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AMD presents the SA Pinball Open (14-16 May)


International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) is the International organisation which oversees and endorses competitive pinball throughout the world. All players who compete in an IFPA endorsed event have their placing ranked on the World Pinball Players Ranking List (WPPR).

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  • [SA] - AMD presents the SA Pinball Open (14-16 May)

    AMD presents the SA Pinball Open (14-16 May)
    Confirmed: Minimum $3,400 prize money!!

    The organising committee that brought you the SA Masters is excited to announce the biggest pinball event in South Australian history, The AMD SA Pinball Open.

    AMD, that fine purveyor of Stern pinball machines and long time supporter of the pinball community and tournament scene, is the Naming Rights Sponsor of the event. AMD’s sponsorship will help defray your ticket costs and go towards prize money. Thank you, Michael & Bruce.

    We have 48 pinball machines, in good working order and great variety. There will be many machines here you haven’t played in a long time, if at all.

    Up to 100 competitors in the flip frenzy, main event limit is 80 players. 5 tournaments with the formats described below.

    Special thanks to Major Sponsor Amusement Worx, another great supporter of the pinball scene in Adelaide and previous host of the SA Masters. They are providing tech support during the event, supplying many of the machines, and doing most of the transport.

    Big thank you to Sponsor All Pro Audio who is providing the cabling, big screen TVs, PA speakers and mics for the event. Tim and his company provide the AV for some of the biggest events in Adelaide, consider him for your AV needs no matter how big or small.

    Tickets for the event are now available for purchase on Eventbrite.
    To purchase your tickets click here...

    If you are a machine donor please contact Greg Siegele for your discount code before you purchase your ticket.

    We anticipate these events will be a sell out quickly. We are promoting this event heavily in SA to grow the player base. We suggest you purchase your tickets ASAP.

    Unfortunately there are no spectators allowed due to covid social distancing restrictions. If you are not competing in an event we can't fit you on the competition floor. You can hang out in the bar upstairs when it is open.

    Public Transport
    The best option to get to the venue via public transport is to catch the tram to the Entertainment Center using either the Botanic to Entertainment Centre route or the Glenelg to Royal Adelaide Hospital Routes. The venue is approximately a 10 minute walk from here.
    You can download the timetables for both tram routes from the included links.

    Tournament Details

    Friday 10am-4pm Best Game
    100 tickets, $40

    Qualifying is for 100 players from 10am to 4pm. Play 15 machines once each and we’ll record your score on each. Your 15 "best games" are compared against the best games of the other participants in the tournament, and players are awarded points based on how well their best game ranks. You have a further 5 wild card games which can be played on any machine. Your best 15 machines from your 20 total games will score.

    Don't leave finishing your qualifying to the last hour as there might be a queue of players on the machine you want. There is an advantage to qualifying early when the machines are fresh and the flippers aren't overheated from a whole day's play.

    The top 16 qualifiers will play off in the finals commencing 4:30pm (single elimination best of 3). The top 16 casual players (No IFPA ranking) will play off in the casual finals commencing 5:00pm (single elimination best of 3).

    Higher qualifier chooses machine or player order. Machines can only be chosen once by you in the final series, so choose wisely.

    (SOLD OUT) Friday 6:30-10pm Flip Frenzy & Lock In (Casual)
    100 tickets, $30

    This event is only for players who have played less than 5 IFPA tournaments.

    IFPA players with 5 tournaments or more experience can buy a ticket and we will reserve some machines for you to play during the flip frenzy (90 mins) and then we open up the floor for a 90 minute free play on all the machines.

    Please arrive at 6:30 for registration and rules explanation, ready for tournament commencement at 7pm. The tournament will conclude at 8:30pm after which there will be a free play 'lock in" until 10pm.

    Friday ICR Challenge Matches / High Stakes social night
    For the "pro" players who have an IFPA ranking we are making alternative arrangements with the Crown & Anchor Hotel at 196 Grenfell St Adelaide in the middle of the city. They have 5 pinball machines for high stakes games, ICR Challenge Matches or just a beer and some pinball with mates. It is up to players to arrange these matches themselves. Or you can just hang out in the bar upstairs at the tournament venue.

    Saturday 9:30am-5pm Main Event
    80 tickets, $60

    Please arrive 9:30am for registration and rules, tournament kickoff 10am.

    4 player group match play qualifying for 80 players, balanced draws to increase the number of rounds. Last round of qualifying will be called at 5pm.

    Top 24 qualifiers compete in the Main Event finals commencing Sunday 9am - Single Elimination best of 3, top qualifiers receive byes. The top 16 qualifying casual players will also have a finals series, single elimination best of 3.

    Higher qualifier chooses machine or player order. Machines can only be chosen once by you in the final series, so choose wisely.

    Saturday 6:30-10pm Flip Frenzy
    100 Tickets, $30

    Flip Frenzy, 3 hours of pinball tournament mayhem. Please arrive 6:30pm for registration and rules. Tournament kickoff is 7pm.

    Sunday 1:30-5pm Flip Frenzy
    100 Tickets, $30

    Flip Frenzy, 3 hours of pinball tournament mayhem. Please arrive 1:30pm for registration and rules. Tournament kickoff is 2pm. If the Main event finals run late this flip frenzy event may be shortened in duration.

    If you have any cold or flu symptoms please stay home and ask for a refund. Due to contact with pinball machines, covid can be spread to other players.

    Machine list
    Close Encounters
    Love Bug
    Spanish Eyes
    Mustang Pro
    Star Trek - Stern Pro
    Black Jack
    Kiss Pro
    Jacks to Open
    Pinball Pool
    Iron Maiden - Stern Prem
    Addams Family
    Batman 66
    X-Men- LE
    GOT - Premium
    Dialed In LE
    Johnny Mnemonic
    Cirqus Voltaire
    Dracula (Stern)
    Devil King
    Fish Tales
    GOTG Pro
    Card Whizz
    Spin a Card
    Bram Stokers Dracula
    TWD Premium
    Wheel of Fortune
    Iron Man VE
    Rick & Morty
    Roller Games

    “All travellers must complete the Cross Border Travel Registration at least 7 days prior to their travel to South Australia. Travellers must complete a separate Cross Border Travel Registration for each person in the travelling party including all children. People will experience delays on arrival if they have not completed an application for each person. All air travellers should download the mySA GOV app from Google Play or the App Store prior to travel to South Australia and are required to use the COVID Safe Check-In to scan a QR code specific to the Adelaide Airport immediately after their arrival. For travellers who do not have a smartphone, they must provide their relevant contact details to a person authorised or required to collect such contact details.”

    For the latest travel advice see:
    14 May 2021
    17 May 2021
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    Sounds brilliant guys - well done.
    Finally something to treat my withdrawals!

    I’ll help with scoring - and would love to chip in with some animated commentary if we’re streaming!

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      Amusement Worx is very proud to be involved with this event. This event to brought about via the pinball community here in SA . So Jump on board and support this please tell your friends, lets fill this awesome venue . This will be the biggest Pinball event in SA for this year so us as a committee really hope you get the word out to new players , people that just love pinball and want to try their skills in terrific tournaments, that will be exciting for the new tournament player. Come and see for yourself 47 machines . Big shout out to AMD, Bruce and Michael assisting with prize money and I am sure some other prizes as well, same as when we held it here at Amusement Worx. Just about every player, great, good or just not having a good few days of game play got an award.
      SO BRING IT ON LIKE DONKEY KONG , AMD presents the SA Pinball Open (14-16 May)


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        nice one, looking at flights as we speak


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          Can't make it this year

          Same weekend as Battle of the Arcades


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            Fantastic line-up of machines to choose from onetaste

            Great stuff!!


            1. Greg Siegele
            2. Steve Vari
            3. Matthew Owen
            4. Amity Wells
            5. Gary Regan
            6. Peter Milner
            7. George Choimes
            8. Nicolas Noben
            9. Pat Nicholls +2
            12. Cesar Federici
            13. Scottie Taylor
            14. Zac Coligan
            15. Stephen Franchi
            16. Michael Costalos
            17. Gazz
            18. Rob Macauley
            19. Steve Bartley
            20. Nathan Luscombe Strand530i
            21. Tim Freedman
            22. Darren Bonny
            23. Tom Casey
            24. Lou Martire
            25. Dan Ferrone
            26. Chris Craft
            27. Andrew Heitmann
            28. Wayne White
            29. Colin Tattoli
            30. Ronald Opitz
            31. Pete Wright
            32. Vincent Rossis
            33. Luke Smith
            34. Tom Hearn
            35. Stelios Michas
            36. Jamie Linke
            37. Jeeves Dunn
            38. Fred Gagliardi
            39. Peter Colangelo
            40. Jeff Martin
            41. Rob Britos
            42. JoeSoap
            43. Dion Tomaras
            44. Leith Stuart
            45. A C
            46. Brett Smith
            47. Richard Rhodes
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              Flights booked mates, ready to party.

              See you there.


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                Looking great guys. Unfortunately won't be able to make it this time around.


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                  Flights booked + 2 more from NSW.


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                    Damn, any other w/e but that one

                    No chance of pushing it back by a wk ....... .. didnt think so.

                    Have a a great w/e all

                    In: FH, Munsters LE, ACDC, IJ, LW3, TZ


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                      Super keen for this one
                      Road trip on the cards!


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                        Sounds great! How do players sign up for this event?


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                          Originally posted by imczr_ View Post
                          Sounds great! How do players sign up for this event?
                          I will be creating an Interested Players List shortly.

                          It is planned that Formal Registration and payment will be through Eventbrite ticketing.

                          This will be announced soon


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                            Very keen, Thanks.


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                              Originally posted by Strand530i View Post
                              Very keen, Thanks.
                              Thanks Nathan!


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