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Pirates of the Caribbean, anyone played it?

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  • Pirates of the Caribbean, anyone played it?

    Just wondering if anyone has played a Pirates of the Caribbean yet? If so, what did you think?

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    ...and if you've played it, where was it...?


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      Particularly if it's on site somewhere in Brisbane.


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        There is one on display at Bumper Action here in Melbourne. Had a quick go at it (as they are on freeplay) but didn't play long enough to get a solid opinion.

        I know that my first impression on the look of the machine was put off a bit by the cheap-ass thin perspex. Immediate thought was that it was built down to a budget.
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          there is a very nice gentlemen on our forum that owns one


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            There are nice gentlemen here?

            That's it, I am leaving


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              There's a good in-depth review here with videos and sounds too:
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                I know the person bwodie is referring to quite well and have played the machine on several occasions so I should offer my opinions. You should all have read the review on pinball news by now and so have a good idea of the basic machine.

                The playfield layout is different enough to other machines to make it interesting and although people whine about flow, flow is not everything in my book. FFS if every game flowed like some people want, pinballs would be as boring as batshit - they'd all feel the same. Personally what I like is to have to change the way I play from machine to machine. It keeps it interesting.

                The "sneeze guard" doesn't get in the way when you're playing and you really do need it. Those little green targets (a Nordman trademark in some ways) do make airballs more prevalent, particularly with hard shots. The ship is very cool as it sinks into the playfield, and you do need a decent sized hole for this, so that combined with airballs = sneeze guard.

                The coolest thing about the ship is when you have to fight Davy Jones. Instead of just rocking back and forth like it does when you're about to sink the other ships (Dauntless, Interceptor etc), this time the ship rocks back much further so that the whole lane is wide open. You have to time your shots to hit the ship when it's "hittable", otherwise you just get the Kracken jackpot shot instead. Combine that with a "health meter" approach that regenerates if you're too slow and it's good.

                The display effects are excellent - a leap above Sterns earlier efforts. The audio is superb - I couldn't tell it wasn't Depp doing the sound bites, and some of them are quite funny.

                I think the thing I like the best is that there's always something to do. You're not restricted into one set of shots to complete the current mode. In fact, there is only one mode in the game. Want to sink ships? Then make those shots. Have a break and shoot Jack the Monkey (a hard hurry up) for a bit. Shoot some balls into the chest, light K-E-Y, then H-E-A-R-T for heart multiball. Nail those weird side lane shots halfway up the playfield for treasures and things like an extra ball. The only real mode is the mixmaster and timed ball lock. So far I've only ever managed to get 2 balls up in there within the 10 seconds, but you can get 3 and then have Tortuga multiball.

                It's early days for the software and I hope we see at least one more revision that extends the gameplay in different directions. It's not as deep as say TZ or LOTR, but it's a fun game to play. Mind you I try to take every game on it's merits rather than continually comparing it to what people say were the best games ever made - you'll only ever be disappointed doing that.


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                  awesome review mate
                  has given me a much better idea on the machine
                  now i want to play badly! lol


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                    I might be playing one shortly if all goes well. Op I know is considering purchasing one. Will keep you informed.
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                      Sounds like a fun game....
                      x-lotto numbers really need to fall my way..

                      Although sounds like I would have more chance of winning at this game than picking 6 winning numbers..


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                        What I read from the reviews is that the voice is not Johny Depp..aghh bad mistake for future value for a game of such production I can't believe they skimped on this..Aggh.Think of the Arnie game who tells you where to go.The Heart may go on in this chesty game due to combining a bit of every part of pinball magic, but for ever=more it will be just another SPP MM etc ( funny thing is I have never played any of the games mentioned so don't take this as a review just an ASS out of U and ME thing ) Go play it!! find one!! If they don't have it ask for it!! Tell them...Where is my POTC ..Where is my POTC!!! C'Mon!!!!

                        Pinball will be back when I see a new one in Tasmania......


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                          You won't pick that it's not Depp. Consider the target audience and location for these machines. Stern could have spent the extra licensing dollars and got him to do the voice overs, but in a pub/arcade environment with a high noise ratio, no one is going to tell (or even give two shits) if was really him or not. And that's where most of these machines are going to go.

                          It would hardly have been worth it except to the HUO crowd, and it's not like the voices are crap (say, like Johnny in JM - now that's so obviously not him).


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                            Originally posted by DialogPimp View Post
                            (say, like Johnny in JM - now that's so obviously not him).
                            i think it sounds like Keanu, infact i thought it was lol


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                              Mmmm yeah OK. I think there are some that sound like him, some that don't. Just goes to show how senile old fogeys like me hear things different to you young 'uns!


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