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Pin-Bowling at Netherworld - Saturday the 14th and Sunday 15th of September

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  • [QLD] - Pin-Bowling at Netherworld - Saturday the 14th and Sunday 15th of September

    Join us in the Netherworld for 10 glorious frames of pinball, as we play Pin Bowling! At your own pace, you'll play 10 frames/games of pinball - a new game for every frame. Each game will have a 10 pin target - get it in your first ball, you get a strike. Get it in your second, you pick up a spare. Finish the game with less than that and you'll score between 1 to 9 pins depending on your result. Final scoring works the same as bowling.

    Qualifying happens on Saturday the 14th of September from 9am to 4pm, with the top 16 players proceeding to the finals at 9am the following day. Prizes awarded to the top 3 players including a $300 first place cash prize.

    Each $30 entry comes with your first drink and can be purchased via!



    Tournament Name: Pin Bowling at Netherworld

    Tournament Location: Netherworld - 186 Brunswick St Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

    Tournament Date: 14th and 15th of September 2019

    Tournament Time: Sat - 9am to 4pm & Sun 9am to 1pm

    Format Details: Pin Bowling qualifying and 4 player matchplay finals

    Quick Overview

    10 bowling frames to be played anytime between 9am and 4pm on Saturday 14th of September

    Scores must be verified by approved scorer:
    • James Angliss
    • Hugh Dickson
    • David James
    • Benjamin Nichols

    Top 16 to advance to finals on Sunday 9am to 1pm

    • 4 player matchplay
    • 3 game rounds
    • pin-bowling scoring
    • top 2 advance from each group
    • 16-8-4

    1. Qualifying Rounds

    - players will complete 10 pin-bowling frames across 10 machines
    - although the player can complete the frames in any order, the scores will be entered in order using bowling calculations so any sequential strikes and spares will accumulate and increase scores
    - in pin bowling you are aiming for a score which converts to pins knocked down per ball bowled
    - there will be a chart on each game to convert your pin score to the number of pins
    - an example of how a frame works is:
    - the first ball on the pinball game is ball 1 of bowling and your only chance to score a strike
    - duckpin bowling scoring is used, balls 2 and 3 determine your second and third ball in the bowling alley
    - reach the ten pin target in ball one, score a strike (strike reward - add the score from next 2 balls to frame)
    - finish with the 10 pin score after balls 2, score a spare (spare reward - add the score from next ball to frame)
    - finishing the 10 pin score with your 3rd ball gives no reward
    - if you have less than 10 pins after 3 balls, you score that number
    - players must write down the pins scored from each ball as they go
    - here is an example using Game of Thrones:

    15 M = 1 pin
    30 M = 2 pins
    45 M = 3 pins
    60 M = 4 pins
    75 M = 5 pins
    90 M = 6 pins
    120 M = 7 pins
    150 M = 8 pins
    180 M = 9 pins
    250 M = 10 pins

    2. Finals Round

    -top 16 players to be split into 4 groups as follows:

    1, 2, 15, 16
    3, 4, 13, 14
    5, 6, 11, 12
    7, 8, 9, 10

    - each group to play 3 randomly chosen pin-bowling frames using pin-bowling scoring
    - highest seed chooses playing position first, second seed second etc
    - on subsequent games the person with the lowest pin score from the previous game chooses playing position first, then second lowest score etc
    - two players with the highest pin-bowling scores in each group advance, 3 rounds in total. 16-8-4
    - points do not carry over
    - ties for placings will be determined by a single pin-bowling frame playoff
    - grand Final will be a best of 5 frames

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    Still plenty of tickets for this event mates.

    You're welcome to pay on the day also.



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      Sounds like fun! Am I reading the format correctly that if you’re on ball 3 you’re better off draining when you hit the 9 pin score, so you don’t get the 10 pin which is worth nothing?


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        I think it means you don't get a spare (as you have no balls left).
        10 points is the max on ball 3


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          Pin Bowling this weekend brothers and sisters

          $300 first prize. Yeah!!!

          Entry fees paid on the day no problem. Doors at 9am

          $30 entry includes one free drink and 10 frames including the amazing Willy Wonka


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            Thanks to everyone who dropped by for Pin Bowling today. Was some lovely times. The wood truly rang true

            Finals tomorrow is top 12. Yeah!!


            We will do 3 games rounds with Pin Bowling scoring. Frames picked randomly out of a hat. Final will be 5 frames.

            4 x 3 player groups, bottom player drops out
            Then 2 x 4 players groups bottom two out
            Final 4 best of 5 frames.

            Let me know if you can't make it mates.

            1 Jonathan Chabowski 127 pts.
            2 Gino Thimios 123 pts.
            3 Jimmy Nails 100 pts.
            4 Phil Dudley 85 pts.
            5 Tyson Hargreaves 80 pts.
            7 Hugh Dickson 77 pts.
            7 Steven Riding 77 pts.
            7 Mark Robinson AUS 77 pts.
            9 Michi Henning 74 pts.
            10 Belinda Clissold 71 pts.
            11 Benjamin Nichols 68 pts.
            12 Bruce Pickle 63 pts.


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