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Bowland Port Pirie Mini League - August 2019


International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) is the International organisation which oversees and endorses competitive pinball throughout the world. All players who compete in an IFPA endorsed event have their placing ranked on the World Pinball Players Ranking List (WPPR).

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    [SA] - Bowland Port Pirie Mini League - August 2019

    Bowland August Mini League 2019

    Qualifying - 26th July 2019 - 30th August 2019
    Finals - Saturday 31st August 2019, 1pm sharp. Warmup from Noon.

    The Mini League will be run at: Bowland Port Pirie. 71B Esmond Road, Port Pirie, S.A.,5540.

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    Two games there will be used for qualifying, everyone is encouraged to come along and have a go!! . Two machines will be set to $1 per play. They will be clearly marked with "Tournament Play" Toppers during the qualifying period.

    The qualifying period will begin at Noon on Friday 26th July 2019, through to close on Friday 30th August 2019.

    Regular business hours at Bowland are: Tuesday to Thursday 5-10pm, Friday & Saturday Noon-10pm, Sunday Noon-4pm.

    Results will be updated to Matchplay Live at regular intervals, so that players can track their standings. It will be a good idea for players to register to Matchplay Events so they can monitor where they stand.

    Players can come along at any time during business hours over the qualifying period to play and register scores. Any score that a player wishes to enter will need to be verified by an official scorer at the venue. Selfies cannot be accepted for qualifying scores, but will be Encouraged so that Steve can upload some of them to Facebook or AA

    Each player’s 2 highest scores on each of the 2 machines will be counted towards qualifying for the finals. Players can make an unlimited number of attempts at qualifying during the designated period. So that is 2 scores for each machine, 4 scores will be counted!

    The top 50% of the qualifying field up to a maximum of 16 players will go through to the finals.

    Finals will be held Saturday 31st August 2019, 1pm sharp. Warmup from Noon
    The Finals Format is Group Matchplay, 6 rounds of 2 matches (12 matches per player, all 4 player matches).

    Prizes will be provided for with a proportion of the coins collected by the machines over the qualifying period. The level depends on how much is collected.


    Tournament Name: Bowland August Mini League 2019

    Tournament Director: Ray Gillett

    Tournament Director's email: fragpinball AT gmail DOT com

    Tournament location: Bowland Port Pirie. 71B Esmond Road, Port Pirie, S.A.,5540.
    Private location (Y/N): N

    Tournament Date/s: 26th July-30th August, Finals Sat 31st August 2019

    Tournament times: Tue-Thur 5-10pm, Fri-Sat Noon-10pm, Sun Noon-4pm. Finals Noon.

    Tournament fee: Coin Slot Entry $1 per game

    Tournament Website Link: Link
    Matchplay: Bowland August Mini League 2019 • Info • Match Play Live Finals for Bowland challenge Mini League 2019 • Info • Match Play Live

    Tournament format details: Mini League Best Game Qualifying. Group Matchplay finals.
    QUALIFYING: Best Game. Best 2 scores on each of the 2 machines. 50% of the qualifying field up to a maximum of 16 players will qualify for the finals.
    FINALS: Group Matchplay.
    a) Seeding: IFPA.
    b) First round pairing: Random.
    c) General pairing: Swiss.
    d) Player order: Rotating.
    e) Scoring system: IFPA (7/5/3/1) (7/4/1).
    f) Arena draws: Balanced.
    g) Duration: 6 rounds.
    h) Matches each round: 2 matches.
    i) Tiebreaker: Ties will be broken by the number of first place finishes, then by the number of second place finishes and finally, if necessary, a single game play-off. Ties will only be broken for first, second and third places.

    Estimated # of players: 30

    Meaningful # of games played: 33 (9q, 24f) - TGP 100% (36%q, 96%f)

    Unlimited Qualifying (Y/N): Y
    If yes, how many hours?: 20+ hours
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    Seawitch and Space Station look like being the arenas for this time around

    Edit: Developments led to these games not being available for the entire period. Twilight Zone and Maverick are good to take their place though
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      This event now appears on the IFPA Calendar!




          The August Mini League kicked off today!


          The games are Maverick and Twilight Zone!

          Bring along a friend or two and challenge the machines, it's all in good fun and the interests of playing pinball!


            Everyone remember to register Four Scores. Two for Each Game.

            Two Best Scores for Each Game count to your position on the leaderboard.

            The online score table is updated regularly:
            Bowland August Mini League 2019 • Info • Match Play Live

            Put in some scores during the Group Matchplay tomorrow!


              Current scores from matchplay:





                9 qualifiers now, less than 2 weeks to go!

                Don't miss it! ... I know there are still a few busy folk from out of town... [MENTION=7008]rodneypapish[/MENTION] and crew


                  Current standings:

                  1 Dion Vuurens 381
                  2 Ray Gillett 379
                  3 Colin Tattoli 372
                  4 Steve Dite 358
                  5 Craig Ziepes 354
                  6 Stuart Roseberg 347
                  7 Talia Ziepes 335
                  8 Leith Stuart 330
                  9 Tyler Ziepes 328
                  10 Holly Roseberg 167


                    Coin count is now $148, so the prize kitty is up to $74 ... there are still a couple of locals saying they'll get in to town for a go, so might go even higher yet!


                      A fun afternoon of pinball had by all!

                      Here are the results from the Finals held today:

                      1 Colin Tattoli 60
                      Ray Gillett 60
                      3 Craig Ziepes 58
                      4 Dion Vuurens 55
                      5 Steve Dite 40
                      6 Andrew Mathews 39
                      7 Tyler Ziepes 24

                      More to come and some pics to upload!


                        It was great to see a couple of new players turning out for some pinball entertainment! . We had Dion, fairly new to the area, and enjoys flipping the silver ball, as well as the youngest of generations Tyler. The young lad has developed some flipper skills... and can trap like a demon!

                        Dion works up a score on Batman...

                        Tyler demonstrates how to collect Jackpots...

                        Dion, Andrew and Steve battling it out on Twilight Zone...

                        Nudging isn't as easy from a stool...

                        Swords! ... Challenge Me!

                        Rough drains are agonizing, even for young players!

                        It was a great day, and thankfully no machine issues!

                        The results have now been submitted to the IFPA.



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