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Availablilty of Pin fix tools etc

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  • Availablilty of Pin fix tools etc

    Thought I'd start this topic up incase anyone out there has managed to track down some of the products that get recommended to us by Marvin or on RGP to help fix / clean our pins.

    I noticed someone asked about Naptha in an old thread and pescefritte just asked about the correct playfield slope (pitch meter)

    Here's some of the things that I have been looking for but haven't had much luck yet in finding, I know that it is all available online from the US but surely some of it is here in Bunnings etc.

    Novus - Because it is heavy if you order too much it can be very costly to get sent. I have read that it is used sometimes to polish the visors on Motorbike helmets, anyone found any at a bike shop, plastics shop etc?

    Pitch / slope level meter - for getting the correct playfield slope

    Goo Gone, Naptha, Goof Off etc - I managed to find Goof off at Bunnings

    Target Foam / Beer Seal - Went to Clark rubber expecting to find this but could only get Black and it was a little too wide (quite expensive too) didn't take examples so that is my fault, you should be able to get the correct width, but for the bear seal they didn't seem to carry any that had the surface sealed.

    Nut Drivers - (hollow) these are a necessity, I have one that came in a Computer fix it kit, but it doesn't have a hollow shaft, so for any nuts with the bolt protruding through them is is a royal pain to try to get the lock nuts off, usually in a tight space.

    They are just some of the things I have been looking for, there are many and I may end up just ordering one big lot from PinRestore and being done with it, but like I said above surely many of these things are available here too.

    So if you have found any of the above or anything else you can think of how about letting us all know where to get them??


    Edit: May have stuck this in the wrong section, sorry about that.

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    Re: Novus, there's a store on ebay:

    he sells Novus, but then again I haven't checked prices vs. USA to see if it's a ripoff yet


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      You could probably get that Novus set for about 15AUD from pinball life. Grab a few other cheap parts while your there to make the shipping worth while..

      Goo-Gone - Bought a bottle from US ebay cost me about 8bucks shipped. Still have a fair bit left

      Target foam - throw it on your pinball life order

      Socket set - I grabbed a cheap set from Super cheap auto. Works great!

      Id like to hear what people use as the Aussie substitue for Naptha though


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        Beer Seal:

        Bunnings have rolls of waterproof strips, in their screen door section, that are probably the same stuff.


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          Just for the record, I read somewhere that Naptha was the same as Shellite (but don't quote me, and try it on something you don't want ruined beforehand).

          I use either Isopropyl alcohol or Zippo lighter fluid. You also might want to try Eucalyptus oil.

          Also, I found Mothers Mag Aluminium Wheel polish (for metal polishing) at a "Super Cheap Auto's" store.


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            Zippo fluid IS naptha.

            Iso propyl alcohol is good for cleaning too, probably gentler than naptha. If you or your Mrs work at a hospital or similar they should be able to get ISOWIPES at a good discount. .

            These are a capped tube of 100 or so wet alcohol wipes that you pull off and use like baby wipes. I know my company buys them from Blackwoods.


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              the handiest tool I have when working on pinnies is the telescopic magnetic pick-up tool because I keep dropping the ****ing screws in all sorts of awkward places
              again from pinballife
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                Hi All,

                I would like to know if Mean Green is available in Australia or if there is a substitue for it, also Lightning Rust Remover.



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                  i love my Magnetic Tele picker uper thingy - U can get them form bunnings for a few bucks and they REALLY are a must - not just for picking up screws etc but often can be used to hold a screw in place where your hands dont fit. Of corse a good set of MaG Screwdrivers are also a must.

                  For metal ramps i use Mothers chrome polisher - is the best i have come across ..

                  and love my MR Sheen Wipes - finished off with Novus 1 of corse.....

                  mmm it is about time i did some spring cleaning



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                    Originally posted by pigsie
                    I would like to know if Mean Green is available in Australia or if there is a substitue for it, also Lightning Rust Remover.
                    I believe Lightning Rust Remover is just Phosphoric acid like Ranex and the Septone Rust Converter stuff. Perhaps different concentrates but basically the same thing.

                    Mean Green, if you find it, let me know. I've seen Simple Green at Bunnings.

                    Here's that link I was talking about before regarding Naptha.



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                      Buffing Pads


                      Just gonna bump this one up cause I am looking for something else.

                      Has anyone found a set of the buffing pads, locally, that treasure cove etc sell to put in your drill to buff the playfield?

                      It seems they are used for car detailing etc, I am sure that I have seen them around somewhere but I am buggered if I can find them now.

                      I am getting ready to do a total strip and clean and I'd love to try to bring that shine back to the playfield.

                      I'd like to get a hold of the 4 inch pads and a set of the 2 inch to get into the tight spots.

                      Has anyone seen them available here in Aust like at Supercheap etc

                      I'd even be willing to get a hold of one of the Wen buffers that they use on the top dvds, but unless one can be found here the shipping would suck.


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                        The slope / pitch meter is also known as an inclinometer and are used in roofing. Pretty sure Bunnings has em in the tool shop, I think the brand name is "Medallist".

                        I got some hollow stem nut drivers / spinners a few years ago. The ones i got were USA made Proto but I think Sidchrome make them too. I got em from Coventrys in Perth, but think they are over East as well , if not then try Blackwoods because they are the owned by the same people.


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                          Get together and buy these, they are cheap but pretty good on a pin. 5 sets for 25 bucks. I brought mine and sold some for cost and some to guys at work to get my money and postage back.
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                            Anyone ever seen "Varathane" clearcoat in a spraycan ?

                            I contacted the Aussie distributer, but never return emails...
                            We are the largest supplier of Pinball Ramps in Australia.
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                              Originally posted by Strangeways View Post
                              Anyone ever seen "Varathane" clearcoat in a spraycan ?

                              I contacted the Aussie distributer, but never return emails...
                              Is "Dymark" the distributor? If so everytime I email them it gets bounced back.


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