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Bowland Port Pirie Group Matchplay August - 10/8/19


International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) is the International organisation which oversees and endorses competitive pinball throughout the world. All players who compete in an IFPA endorsed event have their placing ranked on the World Pinball Players Ranking List (WPPR).

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    [SA] - Bowland Port Pirie Group Matchplay August - 10/8/19

    Bowland Port Pirie Group Matchplay August

    Saturday 10th August 2019 - 12-6pm

    7 Rounds. 2 Matches per round.

    $20 entry

    Register interest, share, link, like... in this thread... or:
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    Also via the 4P (port pirie pinball players) facebook group [MENTION=10676]digger48[/MENTION]

    Group Matchplay.

    Tournament Name: Bowland Group Matchplay August

    Tournament Director: Ray Gillett

    Tournament Director's email: fragpinball AT gmail DOT com

    Tournament location: Bowland Port Pirie. 71B Esmond Road, Port Pirie, S.A.,5540.
    Private location (Y/N): N

    Tournament Date/s: Saturday 10th August 2019

    Tournament times: 12pm-6pm

    Tournament fee: $20

    Tournament Website Link: Link
    Matchplay: Bowland Port Pirie Group Matchplay August • Info • Match Play Live

    Tournament format details: Group Matchplay.
    a) Seeding: IFPA.
    b) First round pairing: Random – Players will be randomly paired against each other in the first round.
    c) General pairing: Swiss - Players will be paired against players with the same win-loss record.
    d) Player order: Rotating - Random order for the first game, then rotates player order evenly.
    e) Scoring system: IFPA (7/5/3/1) (7/4/1).
    f) Arena draws: Balanced - Attempts will be made to assign an arena that has been played the fewest times by all opponents.
    g) Duration: Seven rounds.
    h) Matches each round: Two matches.
    i) Tiebreaker: Ties will be broken by the number of first place finishes, then by the number of second place finishes and finally, if necessary, a single game play-off. Ties will only be broken for first, second and third places.

    Estimated # of players: 30

    Meaningful # of games played: 28 - TGP 100%

    Unlimited Qualifying (Y/N): n/a
    If yes, how many hours?: n/a
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    This event will have prize money from the entries. If there are more than a dozen or so expressions of interest by the end of June then we will organise trophies!

    All arenas in the venue will be used, except the two mini league arenas.

    If you are interested in coming along or have any questions please get in touch!


      This event now appears on the IFPA Calendar!




          Now just a couple of weeks away!

          This is the current lineup...



          One or two machines will be added in terms of numbers, as well as a couple there being swapped for other titles.

          Warmup from Noon, no registration ... walk in and play. $20

          Everybody plays 14 matches in groups (3 or 4 player matches).

          Bowland facebook is under new managment, so also look out for changes in that space, I'm told there is a Pinball section in the planning...



            Friday night setting up a few games...



            TNA in for the Group Matchplay tomorrow


            ... and a bit of bumping in

            Looking forward to a great afternoon of pinball!


              Cheers ray for another excellent day of pinball.[emoji869]

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                Final standings:

                1,Colin Tattoli,66749
                2,Leith Stuart,72530
                3,Steve Dite,59905
                4,Stuart Roseberg,62127
                5,Ray Gillett,55406
                6,Holly Roseberg


                  I was impressed. All your machines looking clean and playing well. Hehe [emoji23][emoji23].
                  Good work [MENTION=19966]razorsedge[/MENTION] .

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                    A bit late with this sorry, but results have been submitted and should soon be added.

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