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Ironman VE sound update with pinball browser

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  • Ironman VE sound update with pinball browser

    I have an Ironman VE I want to update to include 'Shoot to thrill' music in multibal mode. Ive downloaded pinball browser and the rom from Stern but it doesnt contain any bookmarks and therefore I dont know which sound files to replace. Anyone done this before or know what sound files I need to replace.

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    I have previously done Mustang, Kiss, Star Trek and ACDC and it is pretty easy. Chances are there might be PB track list for that someone has done on Pinside for Ironman but in any event if you sort by sound length the longer times will be for the music - play the files until you find the track you want to replace. After that, simply follow the various guides to prepare the sound file correctly then import at and save the bin file. Happy to help if you get stuck.


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      rom updated with 'shoot to thrill' and a few other sounds too and it really makes the game experience better. Thanks to all that helped me with this.


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