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  • A pirates life for me

    test location pics of Sterns latest offering

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    Looks great! Im not a fan of the siderails though i think they should just improve the quality of the side art although i guess the extended rail is the cheaper option. Will be good to see the artwork on the plastics and i hope i get the chance to have a go if one hits Sydney.

    Anyone here preorder or intend on buying one ?

    Things are looking good for pinball latley, lots of parts comming through, BBB gets done and finally POTC pics arrive


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      cool - progress. looks good. my first thought was that the entire machine would be dark and worn looking - keeping with the evil pirate theme but they've gone all colourfull, even darker than black rose, like all black, brown, dark reds etc. they havn't overdone the playfield either which is good, and i like the parlay ball capture!


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        yah i think the plastic lookin side rails are shithouse
        looks ok... not to impressed tho


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          While it could well be an awesome pin to play, I have doubts about it.

          what's up with leaving half the playfield empty? surely they could do *something* with the bottom half, rather than just inserts galore?

          maybe there's a pop-up I haven't seen ala Medievals trolls or CV's pop bumpers, but right now it looks like wasted real estate?


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            Hmm i dont know, id rather an open playfield than a crowded one. Hopefully it plays fast and doesnt have too much stop and start

            The completed artwork might make it look a bit more "filled"


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              Looks okay, but one reason why I am not a big fan on the newer pins is that the playfields are to full of crap. Too many toys, ramps and shit. I like a bit of art and soem good olf drop targets. However a new pin is better then no pin.


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                1. Looks almost Williams-esque in its artwork (though I hope that's not the final ship). But overall nice.

                2. I wonder how that blue spinning whirlpool works? I hope it's player-controlled, rather than just a random bounce-a-rama like Party Zone, so that an element of skill is involved in hitting the targets.

                3. Nice to see a 'real' skill shot on a Stern machine again.

                4. That lower playfield does look a bit bare. If something pops up out of it (say, a Kracken) then it will be great. If not, I'd be worried whether there are enough shots to keep long term interest.


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                  I'm going to go against the flow here (pun intended) and say that a non-flow or stop-start game might be a welcome change. And the initial reports suggest POTC might be so.

                  I know everyone talks about great flow in pins, shot this, shot that etc etc. Personally I'd rather a collection of machines where each one plays differently and more importantly requires *you* to change your playing style, rather than have them all the same.


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                    Not bad not bad at all

                    i like the art work so far - incl the cab "perfer normal rails i thinks"

                    will be interesting what the final run looks like and what they do with all the clear plastics/ramps - i for one find them a lil off putting "maybe my eyes are going".

                    when is the release date???



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                      I like the siderails, the wrinkle finish is a nice touch and the Flipper "guards" are a good idea that probably wouldnt stand out so much if the cab was a darker colour.

                      I agree about the rampsthough, they need some art work otherwise they look a bit cheap IMHO.


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                        Gamplay video HERE. Its a largish download but worth it How cool is the ship !

                        Credit to TheKorn [rpg]


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                          No Sound on my work computer but does look good!


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                            very cool, the ship feature looks just like the medieval madness castle, but is still cool. it looks nothing like the ones in the movies though which should be changed. the whirlpool thing was sweet too. looks like a pretty fast pinny.

                            i noticed everyone who posted likes different things. half hate something but the other half think it's good. personally, i hate it when the bottom half of the playfield is full of crap, i like lots of flashing lights and ramps, ramps are good, and for me, every pinbal should have a dam plunger, not a gun or a fishing rod!. you can't please everyone.


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                              Looks good. The ship sinking is a nice effect.

                              I wonder which ops in AUZ will be buying a POTC?
                              I have not played WPT or The Nascar machine


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