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Alternate T2 translite feedback


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  • Alternate T2 translite feedback

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20200731_084105.jpg Views:	0 Size:	220.5 KB ID:	2152654 Hi all

    So I am working with a good mate of mine in the US with his mods ( actually a few mates, more on this later) and just guaging interest here if we were to make these up ready to install with trims, direct print to clear material. Prob 175 or 200 with full trims.

    I know mods are personal taste , so not everyone will like the art, but some will.
    So if we could keep the comments positive rather than hanging shit it would be nice...


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    To keep it positive, I'll happily say that I am not a fan . The art is cool but it's a lil busy.

    Sweet job though!


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      Artwork looks cool.


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        Just a thought, how about changing the flames to a blueish colour? That'd suit the rest of the machine. I love the drawing, its grouse.


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          To be honest with you Kurt, couldn't someone have come up with something a little better. Was this the first prototype or is it the final design. You have asked for feedback in your post title but you may have scared everyone from commenting by saying only positive feedback is welcomed.


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            I see your point Tony. It's not everyones cup of tea I know.
            I think you have misread my post.
            Constructive feedback good or bad...

            Not just slag off and say that its a pos...

            Like a classic themed Tz or Mb...?

            Its not my design but a friends in the US and we were just trying to see if it was worth making a few for here.


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              I don’t own a T2, but I’ve seen the movie a hundred times - Arnie looks a bit too similar to the T1000 here I reckon - like he’s not buff enough or something? And the T1000 in the bottom left with his finger up just looks.... odd..

              That said, it looks cool dude! And we need to encourage more of this in the community. Well done


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                It looks too much what you would see on a Last Action Hero translite too cartoony or cheesy and not dark like the franchise originally was.
                The good thing about the original is that it didn’t have all the actors faces on it only Arnie with half his face missing


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                  Ok the masses have voted - its a no to getting them made!



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                    and for my 4000th post;
                    a decent Robocop translight


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                      No problem Pete, that will be $4000 !

                      But seriously if you want a custom one send me a pm and we can work something out I'm sure.
                      Doing lots of custom stuff for people lately and I am going to do more.


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                        Originally posted by Boots View Post
                        It looks too much what you would see on a Last Action Hero translite too cartoony or cheesy and not dark like the franchise originally was
                        Nailed it.

                        Great art but doesn't suit the machine at all imo.

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                          Don’t like the cartoon style and too busy, and the figure in the bottom left looks like an afterthought. Definitely wouldn’t buy it.


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                            As artwork it’s a very nice comical piece. But as a translight not really suitable for T2. It’s reminiscent of the Data East style of artwork bit of Last Action Hero and LW3. Williams always had better art rendering so T2 deserves better. Go for an airbrush finish softer gradations and a flair to realism.


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                              Take 2...
                              My idea on an alternate to the original...

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	20200806_064339.jpg
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