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Pin2dmd 128x16 gauging interest.


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  • Pin2dmd 128x16 gauging interest.

    I’m hoping to get one of these for my hook and have been told that there needed to be 5 to do it. Anyone else interested in one for their game?
    games include
    Star Trek
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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    I'm going ColorDMD for TMNT.


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      What is the price point? I have a Hook, but I'm thinking if I was to swap out the DMD it would be for a Colour DMD


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        No definitive price yet but a estimate of around $350. Price still to be confirmed.


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          For the H-LED ColorDMD will come to around Au$600 including allowing about US$50 for shipping. Will only get better as the exchange rate improves further.

          I went through the rigemerol of sourcing Pin2dmd XL for my Baywatch early 2019. To me the hassle was easy worth another 200 on what it cost me which was Au$480 with shipping. The setting up was a bit painful (then charged extra$ to "licence" firmware), painful too was attempting to apply colours (gave up on that). What was Much cheaper and worked out much better for me was the DmdExtender, using an LCD display. Goes Great in Maverick with the right 4 colour pallet, White red and black cards. Easy to use software and no "sync" issues either.

          Baywatch now has ColorDMD X-LED in there ... which is easy to install, and absolutely fantastic!


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            Ash we can probably help you out if you cant get them done yourself.
            Looking at a run of 192x64 and 128x16 Pin2dmd displays to complement our normal 128x32s.
            Pm me if anyone needs one of these less common as the more we do the cheaper they get.
            Baywatch etc. And DE Tmnt, Hook etc.


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