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  • Gottlieb Plastic or Decal Art

    Hi Guys
    I am relativly new to the world of pinball and i have recently purchased a Gottlieb Wipeout Pinball and have now got it up and running. Still a few things i need to get it humming so to speak.

    One thing which i have come accross and noticed during my hours of surfing the net is that anything Gottlieb can only be purchased from Pinball Resource apart from some other people selling second hand bits and pieces

    I am in need of some plastics and emailed PBResource and was advised they dont have any, so i thought go down the next road of looking for scans of the plastics and was advised cannot get these due to copyright and the same goes for cabinet decals.

    Where does that leave us Gottlieb owners out there that need some parts that PBResource dont have???

    Whats everyones thoughts on this and does any one know of a way to obtain such parts.

    "When life hands you lemons - Grab the salt & pass the tequila baby..."

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    Have you tried emailng Chris at Balls of Steel? -

    He may have the scans you need and they're just not 'up' at his site?

    Other than that - try posting a site at Daina's site- Mr Pinball Classifieds - I have always had damn good success in finding guys in the States willing to sell old PF plastics- generally around $25- $40 US dollars per set and about $20 US postage.

    Wotto - ( still looking for a Space Invaders 'horseshoe' PF plastic that isnt faded, cracked, split or yellow ! )


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      Hi Watto

      I havent emailed him but i will do.

      Thanks for the reply and i was browsing through ur site today and its a good place for restoration refrences.

      Keep up the good work

      "When life hands you lemons - Grab the salt & pass the tequila baby..."


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