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  • Pinwoofer upgrades

    Hi all!

    Over the weekend I was able to install Pinwoofer amps into my Deadpool and Xmen - I don't know if anyone else here has these set up, but they are incredible! Really lift the sound of your pin to something special especially if paired with some upgraded speakers.

    I did source them from the US - and while the added cost of shipping and our wonderful (?) fees from customs make this a pretty expensive upgrade for us poor aussies, it is really worth it. Note that I ordered the amp-only kits to keep the shippjng/gst costs down, and just bought some speakers here. No problems at all - everything worked first time and set up was a breeze. Have to mention the amazing customer service from Dan at Pinwoofer too - super super helpful and always so responsive.

    So, if anyone is a little dissatisfied with the sound of their machine - I can highly recommend these, its a very noticeable step up. Next up for the treatment is my GB premium its gonna shake the house I think. 😀

    Has anyone else installed these?

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    Was thinking of doing this with Metallica but was worried of the cost could you give me a rough idea on what i would be up for? I would have to replace both speakers in the headbox as i feel they are shitty. I want it on par with my Iron Maiden LE is that possible?


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      Hey Noob-A-Tron - the kit basically cost $258.00 USD, but when you receive it, you can really see the quality in it. It's a very professionally built bit of kit. The shipping for 3 kits was $124 USD so its a bit of hit. However, the speakers you can source here - Dan at Pinwoofer supplied me with some mounting rings, so you can take them to an audio store and have a look at what fits.

      Quite honestly, the amp will be of better quality than you'll find in an LE, and given that you have flexibility to choose a number of speakers, I would think you should be able to actually surpass the sound of your IM.

      BTW - very jealous that you have an Iron Maiden LE. 😀


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        I have an External Amp on my Maiden and its impressive, I just do not get the same sound on my Metallica when i put my external sub woofer on it. So want to keep the external subby and just swap in between the two. Would that kit you bought solve my issue? Yes Maiden is an amazing game you should hear it full volume the next door neighbor went crazy at me at 9pm the other night came over having a sook and im like social distancing lol.


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          Hmmm - I do know that the backbox speakers can really pop more with this amp kit. If you upgrade them, and also put in a decent subwoofer in the cabinet, you shouldn't even need the external one for it to sound great.

          Ha ha thats awesome - your neighbour obviously has no idea, any decent human would have been like: "whats that racket? Oh hang on it's an Iron Maiden LE - let me grab some beers and have a few games"! Social distancing aside of course... 😂

          I've actually got a premium pre-ordered for next year, and i'm hiring one next week for a test run! 😀


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            I know right crazy people have no idea of a good time. Maiden is so good its crazy if you like the music you will love it even more, Upgrade the sound its a must on this machine. My External subby is about $300 so may just use that instead but will seriously think about upgrading Metallica.


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