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    Lately, I hear a lot about situations with which unknown callers, phone pranks, and strange messages began to put fear on me. I was always a fearful person, especially when it comes to treats or people tracking. There are a lot of sites that can help you find full reports and locations about an unknown caller and even find easily from where the prefixes are. I often use, because most of the time I get calls from numbers starting in 7 and it easily finds me the state.
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      Thanks for that; it's really given be something to reflect on.


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        Maybe all AA members with Facebook & Gumtree accounts could do an on mass campaign & expose them in an DE-SCAMMING attack to expose them once and for all. Can't be that hard to sync it everywhere.


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          I can understand you. I've been in a similar situation. Furthermore, I was getting random phone calls during the day, and the most frightening thing about this was that my kids sometimes were answering the phone. At one moment I realized that I had to do something, so I looked through US Area Codes, and found the area where the calls were made from, and I called for the police to ask for help. I don't really know who the guy is, but the police found him, and punished him for the phone pranks.
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            Selling a car on Gumtree & got this follow up after requesting an inspection ... extra $300!!

            Thanks for your reply about your car.
            i don't know how to explain this.
            im interested to buy it but we are arriving/flying in from Hong Kong
            arriving for filming shooting project.
            But first of all my question to you/my small proposal is this:
            can you assist us do the following small task
            (i.e. to receive our work equipment and we pay you/reward you 300 and also buy your car
            and i come to pick the car and our work equipment as soon as i arrive).
            I found a very advantageous opportunity to buy some filming equipment locally over there at a heavily discounted price of 65%.
            It is used by BBC TV News and Euro News. it is sold over there locally at Clearance & Liquidation Sales warehouse.
            Unfortunately, their local auctioneer informed me that the filming equipment must be delivered;
            that they cannot keep it until I arrive.
            Hence, I quickly want to buy it and kindly ask you to help us receive the equipment,
            keep it with you till my arrival (i will come and collet it and the car on the 8th of May 2021.
            I and my filming crew are arriving on the 8th of May i will therefore come collect the car and our work equipments.
            Rest assured nothing complicated. is just to simply help me receive the delivery from the liquidation-clearance sales warehouse.
            So feel free to take the 300 as we are saving a lot of money (about 6,800 on this purchase).
            My boss is therefore happy to pay you the 300 and has already given me go ahead.
            I really need your help in this matter. I'm so desperate to quickly buy this heavily (65%) discounted filming equipment.
            is mostly because if i decide to wait until my arrival the Liquidation-Clearance sale will already be finished before my arrival from Honk Kong.
            This is an opportunity to save money on this purchase over 6,800 will be saved on this purchase from the clearance liquidation sales.
            We therefore desperately need someone over there to help us receive the filming equipment from clearance liquidation sales warehouse
            We will very much appreciate if we can arrange this with you.
            Please i politely tell you, that no need to be writing emails for ages or asking question upon questions particularly
            as I and my crew colleagues are very busy with film shooting scenes.
            I know you too are also busy. So let expedites things quickly.
            So send me your name and address to send the payment for the car and the 300 will also be included.
            1. Your Payee name and address (which our bank will send the Bank Cheque to) ?
            Our bank will send the payment in the frm of bank Guaranteed Cheque (Bank Chequ which is as good as cash)
            2. Your mobile/cell phone number ?
            3. Price (your best/last price for the car ?
            Please reply directly to my email because it seems images/pictures is not sending successfully via this classified website.
            So send your reply to:
            for easy succeful communication
            Mr Miyu Wha
            Hong Kong
            Little About me and the nature of job:
            I'm 26 years old and I'm arriving/flying in from Hong Kong for filming project in the UK.
            I work as Production Coordinator for a filming/Video production company.
            We are a small growing film production Studio, we shoot film/video such as
            Documentary, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Historical fiction, Animation etc in various countries/locations.
            And my employer (boss) in turn sells the films/Video to TV houses, television stations, Entertainment companies in Hong Kong, Japan, USA and South Korea.
            Here are the images/pictures of the filming equipment
            They are total of 15 items and will be delivered all together in one package/one consignment
            Also note that the Clerance & Liquidation delivery driver will also give you purchase receipt/proof of purchase:
            In case the images is not opening simply click on this website to view the images.
   pg?_nc_cat=104&ccb=1-3&_nc_sid=730e14&_nc_ohc=521-Saspwp0AX9a78xJ&_nc_ht=scontent-lcy1-1.xx&oh=ed9b5c3e4444602eee944922c79c4cc1&oe=609442 E1
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              I hate it when people contact you and are then very vague and give you no information.
              Could you contact him back asking for a little more information? I don’t think he explained what his in-laws do for a living or the colour of the paint on his bedroom walls and the puppy he had as a child.


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                Originally posted by Replay View Post
                Honk Kong.


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                  He's flying in from Hong Kong to the UK... so he needs your car in Australia... which is local to the warehouse... in the UK.

                  Seems legit

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                  - I'm not superstitious... just a little stitious


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                    I used to have a lot of fun with e-mail scammers, i clearly had too much time on my hands.

                    The most recent one I played with was a few years back and was the ones where you had inherited a deceased estate.

                    Their scam was that in order to receive the inheritance, id need a particular bank account setup, and to 'start up' that bank account, it required a deposit of $XXX in order to be an active account. Spend money to make money right

                    They then give you an email address for this 'bank company' to contact to setup your account, which just so happened to be a yahoo address , and you are to go from there.

                    So I played along, and the 'bank' required the deposit to be done via Western Union and they wanted a scan or photo of the receipt

                    I got one of those Western Union forms when i was out one day, filled it all out with BS details, and even had some random stamps from the office I was working for at the time (PAID or whatever it was), help make it look really legit.

                    I scanned my fake slip, sent it to them, and the idiots still came back saying they were having issues with some transfer number and couldnt get the payment
                    Felt good knowing they were trying and had so much hope.

                    so i told them to 'rest assured' and that id send another one to them - this time, sending them a lot of adult content photos instead, with the files named as 'receipts'

                    good times.


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                      Originally posted by mrjamma View Post
                      good times.
                      If you haven't already, you should go visit 419 Eater Forum. There are some EPIC scambaits in that place.
                      - The universe is made up of protons, electrons, neutrons and morons.

                      - I'm not superstitious... just a little stitious


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