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Bowland Pinball Challenge Mini League 2019


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    [SA] - Bowland Pinball Challenge Mini League 2019

    This Bowland Mini League will be run at Bowland Port Pirie in conjunction with the Bowland Pinball Challenge weekend.

    27th October Finals as part of the Bowland Pinball Challenge Weekend.

    Three of the games there will be used for qualifying, everyone is encouraged to come along and have a go!!

    The qualifying period will begin Friday 20th September 2019, through to close at 11pm on Saturday 26th October 2019.

    Business hours at Bowland Port Pirie are:
    Tuesday to Thursday 5-10pm, Friday & Saturday 12-10pm, Sunday Noon-4pm.

    Results will be updated to Matchplay Live at regular intervals, so that players can track their standings.

    Finals will be held Sunday 27th October 2019, 1pm.

    Three machines will be set to $1 per play. They will be clearly marked with "Tournament Play" Toppers during the qualifying period.

    Players can come along at any time during the qualifying period to play and register scores. Any score that a player wishes to enter will need to be verified by an official scorer at Bowland Port Pirie. Selfies cannot be accepted for qualifying scores, but will be Encouraged so that Bowland can upload some of them to Facebook or AA

    Each player’s 3 highest scores on each of the 3 machines will be counted towards qualifying for the finals (9 scores counted). Players can make an unlimited number of attempts at qualifying during the designated period. Players must complete at least 50% of the qualifying to be recognised as a competitor.

    The top 50% of the qualifying field up to a maximum of 24 players will go through to the finals.

    Finals will be Single Elimination, best of 3 matches.

    Prizemoney/Trophies will be provided for with a proportion of the coins collected by the machines over the qualifying period. The level depends on how much is collected.


    Tournament Name: Bowland Pinball Challenge Mini League 2019.

    Tournament Director: Ray Gillett

    Tournament Director's email: fragpinball AT gmail DOT com

    Tournament location: Bowland Port Pirie. 71B Esmond Road, Port Pirie, S.A.,5540.
    Private location (Y/N): N

    Tournament Date/s: Fri 20th Sep-Sat 26th Oct, Finals Sun 27th Oct 2019

    Tournament times: Tue-Thur 5-10pm, Fri-Sat Noon-10pm, Sun Noon-4pm. Finals 1pm.

    Tournament fee: Coin Slot Entry $1 per game (9 scores=$9)

    Tournament Website Link: Link
    Matchplay: Bowland Pinball Challenge Mini League 2019 • Info • Match Play Live Finals for Bowland August Mini League 2019 • Info • Match Play Live

    Tournament format details: Mini League Best Game Qualifying. Single Elimination finals.
    QUALIFYING: Best Game. Best 3 scores on each of the 3 machines. 50% of the qualifying field up to a maximum of 24 players will qualify for the finals.
    FINALS: Single Elimination. Best of 3 games on different machines. The higher ranked qualifier for game one of each best of 3 round has the choice of either: machine played OR going first or second.

    Estimated # of players: 48

    Meaningful # of games played: 25 (14q, 11f) - TGP 100% (56%q, 44%f)

    Unlimited Qualifying (Y/N): Y
    If yes, how many hours?: 20+ hours
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    This Mini League is organised to coincide with the Bowland Pinball Challenge 2019. It will form a component toward the 4P Grand Champions Perpetual Award. 5 events will award a maximum of 10 points each, with a maximum possible score of 50.

    Entry is not linked with Registration for the Bowland Pinball Challenge. Entry/Registration is by coin drop and registering scores, with a 5 week qualifying period.

    Details for the rest of the weekend:

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      With local interest gradually increasing, and a few entries from out of town over the Pinball Challenge weekend, this could be our biggest mini league ever!


        Submissions are in!


          These events now appear on the IFPA calendar


            Two of the three games for this BPC event will be Maverick and Roadshow


              The Bowland Pinball Challenge Mini League is under way!




              3 Games being used:

              Space Station

              3 best scores on each game count to qualifying!


                Mini League20190925_185231.jpg


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