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Houseball 2020 #1


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  • [QLD] - Houseball 2020 #1

    Ok guys, so the first Houseball for the year has been confirmed and will be held at Dave's ( DAG ) place in Birkdale.

    Date is Saturday January 25th.

    Comp details.
    4 hours of qualifying with a 2 p.m start. Finals to be held after dinner. Please get your comp games finished ASAP so you have plenty of time to socialise afterwards.
    Score sheets will be on each machine with attendees names on them.

    We are changing up the format a little in 2020 to keep it interesting. There will still be an 'A' and 'B' Division as per 2019 with equal prizes in both.
    You will still play 6 games on nominated machines, this could be made up of 2 games on 2 machines and single games on another 2. This is mainly to help the host not feel too much pressure to have a lot of machines for everyone to play. The change will be that your best 5 games count towards your total score for the day so you can afford to have a lacklustre game on 1.
    The top 4 will go through to the 'A' division finals . The highest 4 from the second half of the field will go into the 'B' division finals.
    Finals will be on 3 randomly chosen machines with the 7,5,3,1 format of awarding points. Single round and the person with the most points wins. How we do tiebreakers are usually decided on the night but most likely a single ball on a random game to break the tie.

    House rules.
    Please remember that Houseball is a social event, we are not playing for sheep stations. Please show the hosts and their machines the utmost respect as without them this event ceases to be a thing.
    Please remove all rings/bracelets when playing.
    You will be asked to leave if you are found abusing machines/other players.
    Smokers please ensure you leave no butts around the place. The host should be able to tell you where it is ok to smoke.
    And lastly, a bit of friendly banter is encouraged.

    Machine list will be confirmed closer to the day.

    Food and costs.
    Dinner will be pizza. $10 covers food per person.
    $5 to cover the hosts expenses.
    $5 into the prize pool.
    Total $20 for the event.

    Please respond to this thread if you wish to attend and i will add the names onto the list. At this stage we are capped at 30 players but we can certainly add reserves to the list as people do tend to pull the pin due to other last minute commitments.

    1. DAG
    2. Cranky Dave
    3. Nathan @ncb74
    4. @zanderzone
    5. Sandy
    6. @Anthony
    7. Dicky
    8. gapmaster
    9. namastepat
    10. JoeSoap
    11. MANTO1975
    12. Antony
    13. Andyj965
    14. Ryan555
    15. roland rat
    16. visualmagic
    17. chopchop
    18. rusty_dagger
    19. The Scotsman
    20. Saber
    21. Sarah Bishop
    22. madal
    23. Foot
    24. Mrs. Foot

    reserves list -
    Last edited by Cranky Dave; 23 January 2020, 06:54 AM.

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      Sandy and I will be there
      Wanted -

      Williams Blackout Pinball, Moon Patrol Bootleg board and Gottlieb Mad Planets Arcade board set


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        I'm in thanks Cranky

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        Pinball...I can't get enough !!!


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          Yes Please put me down


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            I'm in

            AKA George


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              Yes please.


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                sounds great add me in


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                  Add me to the list please Dave,


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                    Please add Antony to the list......I will see if Julian is working that night.....
                    The colony grows....


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                      count me in please


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                        Count me in please.


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                          Yes please Dave


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                              Love to come thanks. See you there


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