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Finally!! I got a pin

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  • Finally!! I got a pin

    Bloody stoked too.

    Got this Addams off eBay last night

    The seller literally lives 3 streets away so I had it here and plugged in by 10:30 this morning. So happy He was an awesome seller too, went a long way out of his way to help me get it here. He might be selling a couple of other titles in the next few months, so consider this my recommendation - he's based in BrisVegas.

    I do have a question though, about "the power" magnets for anyone who's familiar. They weren't working - which I quickly realised was due to them being unplugged. Forgive the newbie question, but they can just be plugged in without too much stress can't they? Or should I be checking something first? I read on RGP that they were responsible for burning the playfield but I'd imagine this is in an arcade environment when they're on 24/7 - for home use I really want them working.

    Also the left slingshot is dead - is there anything I should look at as a start to solving it?

    Thanks guys, I'm heading back to Pin heaven. SHOWTIME!

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    I was watching that auction, good pickup. Im glad the swarm of 0 feedback bidders didnt deter you..

    The machine was advertised as working 100%, have you talked to the seller about the issues youve found ?


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      Well done __frother__. Bet your happy as...well you know
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        Good one Frother!!! Yeah get the "power" working, it is a great novelty and I reckon would take away from the game if it wasn't working. Can you just plug them in and see what happens??
        I noticed the wear on the mansion and in particular the corner of Festers head.....almost impossible to find without this. All I can say is do yourself a favour and order one of the decals. I had Jackpot and HamishNZ (both experienced pinheads) look at my Addams and both were blown away by the were weren't you?? You would not possibly be able to tell that there was a decal!!

        I have pretty much finished mine now and I am very happy. My flippers were weak so did flipper rebuilds on them and still noticed weak and only now realised the coils are the wrong ones, they are the weakest available. So I need to change flipper coils then I'm all done.
        I have learnt heaps of valuable lessons doing this. I am an absolute novice but if you want any Addams specific tips, drop me a line because I may have already "been there, done that" if you know what I mean!

        Best multiball start IMO......"SHOWTIME"

        Well done once again and have fun!!!!
        Man cannot live with just one pinball.


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          Just thought I'd show my mansion....
          - the first pic is the fully restored mansion obviously.
          - the 2nd pic is my prep work. The site says to do as little or as much as you want. I wanted to make mine as perfect as possible so went all out.
          - the last pic shows what my mansion was originally like (well almost, I did a slight sand first then remembered I should take a "before" pic ) You can see Festers head is damaged and the rest of the damage on the mansion is difficult to see but if when you ran you hand over it, it had cracks all around most inserts.
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          Man cannot live with just one pinball.


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            The thing about the slingshot is that it was working before we moved it, so I'm thinking it got bumped somehow - everything else is okay, I knew the "power" wasn't working though, because I popped over for a test game on Saturday morning and noticed it - figured whatever it was would be easy enough to fix so didn't think much about it.

            We lugged the bloody thing up my stairs this morning, (a mate, the seller and me) so I'm thinking a little jolt here or there might be whats caused the slingshot to go to sleep. Also hence why I'm giving the seller a wrap, he was super helpful.

            Will plug the magnets in and see how it goes.

            Yeah I think the decal will be the way to go - yours looks awesome so money and time well spent!


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              Yeah could have jolted something out of place, just go through and check all plugs and connections are in and check the switch on the slingshot it may need adjusting or cleaning.. enjoy your game!


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                Just be careful - the magnets may have been unplugged for a reason.

                I wouldn't plug them back in unless you're *certain* the coils and the transistors which drive them are ok.

                See that nice white cloud art on your TAF playfield, a lot aren't white They're burnt due to the magnet(s) staying switched on (shorted power transistor).
                Firstly, check the resistance of each of the three magnet coils to make sure they dont measure too low (the resistance that is).

                I'm not sure what they should measure but I can pull one of mine to check if you need.

                If they measure ok, get out your manual and find the transistors which control the magnets and check they are good and aren't shorted. If one is shorted, the magnet that transistor controls will be switched on, which is what does the damage to the playfield - the magnet coil heats up and burns...

                Have fun, it's a great game.


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                  G'day ej0y,

                  Welcome to Aussie Arcade.

                  Have fun around here mate.

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                  The Pinny Parlour Welcomes you to Aussie Arcade.


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                    First off, I'll admit I'm totally uneducated about pinball/arcade repair .. but I'm planning on getting an edu-ma-cation shortly, via the 'This Old Pinball' DVD's.

                    But tonight, curiosity go the better of me, and without testing the magnets or transistors etc (hell I'd be a lost cause with a multimeter anyway) I just took the plunge and plugged the magnets in to see if I'd get lucky.

                    Whether I got lucky or not depends on perspective ...

                    The magnets didn't work. I left the glass off, and started up a multiball, and rather than the magnets throwing the ball all over the playfield it started "pulsing". Imagine someone was under the PF and was lightly bumping the underside ... tap tap tap - that's what it felt like. Quickly turned it off. Unlucky ......

                    On the lucky side, nothing exploded and after unplugging the magnets, the game still plays fine.

                    Will have to order those DVD"s soon methinks - playing without the power just isn't the same


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                      hey frother maybe try doing a search in this pinball group
                      there is usually an answer for every problem here and if you can't find one you can ask the question.
                      Man cannot live with just one pinball.


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                        just found out on RGP that the pulsing (heartbeat) of the magnets is normal operation. sigh of relief

                        one guy on there has suggested getting a silicone baking mat from Coles and cutting it into circles, then putting those circles between the magnets and the playfield to make sure there's no direct heat hitting the plywood.

                        Thought I'd pass the idea along, I'll probably do it

                        eJ0y, would you mind checking the resistance of your Addams magnets for me? Would really appreciate it!



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                          Originally posted by __frother__

                          eJ0y, would you mind checking the resistance of your Addams magnets for me? Would really appreciate it!

                          When I get home tonight, I'll measure one and let you know.



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                            Just measured the three of mine. They should be between 5 and 6 ohms. Any which measure lower than that should be left unplugged and replaced (or re-wound). I'd also check the transistor(s) that switch that magnet to see if it has fried.

                            There is a 3-transistor driver board under the playfield (upper left). I haven't looked at the schematics, but I'm *assuming* this board drives the Power magnets.

                            Also have a read of Marvin's guides.



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                              nice lookin pin frother..
                              im also pretty new to pins as of saturday, but **** im loving it already.. and its obvious its going to cost me much more than my arcade machine addiction lol
                              cant wait till im as cluey as some of these guys


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