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2019 BM 3-Strikes - August 15th


International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) is the International organisation which oversees and endorses competitive pinball throughout the world. All players who compete in an IFPA endorsed event have their placing ranked on the World Pinball Players Ranking List (WPPR).

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    [QLD] - 2019 BM 3-Strikes - August 15th


    We found a gap in our 10-day schedule to put on this 3-Strikes Group Elimination event. Full tournament info can be found below:

    Brisbane Showgrounds, 600 Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills, QLD, 4006. The hall is right next to The Stockman's Bar, behind the Main Arena.

    Thursday 15th August:
    7pm - 3 Strikes Group Elimination

    - Players will be placed into groups of 3 or 4 at random each round using
    - The software will allocate order of play and machine choice for each match.
    - Only the 3rd & 4th place players in each match will receive a strike.
    - The last remaining player will be declared the winner.


    Jason Lambert
    Jimmy Nails

    The 3 Strikes entry fee will be $20 AUD per player. All players may indicate their interest on this thread, however MUST pre-register via the Eventbrite link below no later than Wednesday 31st July to secure their spot.

    Pre-registration and payment of your ticket allows you free entry into the Royal Brisbane Show on the day(s) of the event you are paying for.
    Players can still enter on the day if there is room, however they are responsible for purchasing their own entry into the Ekka.

    Cut off date for refunds will be Wednesday 31st July.

    Click here to visit the Eventbrite page for tickets: BPAC 3 Strikes Tickets, Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite

    A cash payout breakdown will be provided once finalised. Cash payouts will be based on total number of entries less tournament expenses.

    The tournament winner will also receive a trophy.

    For all enquiries, please contact the following:
    Jason Lambert -
    Jimmy Nails -
    BPAC Committee -

    LIST OF PAID ENTRANTS as at 29/7/19:
    1. Jimmy Nails
    2. Joe Wade
    3. Jason Lambert
    4. Hugh Dickson
    5. Steven Riding
    6. David James
    7. Alex Moss
    8. Alexandra Blundell
    9. Ben Piercy
    10. Lisa Conroy
    11. Michelle Riding
    12. Rhi Coolican
    13. Shannon Paull
    14. Dan Olejniczak
    15. Michael McMinn
    16. Nick Rusis
    17. Gino Thimios
    18. David Peck
    19. Vance Tomlinson
    20. Jonathan Chabowski
    21. Connor Stowe
    22. Thomas Urban
    23. Colin Urban
    24. Sara Urban
    25. Zac Veron
    26. Greg Field
    27. Stephen Sahariv
    28. Kim Dozier
    29. Paul Jones
    30. Rob Burnes
    31. Daniel Stachowicz
    32. Belinda Clissold
    33. William Gill
    34. Bill Segall
    35. Tim Walle
    36. Kelly Buxton
    37. David Stavleu
    38. Tommy Josey
    39. Dirk Booy
    40. Warren Beetham
    41. Jacob Paint
    42. Curtis Sahariv
    43. Hamish Guthrey
    44. Robert Macauley
    45. Travis Johnson
    46. Tim Chapman
    47. Scott Piper
    48. Nigel Grypstra
    49. Michael Molloy
    50. Jessica Denardo
    51. Nicolas Noben
    52. Thibaut Allender
    53. Danielle Peck
    54. Stuart Thornton
    55. Escher Lefkoff
    56. Erik Hansen
    57. Alex McClarty
    58. Laura McClarty
    59. Pat Nichols
    60. Rob Milla
    61. Mark Robinson
    62. Logan Jones
    63. Cliff Tucker
    64. Steve Dite
    65. Rodney Papish
    66. Shane Redfern
    67. Marco Rossignoli
    68. Daniel Johnson
    69. Greg Siegele
    70. Lou Martire
    71. George Choimes
    72. Vincent Rossis
    73. Wes Fleiner
    74. Josh Goscombe
    75. Larissa Goscombe
    76. Ted Woods
    77. Betz Earl
    78. Simon Peel
    79. Grant Stephens
    80. Carlin Jackson
    81. Richard Rhodes
    82. Stuart McLean
    83. Adam Vesly
    84. Pete Moffitt
    85. Nathan Brant
    86. Paul Ehrich
    87. David Loewy
    88. James Grant
    89. Marcus Wicke
    90. Tom Carey
    91. Rhys McHale
    92. Bowen Kerins
    93. Graham McGuiness
    94. Simon Haxton
    95. Johnny Crabtree
    96. Andrew Ferguson
    97. Kris Anderson
    98. Matthew Hetherington
    99. Michael Saunders
    100. Esther Ahronheim
    101. Greg McKay
    102. Brett Smith
    103. ?yvind Lindahl
    104. Luke Marburg
    105. Greg Gee
    106. Mitch Wilkins

    Please note that your Brisbane Masters entry can only be purchased through Eventbrite at BPAC 3 Strikes Tickets, Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite
    Your ticket purchase INCLUDES entry into the Ekka/Brisbane Show for the day(s) of your event
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    Love your work Lambo.




      In too!





          Nomie and I are in
          Pinballs Wanted -----------> Metallica.


            I'm in please

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              Hey mates. Please see below the full event calendar for the BPAC Showcase 2019!!!

              List is subject to change but we are confident everything will run as listed.

              Webpage and artwork for all events is coming along swimmingly.

              We are also proud to announce on this International Women's Day, the inclusion of the QUEENS-Land Women's Pinball Championship!! Massive thanks to Jessica for helping us find the perfect time to include this event in the calendar.

              Below are a few notes on ticketing. Most notably being that the All Access pass will be on sale from April 2nd. More details below brothers and sisters.

              Ticketing overview:
              - you do not need to put your name down for any of the events on Aussie Arcade
              - all tickets sales will be done through eventbrite in the coming months. Even if you have listed your name on AA as attending or 'all in' you still must purchase tickets
              - AA will regularly be updated with an attending list from eventbrite sales
              - all event lanyards, pre-paid merchandise, swag and gate entry passes can be collected from Netherworld from Tuesday the 30th of July
              - all event entry fees include one free gate pass into the Ekka Showgrounds for the relevant day
              - the barcode from each gate pass will be logged to the relevant competitor so gate passes can not be sold, swapped and if lost can be easily cancelled and replaced
              - all event sales will close on Sunday the 28th of July at midnight. Any ticketing requests after this date must be sent via email to
              - "The All Access All Pinball All Day' lanyard will be on sale from midday on the 2nd of April for 2 weeks only
              - after this time all events will be sold through individual Eventbrite links

              The All Access All Pinball All Day Lanyard aka The Zipper price is $300 and includes:
              - entry into all pinball IFPA endorsed events and side comps across the 10 days
              - 10 gate passes to the Ekka showgrounds
              - Brisbane Masters t-shirt
              - limited edition pin
              - bunch of swag from our generous sponsors

              I hope you guys and gals find this calendar as exciting as we do.

              Ticket purchase links and more coming soon

              Love from the BPAC Crew



                Tickets on sale next Tuesday the 16th from midday mates


                Tickets at
                BPAC 3 Strikes Tickets, Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite

                All the info you need is at
                Brisbane Pinball & Arcade Collective | July 31st to 9th August 2020

                Follow this event page for up to date info
                Update Your Browser | Facebook

                We hope everyone is as excited as we are. Lot's more news to come including merch, prizes and special guests
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                  Tickets on sale now mates

                  BPAC 3 Strikes Tickets, Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite


                    Updated PAID player listing in the first post of this thread. Names will only be added once your ticket has been purchased through Eventbrite at BPAC 3 Strikes Tickets, Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 7:00 PM | Eventbrite
                    Your 3-Strikes ticket purchase INCLUDES entry into the Ekka/Brisbane Show for 15th August.

                    If you are having trouble purchasing your ticket on Eventbrite, please send me a PM.


                      Player list updated


                        Registered player list updated.


                          Paid list of entrants updated on page 1


                            Paid player listing updated in first post.




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