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Very silly question?

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  • Very silly question?

    You may laugh at this one but here goes....

    What are the exact legal ramifications/copyright infringements on building a pinball these days..

    Obviously content of the theme is a given.. but what constitutes a breech of patent infringement with respect to pinball as a whole?

    No I am not currently building such a machine I was just wanting to toss this idea around.

    I know the intellectual property/patents of some of the majors was recently purchased by "Mr Pinball" in SA.. but what does this really mean? Is pinball manufacture outside of these current patents taboo. For example is the basic principle of Pinball a royalty earner for someone or are just examples of used circuits copywritten.

    I don't really expect any headway with answers.. this is just something that keeps me up at nights is all...

    Well I am a very light sleeper...

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    By simply googling "Pinball patents" I came up with the following...

    ...this shows all the pinball related patents dating back to 1871 !!!
    ...maybe, but then again "maybe" covers a lot of things, like: maybe Michael Jackson really is LaToya in drag, or maybe if Dorothy clicks her heels 3 times and says "There's no place like home" while she is at home, she would telefrag herself..." - MadMikeAU

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