

    The COVID Stuff.

    We need to respect the social gathering rules. We will be providing hand sanitiser and cleaning the games regularly.
    Further some of the Games Rooms we visit are tight, so we might have to attendance numbers. Also understand Meets might have to be cancelled or postponed due to COVID.

    The Hosts.

    Our ever gracious Hosts have again allowed us to come and play their extensive collections. This year we have Gabbo hosting for the first time.

    The Throng.
    Swedish Taxi

    Thanks to you as well for supporting Wildball. The social aspect of our league is what makes it so special. So we will be offering the places to the Wildball faithful first, listed below. That said, we happily encourage the 'significant others' to join in the fun!

    please PM or add to this thread to confirm your attendance. Note attendance limits may apply to each Meet.

    I will forward a PM to the players registered last year.

    Players list (to come)


    We will be running a standalone comp at each Meet. The aggregate of the scores across the Meets will go toward qualifying for the Finals.

    My usual statement,

    I want to stress the comp side of Wildball is only part of the fun. The social aspect is equally important. We all have a fondness for Pinball - Tournament play is only a part. The Wildball Meets are held in the games rooms of gracious hosts, with the most diverse range of machines.

    General playing, repairing, restoring, and plain old reminiscing ( bull sh*ting about the old days) are just as important to this wonderful game. It's all part of the Wildball camaraderie.


    In normally each player pays $45 annual Wildball subscriptions. For the 2021 reduced season the subscriptions will be $40. All funds collected are returned to the playing group in the form of Trophy's and prize money.

    Last year IFPA Australia introduced $1/player for each tournament submitted (we usually have three tournaments across the year). As IFPA are not sanctioning any events, the $1 fee will not be levied.

    $20 is also paid each Meet to cover food and (soft drinks) supplied by the host.

    Finally I want to acknowledge subscriptions paid in 2020. At the first Meet I will refund those Subs or apply them to this year's Subs. .
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    Im in!
    Livin' a lie.....


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      Please add me to the list.


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        I’m out for 22/5 but should be good for the remainder
        In: Houdini, Iron man, SWLE, TWDLE, Whitewater, WOZ and Xmen
        Out: Avengers Hulk, BOP, BSD, Demo man, Elvis, Flintstones, Frank Thomas Big Hurt, Frankenstein, The Getaway:HS2, Gorgar, Grand Slam, Hobbit, Judge Dredd, Lord of the Rings, METPrem, Roadshow, RZ, Shadow, Spider-Man, STTNG, WCS, Wheel of Fortune, Wild life, WWELE


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          Count me in also it will be good to catch up with everyone again.


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            I’m in.

            Critical Response Committee 🤣
            The Duke of Doonside


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              Me too please, but it has just come to my attention that there is another important engagement that I need to attend on that night, so sorry, I can only make the three afterwards Andrew. .
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              Can Play while not spilling the beer.


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                Im in, cant make the 1st meet
                In: FH, Munsters LE, ACDC, IJ, LW3, TZ


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                  The clint is in


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                    Count me in 👍


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                      I’m in 👍 looking forward to catching up with everyone. I’m out for the 1st meet so will see everyone at Skid’s in June
                      In: Road Show, Bram Stokers Dracula, Star Trek Pro, Batman 66 Prem, Deadpool Pro, Munsters Pro, Getaway, Judge Dredd, Aerosmith Prem
                      Out: Baywatch, Tales from the Crypt, Ripley's Believe it or Not, Grand Prix, Johnny Mnemonic, Star Gate, Lord of the Rings


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                        Yes please! Count me in!


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                          I'm interested. Just cant make the 22nd May one.



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                            I'm in.


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                              Originally posted by jug123 View Post
                              Im in, cant make the 1st meet
                              Stand by for change to Meet dates. Our May Meeting will be moves to September. AND we may have a another new Host.

                              Will confirm once all is firmed up.


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